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  1. My only issue with the new capsule is that it might be too much like its real-world counterpart for the stock game (and is the only issue I have with the MK1-3 pod). Other than that, which is just a minor pet-peeve anyway, I'm really looking forward to new part designs!
  2. I'm just curious what has happened to Jool...
  3. The sunflare's not working properly in 1.3.1, its the thing where both the stock and scatterer sunflares are overlapping. I assume this'll be fixed soon
  4. Have you considered getting RealPlume patches for these engines?
  5. I'm curious if there could be a toggleable config file that could make this into a GP2 instead of replacing Duna, that would be nice. So far, this is actually looking real nice
  6. Have you considered RealPlume-Stock support for your mods?
  7. Have you considered RealPlume-Stock patches for the engines?
  8. The worst I can imagine with the "DLC v. Modding competition" is a situation like that of Cities: Skylines. And with them, there was a healthy mix of good DLCs (After Dark, Natural disasters, mass transit), traces of their content entering the main game, and a noteworthy modding community (Maps/building assets comparable to planet/part mods). With KSP, I imagine big mods (on the scale of USI Kolonization, To Boldly Go, or KSP Interstellar) being able to become DLC. However, with more time and skill available to T2 than the mod devs (not to insult Roverdude or anyone), plus access to the full
  9. Hopefully this DLC becomes public within the next month, I'd like something to go with ONI for my birthday!
  10. If you have the time, could you make a standalone mod that adjusts science values to what you've done? That is, all experiments are either full transmission value or none at all. I would like that
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