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  1. I have a bit of a problem with parts (a specific part) failing due to atmospheric stresses. Is there a way to increase a part's strength through a MM config? I have KJR installed and this is in a RO/RP-0 game. The issue happens quite often during reentry (doing a Falcon 9 landing). I'd mostly be looking for a part config since this pretty much always happens to the center engine but any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance
  2. Awesome, are you planning to add LZ-1 (and LZ-2) to this? And also are the launch towers included as static objects or can we use our own ones instead?
  3. Answer in the spoiler below (as it's not really relevant to the thread). And as for the issue I had with the aero stress destroying the rocket, it seems to be kind of working properly now.
  4. Yes, but for now I'll do a clean install later today of KSP and RO with just depenencies and the mods that are needed because I get quite a few crashes while trying to test things (lot's of other mods in current install). This could potentialy fix my issue, I'll let you know if it does.
  5. Yes, I have KJR installed. This is the full RSS/RO/RP-0 install with some additional mods.
  6. Hi, I'm making a Falcon 9 landing script with kOS (here's an earlier version of it in action) and after recently updating some mods (many mods), I'm having a bit of trouble with Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly during reentry, usually when the drag force on the vehicle passes ~600kN. It is always the Merlin-1D engine (from Launchers Pack) that fails due to atmospheric stresses first, taking the rest of the rocket with it. So my question is, is there a way to increase the parts strenght with a config? I tried increasing the breakingForce and breakingTorque but thay didn't seem to do much
  7. Guys, is there any good colonisation mod that works with RO/RP-0? I'm assuming that UKS is probably not compatibile so do you have any recommendations?
  8. Would you be able to make them more suitable for Realism Overhaul for real-life sized Falcon 9 (3.66 meters diameter)? I built a Falcon 9 with accurate dimensions and everything and the 3.75m legs look a bit too big and they stick out a little bit from the rocket (as in there is a little bit of empty space between the rocket and the legs) so I need to move it manually. Other than that, the mod is awesome! BTW. Having them in white would be great as well
  9. I can confirm that I did have an issues with resized fins, I did remove parts 1-by-1 from the craft and found that whenever I had resized fins attached, my craft would slowly raise even when attached to launch clamps, after a while it was starting to shake uncontrollably and crashed my game a few times. Didn't happen with regular non-resized fins. This was in the previous version thoug. In the version that came out yesterday (5th of March) I noticed another bug (don't know if it was there before but I noticed it now) I installed MFT again as it says that the compatibility for it was fixed
  10. I'm having a little issue. I just got the FungEye Telescope into orbit and took a picture of the Mun (actually I probably took 5 as I didn't know if it works, there was no message). Now the science window popped up and it has 5 results. Each of them is worth 3.2 science and the bars are only about 1/10 filled but whenever I click Keep Experiment or Transmit Data, nothing seem to happen and the debug log says: [Log]: CactEye 2: Logical Error 3: SkinStored is null! [Exception]: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object The science window doesn't
  11. @taniwha I haven't tested it but this is the most recent changelog of TweakScale: BTW. I've been using TweakScale for around a year now and never encountered the bug you talked about.
  12. I did that and the same thing happens. It also happens with modded LES towers so I guess the basic action groups in the game are just bugged. It works just fine if I assign it to action group 1 for example but ABORT or BRAKE won't fire the engine.
  13. Hi all. I have a problem with the Launch Escape System, not sure if it is because of AGX exactly. I made the abort action group and added the option for it to activate LES, a decoupler and a fairing. When I press the abort button, the fairing and decouplers do their job but the Launch escape system doesn't start. It says that the engine is activated and on the staging section on the left off the screen it displays the fuel bar as if it was working, but the actual engines don't ignite and after I right click on it, its says the status is off. Same happens when I activate it by clicking activate
  14. Awesome mod, just what I needed for my space shuttle. I would recommed using this mod with Space Shuttle Engines and B9 Aerospace Procedural Parts for the wings. I also use kOS to make a launch script (because shuttles are not controlling friendly).
  15. Hey Mike. Awesome mod. The only thing Is that the Dream Chaser wouldn't fit inside the Shuttle (in reality). Dream Chaser has a wingspan of around 7 Meters (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream_Chaser; http://www.space.com/19551-dream-chaser-space-plane-flight-test.html) and the payload bay of the Shuttle is only 4.6 Meters wide (http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Human_Spaceflight/Space_Shuttle/Shuttle_technical_facts). EDIT: Wrote this before looking at your last post.
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