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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to the expansion, no problem at all for charging for new content. Thanks for keeping up the great work!
  2. Hello, I'm experiencing a bug with the Investor Tour. I've two folks waiting to be taken for a tour around the KSC, and I've to choose one. I got that part. When I get closed to one of the two, and I switch to it (with "["), the mission automagically completes, without the need to take the folk for a tour. Now this might seem to be an ok thing, except, from there the game crashes. What happens is that I can't recover the rover, the dude, or even open another section/screen of the game (Space Center, Tracking Station, etc). In fact, most of the times the game simply stop working and the only way to recover is to force-quit it and reboot. Did anyone experience this same issue? And, there is maybe a turn around or fix for it?'cos I'd really like to build that Hotel in space, you know... Hej Phelan! I've a very similar issue. But I didn't quite understand the way you solved it. Would you please tell me more about your fix?
  3. Well, then I surely did something wrong. I had a crew of 3 on a ship with a Mk1-2 Command Pod attached to a Mk1 Lander Can, so 4 sits for 3 Kerbals. I've done intensive EVA with all members and crew transfers (testing and practising myself). Only Jebediah used the lander and the second pilot went grouchy half the way back to Kerbin. I may have wasted time somewhere along the way. A final note about Hab and Home. How am I supposed to establish a colony on other planets if Kerbals have to get back home (Kerbal)at some point? Just asking
  4. Thanks guys! It's more clear now. I guess I have to proceed in small steps. However, it's already great to figure the difference between hab and home and that EVAing can help refreshing the crew. Gotta read the link you suggested https://github.com/BobPalmer/USI-LS/wiki I'll do after work
  5. That's fine. But then it would be better if you didn't call them cubesat
  6. There is any up to date manual for this mod? I've a ship with a crew of three. Valentina, an other pilot, and a scientist. During the return from the Mun, the second pilot went tourist. The scientist still has 4d+ of habitat/home (same value), while the second pilot has different values. Jenski (p) sup 5d+ EC 1d hab expired home 4d+ Irphe (s) sup 5d+ EC 1d hab 4d+ home 4d+ Why the two folks have different stats? Does EVA affect hab or home? And what hab and home mean? Damn, I'm so confused :-D For the record, only Valentina used the lander and landed on the Mun, while the other two folks stayed on the ship. Shouldn't they show the same stats? I'm surely missing something. Anyway, beside the mod being absolutely awesome, it's also quite strict. Going to the Mun with the basic capsule seems impossible, and the Mk1-2 Command Pod, even if it can accomodate a crew of three, it can't sustain them long enough for a trip to the Mun and return. How do you guys manage this part?
  7. Thanks, I see. Well, I've never said to be an expert :-D I'll do some more practice with those configurations. Again, thanks for the clarification! ps. I didn't use a switchable engine. I did install/remove/reinstall the folder "CryoEnginesLFO". So the ship was exactly the same, just engine and tanks were configured for LF/O or LH2/O accordingly. And for the record, the engine was a Ct10 "Chelyabinsk" (nice name!).
  8. Ok so that's the all point in using Cryogenic Engines? I made some comparisons and it seems to me that ships with FH2/O suffer quite a penalty compared to LF/O, for a tiny gain of TWR. Here's an example, same ship (same tank, modules, and same engine), only difference is the use of LF/O vs LH2/O. LF/O - deltaV 2997, TWR 0.30/0.61 LH2/O deltaV 1957, TWR 0.42/0.65
  9. Dang, just encountered a similar issue. I thought that the contract was suggesting an Apollo-like mission, with a Lunar Module and a Lunar Lander launched as a single expedition. Thanks for clarifying. I guess that I'll leave the Lander in orbit around the Mun then, and I'll pass by to pick it up later with a second mission.
  10. True, I was looking this video today and I was wondering the same thing. You may see that a Kerbal year doesn't skip forward at 365 days. https://youtu.be/TzXz4FzKgTQ?t=12m6s
  11. You're right! It is actually a part from KW Rocketry Redux. I thought it was stock, sorry.
  12. Thanks all! How do I disable a fairing so that it does not decouple by staging? That option seems very much to be what I've been looking for yesterday! Anyway, in flight, when I right click on my fairings (1.25 meter fairing base expanded) I have two buttons, deploy and decouple. The two options work independently before launch and at low altitude (I tested it up to 20k altitude). But above 34k of altitude clicking on "deploy" causes the fairing to decouple as well. Some days ago I could manage to deploy without decoupling, the same rockets that behaved properly days ago, now show the same issue, so it might very well be one of the mods I lately installed. Too bad some parts from those mods are on the ships I'm testing the fairing :-o My guesses go for NRAP, CubeSat, or Probe Plus. I'll make some test over the weekend and report back. Anyway, thanks for your reply folks. How can I share here a .craft file in case you still want to take a look at it? I will remove all non-stock parts from it if necessary.
