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  1. Woohoo! I'm seriously missing the radial NV engine, I pretty much use that engine for every lander I can. Thanks for keeping up with this mod!
  2. Will DRE affect nuclear engines like the NERVA? I've seen the NERVA and my radiators get red hot with a full heat progress bar, but nothing happened. No damage, explosion or otherwise.
  3. Please don't poke the bears. I think the gentle way to ask about a version update is to ask 'how is this mod working with the new game version'. If the mod-maker is still active, they'll see the post in their forum, and they'll respond. If it's a dead forum, then we can poke around and see if someone is still maintaining the mod. (btw; I'm here checking to see if FAR is working with the new version too)
  4. They were rectangular, with rounded edges. When they were fully expanded, they sort of looked like an inflated sleeping bag. I think the mod I was using only had this one inflatable part.
  5. I had a mod with an inflatable fuel tank in an older version of KSP, maybe 4 years, ago and I can't remember the name. I've deleted all my old KSP save files, so I can't go back and find the mod. Anyone remember a mod with inflatable fuel tanks?
  6. Its a de-cluttering issue. When I rescue a kerbal out of a rename-able pod, I change the name to 'xxx whoever kerbal' and change its type to debris. I have a bunch of active rescue missions going, so it is a pain to differentiate between empty crew pods and pods with Kerbals still in them. Does the 'i' key tell me if there is a Kerbal in the craft that I've selected? Because that would solve the issue for me as well.
  7. You had me at 'Wind Tunnel' I too would like to see a wind tunnel added to the game.
  8. I'm reposting this from the 1.2 pre release branch, not sure if this is the place for it though.
  9. You appear to be right. Here's a more current map from another forum thread: and this should be an updated map:
  10. No worries. I think its funny how many KSP budget maps there are relative to maps of our own solar system. I'm afraid someone, someday, is going to accidentally use a KSP map to plan an actual mission from earth...
  11. Try this link ( If you google 'delta v budget map' you should see many examples.
  12. I will try this out tonight! Do you have any screen shots of what you can build with this mod?
  13. Hiya, I just checked and searched for ASET. I didnt see anything there. @alexustas I'm sure you probably heard, but kerbalstuff is no more, and has been replaced with I didnt see a github or curesforge link either, but I may have missed them. I'd like to get this mod back up so KSA IVA Upgrade will work, but I understand if you aren't able to get back to the mod. I really appreciate your work, and hope you can keep updating the mod! Thanks!