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  1. v12.8.1 for KSP 1.7.3-1.8.1 raidernick released this 2 days ago Make Mk2b compatible with Squad's Mk2 Tweakable utilization for B9 Add NEEDS for TAC-LS modules for Kerbalism to avoid mm errors if tacls isn't installed Hide deprecated parts from the editor Fix missing model errors WACCorporal TU fixes Fix Star 27 burn time Fix Star 31 burn time All solid engines are now throttle locked by default Updated burn times of many global engine configs RD-120 TF fix Agena engine conf
  2. v12.8.0 for KSP 1.7.3-1.8.1 raidernick released this 2 days ago Make rcs quads visible with restock too Resize RestockPlus RCS blocks More consistent maxTemps for early probe cores Proper derwent model for restock and vens1.13 Fix KerbCan IVA scaling Increase AJ10-190 burn time Fix improperly configured TF modules Add XLR43 Engine_Config Added NEEDS to some part configs to stop Errors on loading Update XLR11 config Add RM-3 config Add Real Antenna patches Tweak RO-M
  3. This is not true - that's exactly what CKAN installs into a fresh 1.7.3 game. CKAN installs - and only installs - the correct Smokescreen-RO release. It doesn't install the other Smokescreen which is on CKAN. The meta data is setup to even conflict with that, so I guess this is also where some issues the other had comes from. In that case, just download it manually until you do a complete reinstall of the whole RO suite at a point in the future. Issues to 1.6.1 and older, unsupported versions for RO (the thread title specifies that 1.7.3 and only 1.7.3 is supported for t
  4. Update! RSS v16.4 for KSP 1.7.X pap1723 released this 8 days ago Integrated the RSS Runway fix from @whale2 Removed Version Checker Should help with a borked runway in rescaled systems for good!
  5. 12.7.4 released! https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealismOverhaul/releases/tag/v12.7.4 Hotfix Changes Make rcs quads visible in ksp 1.7.3(This was a big oversight on my part) Regular Changes Fix kerbal scale of Advanced Capsule Add RA modules to FASA, BDB, DECQ Add F2 Agena Fix tweakscale FATAL error Make DRE heatshields available even with ReStock Make Derwent V compatible with Ven's 2.x Fix mm error with stock battery Fix star 48b and star48bv for kk launchers Fix removal of duplicate atk parts if kk launchers is installed Vari
  6. Update Time! v12.7.3 for KSP 1.4.5-1.7.3 raidernick released this 11 hours ago Add STME Engine Config with Testflight configs Fix incorrect Engine Type Names Better Internal Overlay scaling for SXT Ju87 cockpit Scale Bonanza IVA to match the RO model size Fix Conic Cockpit IVA Overlay offset Update RO FASA Saturn V Apollo Lunar.craft Update SSTU tanks configs Create unified procedural tanks for RP-1 Remove duplicate converters from SNAP-9, SNAP-19 and MMRTG Changed default engine co
  7. UPDATE: v12.7.1 for KSP 1.6.1 raidernick released this 9 hours ago Fixed Rescaling of DRAG_CUBES for heatshields Removed duplicate AdjustableCoMShifter Fixed AdjustableCoMShifter not showing the offset in VAB after loading and existing craft Procedural Fairings Decoupling is stage-able by default Fixed the RTG Core Temp bug in Coatl Probes Plus parts Update RealFuels Tank Definitions to include the Utilization Remove the erroneous NEEDS since PF and PFFE were updated Add Textures Unlimited Support
  8. Update Time! 1.6.1! v12.7.0 for KSP 1.6.1 Update New Squad Part Configs for 1.6.1 SXT changed the part name of the LEM RealEngines updates & fixes Add back the RD-805 gimbal module patch Added 2 Models from VSR for Engines Fixed MM Patch Warnings and E1 Error LR-91 Plume changes Updated MEMLander to MEMLanderSXT Update configs to work with ReStock Fix the Stock Mk1-3 Command Module to be 4m, Add Sputnik, Fix Mk1 Pod Add the AJ10-138 Transtage
  9. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealismOverhaul/releases/tag/v12.6.0 This is a final release version for 1.3.1 to support the RP-1 release. Everything after this will focus on development for 1.6.1+. Major Changes Solar Panels now have Decay -> Over time they will lose their effectiveness There is a Solar Panel Planner that was added that lets you see the expected output over time at different celestial bodies Minor Changes SRM's disabled ability to change min/max thrust in VAB SSTU Soyuz adapters given proper amount of volume Global Engine Upd
  10. UPDATE! Updated for KSP 1.6.1. Added recovery zone support for the NIMBY (Not In My BackYard) mod (courtesy of @Kerbas-ad-astra - PR #155). Added the Mahia launch site in New Zealand (courtesy of @leudaimon - PR #157). Added an installation checker to verify that the required RSS textures are installed upon game startup. Added support for CommNet stations mirroring the existing ones by RemoteTech. Enabled the "On Demand" feature of Kopernicus for up to 35% reduction of memory requirements (courtesy of @pap1723 - Commit b1b8507). Fixed the
  11. 1.3.1 or 1.4.5 as the title indicates for now. There are too many dependencies not there yet for 1.6+ so there also is no version of RO for it.