  13. Hello fellow kerbonauts! I've an issue with my fairing (1.25 meter, fairing base expanded). For some reason it won't deploy without also decoupling. The funny part is that below 20k meter of altitude, the fairing does indeed deploy without decoupling. At 34k of altitude, instead, if I try to deploy, the fairing will also decouple (and of course that causes my launch to fail). Is it that normal? It is like 3 hours (probably more) that I'm trying to wrap my head around this issue. Why should the fairing have different behaviors below or above some specific altitude?
  14. I add my 2cents in here. The mod would be total awesomeness if it weren't for the overall dimensions of all parts that are way out of scale, unfortunately. From Wikipedia: "A CubeSat (U-class spacecraft[1]) is a type of miniaturized satellite for space research that is made up of multiples of 10×10×11.35 cm cubic units." Your sats are like meters wide! :-o For example the tiny solar panels are bigger than the basic solar panels. And the tiny science pack is as large as a normal rocket (1.25 meter?). The small variants of all parts are even bigger (2.5 meters). That doesn't really go with the concept of a cube sat So perhaps the name is misleading? However, if you would allow all parts to be tweakable even more than what's possible right now, it might be possible to have some realistic CubeSats (which are supposed to be small and reasonably cheap). And that would be just great. Anyway, thanks for the mod
  15. True (and thanks)! I later found out that I could do a Biome Research with the Buffalo Crew Cabin.
  16. I'm sure this is a pretty stupid question, but I can't find anything on Google or on this forum about it. How do I perform a "biome research"? I'm stuck in few Field Research's contract and I wonder if the "biome research" is part of this mod.
  17. Neat! Thanks, I' gonna check it out as soon as KSP 1.2 is finally out. One thing, the installation process would be easier to get if the "Benjee10_X-37B" folder would be contained into a dummy "GameData" folder. Just like most of the Mods do as well. For what I've seen it's a sort of a standard and it makes really easy to grab mods and drop them in the right place without having to read any instruction.
  18. Good objection. Usually I rely on the Stage Recovery mod to save the first stage, and on the exec function of RemoteTech to execute maneuver nodes for probes ('cos it makes more sense to me that way). So I never switch back to the first stage to guide it home. But I guess that as long as the shuttle has a probe and/or a crew on board (and perhaps achieve a stable orbit before going out of the "physic bubble") it should be fine. Perhaps I should try just for fun.
  19. My approach to setup a network of comm satellites is pretty simple but it served me well. Once I decided the altitude at which the 3 or 4 satellites will be positioned, I pack them all on a single ship/rocket (mother ship) and take off. I position the mother ship in an orbit that satisfies two requisites: 1. The apoapsis has to equal the altitude to which I will position the 3 or 4 satellites. 2. The orbital period has to be a module of the orbital period the satellites will have, for example 1/3 for three satellites, 1/4 for four sats (see below). Let's assume I decided to position 3 satellites, evenly spaced, and their final orbital period will be 6 hours. That equals to 2,863.33 km altitude. To achieve my goal I first position the mother ship in an orbit that has an apoapsis of 2,863.33 km altitude, and then I trim the periapsis so that the orbital period will be 1/3 of the final orbit of the satellites, which means that the mother ship will reach apoapsis every 2 hours. At each pass to apoapsis I detach one satellite, I take control of it, and I circularize its orbit straight away. Then I switch back to the mother ship, preparing the next satellite. The net result is that I will be able to detach each satellite at 2 hours interval from one another. That spaces them evenly across an orbit of 6 hours. # Few tips. Do not forget to activate the antennas before detaching a satellite. Limit the decoupler force, and pay attention that the engine of the satellite will not push the mother ship or it will change its orbit (to avoid that I orient the mother ship radially). Do not use RCS to rotate the satellite because their trusts affect orbit. Hope that will help
  20. Not sure if that's useful but if you have RemoteTech and a probe core on the shuttle you can instruct the shuttle to auto-execute the maneuver to circularize, so that you should be able to take care of the first stage, 'cos the shuttle will take care of itself.
  21. Wow, that's nice. But I'm a bit confused at how it'd work in practice. So you pack some of these capsules into your ship, land somewhere, get a sample and/or some science, pack it into a capsule, and send it back to Kerbin by itself. Then you move your ship to some other location, rinse and repeat... is that how you'd do it? Which means that in order to actually get the capsule back to Kerbin by itself I have to add some more parts to it, engine, antennas, etc?
  22. Awesome! Hope the mod still works fine with the latest updates of KSP (and RemoteTech). It seems just what I need to finally land some probes :-D
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