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  1. So basically the idea will be this? Low solar collectors will transmit to a local receiver on a lower but more efficient wavelength. I am assuming that there is a good ratio I want to target 10 to 1 or 20 to 1? Those receivers then transmit the combined power yield on large-dish ultraviolet transmitters to where ever needed. My goal is to have 1-5 Gigawatts available with the range of Neidon for 99% of its orbit through beamed power (might need to use an X-Ray Transmitter and Receiver at Dres). Assuming that my solar stations can generate 10 Gigawatts that mean 100 gigawatts per receiver station. I forget the conversion ratio of microwave transmitters so I go with a conservative 65%. Then assuming I get 50% due to the spot sizes of microwaves, then 35% to transmit the power into 10nm ultraviolet wavelength. So the wall to beam should be around 11 Gigawatts. With Neidon having a semi-major axis 409,355,191,706m and using a 30 meter dish on a 10nm wavelength using the formula on the kspie wiki: 1.44*409355191706*0.00000001/30 This gives a spot size of around 200 meters. Which means the craft will have to capture 9% to 46% of the wavelength in order to meet satisfaction. Is there anything wrong with this?
  2. Any update on the network relay fix? I was trying to make a Dyson Beam network by reflecting a few dozen solar sails from low solar orbit and the beams into one ultraviolet spot size. With out reflecting and beam merging the beams are very weak because they aren't merging. I could try figure out a work around by having several "collectors" that receive then transmit the energy, but the resultant power loss from the conversion compared to simple reflection might make the point moot. My plan was to allow power in the outer-planets without having to haul large reactors. It also is basically maintenance free compared to my current mess of orbital power stations.
  3. Hello, I've seen to encounter another bug. This time it is has to deal with the thermal rockets not being able to switch fuels in the VAB. It shows up as an empty field. Attaching fuel and/or reactors does not fix the problem. Here are some pictures of the bug. It seemed to be working fine before a certain point, before I deployed a new ground station. After that a reinstall and new save did not fix the problem. EDIT: It's caused by the Engine being the root part before any reactors are placed.
  4. @FreeThinker I think I found the problem. It's with the stock Liquid Fuel. All other fuels behave correctly under time-warp and I get the appropriate DV. I used Liquid Fuel across the engine spectrum and it all shared a similar problem to the nuclear engines. However, swapping the fuel out to Hydrogen, Argon, or anything else stops the bug from happening. So I guess Persistent Thrust isn't reading something correctly from regular liquid-fuel.
  5. I've been using the nuclear engines with stock liquid fuel. I have Photon Sailor installed, but other than that I have no other part mods. The bug seems to travel across all released versions of KSPIE for 1.5.1. It affects from the 0.625m nuclear engine to the Timber-wind. Kerbal Engineer says I have around 6KM of DV, but under time warp in drops to few hundred meters due to the rate of fuel being consumed. I haven't tried the other engine types yet. I will continue my testing and see what exactly is affected.
  6. Hello, It seems that using persistent thrust uses the time warp multiple of the fuel consumption but does not accurately increase the thrust output during time warp. This results in KSPIE engines performing rather poorly during time-warp when they should perform the same. KSP LOG Is there any fix for this? I do use Better Time Warp, but removed it to test if it did anything, and there was no change to the problem
  7. It's great for with the Warp Drive, as it allows you make those massive burns once you insert yourself into the orbit of the targeted system in case your power relay cannot reach it, like another star or something. It's basically a end-game reward and reference (The Expanse's Epstein drive) like with the Warp Drive, and maybe the QSR. You don't have to use it. Or as an alternative to the Warp Drive for interstellar travel.
  8. I am reporting weird orbital lines lines while in the Tracking center, zooming out to the outer planets causes Plock's and Neidon's orbits to jitter around. Note their actual orbits don't change, but zooming in and out to the new planets causes the graphical glitch. I'll try to document it as best I can.
  9. @FreeThinker You may want to list Heat Control as dependency now in the Original Post, as you did in the Curseforge changelog.
  10. Magnetic nozzles are a thrust augmentation device, their purpose is to convert plasma thermal energy into directed kinetic energy, by using it's magnetic field to direct the plasma flow. The efficiency, therefore Isp and thrust of the magnetic nozzle is dependent on the Electron temperature, high electron temperatures are more efficient. That which depends on what plasma engine it is attached to. Additionally magnetic nozzles can suffer from what is known as radial losses as plasma diverges in radial or azimuthal directions which is useless for thrust performace. This is why magnetic nozzles have to be long and need power to keep a strong magnetic field keep the plasma jet in line. If any of those conditions were not met, you incur major radial losses. Because the larger the plasma stream the longer your nozzle has to be and the stronger your magnetic field needs to be, static plasma flow rate needs to be imposed for engine safety and performance circumstances. Unless I am horribly mistaken, then no, magnetic engines do not have throttling capabilities, beyond changing the temperature of the electrons. We aren't dealing with a normal nozzle that can control it's flow rate.because there's no internal mechanism that can. The example would be two ice sheets constricting the flow a river, the ice stays put, and the river maintains a steady flow rate.
  11. Just mere speculation on my part, but the CEO of Take Two said that they were undermonetazing their content. Don't know if it applies to KSP.
  12. When is the DLC even going to be released anyway? Seems like Squad updates semi-annually so probably then. Maybe Take Two will speed it up, probably so because they want that DLC to roll out as soon as possible. Probably going to price at $19.99 then roll out the micro-transactions. While I won't call you a cheapskate (hell no point in not asking, because if TT breaks the agreement (if there is any written contract anyway), in which is totally able to do so, and I would think Squad would be powerless to enforce it, a lot more of these 'petitions' will spring up, from the ones who will get it free despite that they would gladly pay for the expansion.) if you really need a DLC that amounts to some historical parts, and what is basically challenge mode integration, then I think you reached your maximum amount of play time you can withstand (1.3 update was disastrous as retention update, as it basically added nothing for current KSP players that didn't need localization, and bug fixing isn't really a feature more than it is mandatory. Compared to 1.2 which added a huge feature that added dozens of hours of feautres). You really don't need the DLC because it won't be much, there are plenty of mods that can cover the historical parts. Squad is hyping it, especially the mission builder, but all I think it's just scenarios with an editor, it will probably lose it's novelty. We'll have to see what the integration of KSP into TT will do to the game. Personally, I think the deal was the reason 1.3 was a "localization" update because TT wouldn't accept KSP as an English only game, so Squad basically halted all features that speculated to be up coming, then they sold it off. Honestly, after the main developers left, I don't really have a strong attachment to it anymore, those developers gave me all of those hundreds of hours of fun time, but they are gone now, and I doubt TT is going to provide that same value. Personally, I think TT is going to hire on all the major modders, which will make them strain on updating their addons, slowly and graudally wither the modding scene away. Hopefully, I am wrong. But TT doesn't have much in the way of monetization for this game. Best outcome for them is a entirely new game.
  13. Try Precise Node. When it updates. It allows for what you are saying. Or you can try Flight Plan As it tells you major events during the flight including impacts and atmospherics, in which you can plan manuevers from the data provided.. Doesn't mess with the maneuvering system however.