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  1. OK, please excuse the delays, my toddler became quite sick and gave us a good scare. Ground Stations So, one place to start building a wireless power system is to build a series of base stations. We choose the Ka microwave band on atmospheric planets because it has the lowest absorption. I have placed 6 stations around the equator and put one on each pole for a total of 8 stations at 40MW each. These base stations will need relays in orbit to provide electric charge throughout the entire planet. That will be the next phase. There is more detailed info on the Imgur album. BTW
  2. Ok I'm ready to start posting pics and descriptions of my power network. I will begin later today with the ground based towers. Then, Wednesday I will do a post for the LKO microwave power sats. Thursday will be the HKO infrared relays and Friday I will cover the HKO infrared power sats. This will cover the vast majority of Kerbin's SOI with many mega watts of power. It is probably overkill, but hey this is KSP right? If it's worth doing; it's worth over doing. I am however worried that all the recent updates will throw a curve ball in my designs somewhere, but I suppose we will burn tha
  3. I swear you go through mod revisions as fast or faster than I go through ship designs. Unfortunately I have been mandated to work all weekend, but have been getting closer to the next phase of my wireless power swarm. I'm sorry it took so long to get around to this next milestone; real life happens! However, be aware that I am working steadily on proper presentation, documentation, and instruction. I really was not happy with my previous rushed post; a revision is in order. While this will be done in more of a photo journalism styling, through Imgur, I wish to be as thorough as possible.
  4. On average, after several iterations, HOURS! That is the biggest draw for me of this game, the building. It brings me back to my childhood and being surrounded by hundreds of Lego bricks in a pile on the floor. I could build whatever I wanted, whatever my imagination could conceive. Today, I still have those same Lego bricks and several times more that have been collected over the years. They will be handed down to my daughter as she get's older and will hopefully inspire her to also be a creative free thinking individual. BTW: Getting a payload to orbit isn't hard, prepari
  5. You do realize you have spent over 112 days of your life in KSP? Not that it is an entirely bad thing, but upon that realization I might spend a few days outside just to balance things out. I'm proud to say I don't use Steam so I can't quantify how much of my life has been wasted spent playing the game. Either way, the price was very reasonable and the return has been phenomenal. I must agree that I too would happily pay for any expansions, heck I'd probably pay for some of the mods I use and have through donation to many of those creators.
  6. IMHO, The aerodynamics and physics are reasonably well finished; minor tweaks and optimizations could probably be made, but all in all it's pretty good. I would like to see more development into the area of game modes, and or expansion of the career mode; maybe even an A.I. space program to compete against, e.i. space race KSP style. I have often thought how a more in-depth progression system would bring new life to career mode. It quickly gets pretty bland, take contract, build craft, complete contract, collect science, rinse repeat. Something more dynamic would be welcomed. The
  7. Fear Monger much? No one is going to prison over something like this. At most one may incur a fine for damages; if the complaining party can in fact sufficiently provide evidence of them. What will happen first is a cease and desist order from a lawyer. Failure to comply will likely bring more harsh action. I don't really agree with the mod pack idea myself; I've thought about doing it, but it is a whole lot of work. Consider that you are essentially taking on the responsibility of a librarian. You must take it upon yourself to ensure that all the mods in the pack are update
  8. KSP 1.2.2 MKS 0.50.17 NO replication In fact RCS Sounds mod was in my GameData folder, even though I spent an hour looking through every mod back-up I have and cannot find it bundled with any of them and I'm sure I didn't download it - not my kind of mod - not in my back-up folder either. Still unsure why it would be spamming under these conditions, but removing it seems to have fixed the issue, and potentially a few more. Thanks for everyone's polite assistance.
  9. Yes, I read that, BUT I don't have RCS Sounds Mod installed. At least I don't think I do, unless it got snuck in or bundled with another mod. I will confirm when I get home from work. My understanding is that the RcsSounds Module is related to the stock game (as of 1.2.x), but I'm not sure why any MKS part w/o rcs functionality would be causing the error spamming. In fact the vessel in the pics does not have any rcs parts. That is why I posted my question here.
  10. That is well and good, and I'm happy to seek for answers elsewhere. However, my question still stands... "Has anyone else seen this happening under these conditions; i.e. MKS (or any) parts without RCS causing the RcsSounds ERROR spamming?"
  11. I am getting an RCSSounds Error spamming the log on the launchpad with a stock probe core and several MKS parts. See pics.. But not in orbit... So I can't sit on the launchpad for too long testing MKS configurations or I will crash to desktop. Anyone else seen this?
  12. 20 - 25 hours of game play accompanied by 50 - 60 hours of Scott Manley, and various other YouTube videos. That was when i started to feel like i had found a game i would be playing for years to come. Here I am are 3 years later and I always return to KSP. Had my stints with FO4, XCOM 2, ARMA 3, ect. but KSP is the only one still installed on my games drive. Honestly it is my go to when the manic creativity strikes. I can sit in the VAB for hours designing the perfect ___________. <-- insert craft type of your choice. That is of course when I have the time to do such things. DAMNIT! I've fi
  13. I believe this mod solves all your problems and allows you to basically create your own custom game mode. You're Welcome
  14. IDK about Herbalism. KSP might not be compatible with Herbalism for some people. As for Kerbalism and USI - MKS, they do not play well together as other posts have explained. I use USI-LS it's simple and can be setup to be very very strict. TAC works too but is too much micro managing for me tastes.
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