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  1. Also tried it. Changes everything but that window size. I can't select the window for resize it. I also don't have scroll bars on the window.
  2. I also tried to reinstall the mod but it didn't work either
  3. Hey. Thanks for your response. I tried that and I got the exact same behavior, but in a "bigger" or "smaller" window :-) I also tried changing the UI size, but it's always the same issue.
  4. Hi folks. I am playing a long career game on 1.8.1 on Linux and I tried to spice things up a little adding this mod I am also trying to change the default settings, but when I open the settings menu window I got this glitch. I cannot see the save button, so I can't make the changes effective. Is this a known Issue or I am just having plain bad luck? Thanks in advance and best regards Z
  5. All Aboard! There was a lot of time since I don´t play KSP. This will bring me back again to the right path. No more shooters and fantasy games.
  6. Hi all. I have been away from Kerbal for a long time. I decided it was time to have funa again making things explode.. I love this mod and it´s on my essential list. I installed it (along with others) and I think it´s the root cause of an issue I am encountering. When I launch a vessel that has a direct connection to KSC with a deployed antenna, the vesel loads into the launch site spinning incontrollably. When I uninstalled the mod the issue dissapeared. My KSP version is 1.7.0 on windows 7. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance Zeke Edit: It seems th
  7. Hello! I love this modpack, but recently I found something that smells just like Kraken. Every time I try to use a L2 Atlas Low profile engine it explodes on thrust. Any advice? Thanks
  8. Oh, not problem at all. The problem is that the delay time is several hours and the probe will burn in a matter of minutes. I don't have much error tolerance. Besides, the probe time travel is 25 years, so restarting the mission is not an option. I guess kOS is a good way to do it. Thanks for the tip...
  9. Hello everybody. I have a simple but intricate question on how would you think it's the best way to schedule science data gathering on a kamikaze probe burning on a gas giant atmosphere. I use remote tech, I love the additional difficulty in it, but I think I hit a wall here. When I want to send a probe to a gas giant I can't get the science before the probe is destroyed due to signal delay. Is there any way to automate or trigger the science gathering from the probe itself? Do you have any ideas on how this task can be done in a efficient way. Thanks to all your ideas. As alway
  10. Hi I love the idea of flexible docking ports, but I have am explosion on launch when I install one of those. Have anybody had problems like that? *** Edit. It only happens if it has an attached part. If I put it on my vessel undocked there is no explosion*** Greetings Zeke
  11. I agree with the idea of KSP being a really good backbone. But I need SVE and KIS and KER and a lot. In my old 1.2 install I had more or less 90 mods.... Be good Zeke
  12. Hello, I've checked some old saves and the parts are there. They where missing some time between.I only had this issue twice, and both times in vessels in sun orbit and high gain dish antennas. I hope this helps. I have the saves if you want to see them. Another question. Is there a way to edit the savegame file in order to add the antenna? Thanks Zeke
  13. Hi, I don't know if this is the place for this question, but sometimes my antenna parts go missing. Is that a common issue? I have a mission in solar orbit and some sats for long range point to point connections that often losses their high gain dish antennas Thanks in advance Zeke
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