  12. This will be a long-term fix *many* of the RO configs need to undergo. It was introduced by switching the stock RCS-FX modules and some RO configs still reference an old one.
  13. RO based issues related to usage in RO or config-oriented questions are not handled by Shadowmage himself, it's all up to RO itself to fix it. Right now the SRB's are broken, yes. We seek improvement with versions to come.
  14. Did you make sure to follow *exactly* what PhineasFreak wrote in the extensive GitHub Wiki about the correct versions of EVE and scatterer? Most likely you didn't install 0.0320b for scatterer, it's the only correct working version for RSS / RSSVE at the moment and is mandatory. I guess that will fix your issues, hopefully! Check it here to make sure: https://github.com/PhineasFreak/RSSVE/wiki/Installation
  15. But 1.3.1 will never leave my heart. Will change, thanks!
  16. Hey @Avera9eJoe, *when* I play stock I still grab this as its so pure and nice One question though which came up now as I got a new stock install up, will you at some point retouch the scatterer ocean configs? Because - and I hope I didn't botch anything - under certain conditions you can't tell them apart from the land mass, they're all one of the same green/brownish mud. Cheers!
  17. Okay @michal.don that’s great to hear. To clarify what Atmospheric Autopilot *would* do is nothing more than holding attitude, the same as pressing T for stock SAS. It neither flies any profile or specific launch trajectories. Its just a lot „finer“ than the seemingly broken stock SAS. As I said, it’s no biggie for me to use stock SAS for ascent though mission 2 is basically done already, coming soon I hope
  18. No problem, I can definitely do this manually Then scrap my post above - I'll do it on entirely on video, makes it more legit
  19. Hello, while usually dabbling around in RO I've come to seek some diversion and especially challenge with the stock scale and mechanics, what place is better than this one here? Since I actually have a decent shuttle lying around for some time now, I hope I can make an entry here? Despite the shuttle being build with pure stock parts, the following gameplay mods are used: KER, RCS Build Aid and EditorExtensions for the Editor Atmospheric Autopilot for basically all operations during flight (Is that "allowed"? I can't be bothered with the stock PID controlle
  20. UPDATE: Realism Overhaul v12.5.0 for 1.3.1 & 1.4.5 Changelog: Fix FASA MOL cargo bay Update universal storage configs Fix KK Star48b typo Update SABRE engine configs MMRTG model reference update B9 configs updates Update SSTU MU tank fairings to work with smaller sizes Add new Launchers Pack configs, raptor, ITS New resized RO parts Update and fix BDB configs Many new additions and fixes to SSTU parts Update F1, J2, LMDE, LMAE global engine configs Update Probes Plus configs for ne
  21. Was it also tested with the mods we use in RO/RP-1 though like TestFlight, RealFuels and the likes? It may very well be that the culprit lies in the in a mod interaction there instead of the pure base game. But reading won’t help us until we can actually test it , so every help is welcome
  22. I'd actually NOT install RealPlume with what is currently sitting on the master branch of this mod on GitHub. 11/10 !
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