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  1. How close are you getting? That orbit is not fully stable. Wikipedia says "less than 10m/s delta v per year" for gateway's station keeping, so you may have to settle for an orbit that lasts a long time, while setting alarms every few months to manage the orbit slightly.
  2. It turns out that since I had eve it was incompatible with default config that i had. I deleted my manually downloaded eve and downloaded the mod. Also, it just said "error" nothing else. You can see it in the bottom of the pics. New bug: If CKAN detects you're trying to get a mod incompatible with one you have downloaded (WITH CKAN, doesnt have problems like this with downloading manually) then it highlights it red, but also won't let you get the one that used to be highlighted red. ever. even if you removed the incompatible mod.
  3. There's a bug when trying to install Astronomers Visual Pack where it says what http://imgur.com/qArH1pb says, i select continue and it just brings me back to manage mods (http://imgur.com/srQMk7f), without installing it. (note error at the bottom...) Edit: Turns out it was just hiding a seperate error message for some reason, unlike in the previous version. It works now that i deleted something, but you might want to fix that...
  4. The time warp mod often blows up your ship when time warping at very fast speeds.
  5. I don't know, but the version of ActiveTextureManagement CKAN gave me corrupts things for some reason...
  6. I was playing in 1.0.2 and trying to dock, when suddenly when switching out of map view, most of my ship suddenly exploded. I couldn't see kerbin anymore. I wasn't moving either. After switching back to map view, I realized the solar system no longer existed. There were some random parts nearby floating in space (that it didn't say was debree in the map view) that I haven't even unlocked with science with (ex. gigantor solar panel, the big ladders, etc)
  7. One mod deleted all of my kerbals experience in my career mode and i can't find anything in the persistence file... is there any way to cheat levels in?
  8. This doesn't usually work, no matter how many times i delete the cache and retry, it removes textures from EVE and mechjeb and replaces it with a weird white and red one.
  9. I uninstalled FAR for ksp 1.0.2 (i removed all FAR files) and now i have no center of lift :c http://imgur.com/rvuiWEu
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