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  1. About time this had a 1.1 release, very awesome system revamp! Gonna make a new career just for this!
  2. So, out of curiosity, since all the major bodies have been added to this mod, are there any plans for this moving forward (in terms of adding more things)?
  3. Scott Manley is going to enjoy this, especially the cramped living spaces aspect! Very interesting mod indeed.
  4. This is incredible. I can't believe my one request has made all of this happen. The currently redone planets look great, and I cannot wait for 2.0 to release. Well done, KillAshley!
  5. Alright, that makes sense. Not that I was complaining, was just confused. or maybe Eve is hiding something from us under its purple surface...
  6. This looks really interesting. What i like most is that these are parts that can be used with the rest of stock. What I don't like about some mods is that the parts sometimes only work with others in it's mod, completely separate from stock. But this is able to fit in well, along with being realistic. 10/10 well done. P.S. any plans on RealPlume support and alike?
  7. How are there snow-capped mountains on Eve? or Kerbin-like clouds, for that matter?
  8. Looks interesting, I enjoy mods like this, but a few ideas for you... -Reduce the amount of craters on Ike, too much in general -Why does Eeloo look like pizza? Not really a fan of it -A Callisto analogue, a carbon moon hard to spot Just a few ideas from myself, feel free to take action or not.
  9. I thought this meant the old style, Kraken-enducing paracutes that deployed instantly (pre-1.0), but this is interesting...
  10. I do find this tool to be quite interesting, there are a couple things I feel would make this more useful... - Rather than a .exe file, make it a mod so it can be used in game, rather than having to leave and reenter it over and over again - RSS compatible, where flybys are a must have I'm sure you have a reason on why you haven't done these, but go ahead and take your time!
  11. Is there any chance that you could make more stock-alike textures for the added planets in this mod. For example, objects like Ernus, Lave, And Titanus have too detailed texture maps, and not only is it annoying for my eyes, but my game can't run the textures well near these bodies. Just wondering if you have the time to work on this this, please take your time.
  12. Ok, yea, I was using the Big-S wings and MK3 parts, so there's issue one, and this is reentering from a 75km orbit... Yes, I was going noes first into the atmosphere, there's issue two I'll see how well I do by going in belly first. If not, I will look at your tutorial, Alpaca.
  13. Recently, I've decided to try making a SSTO, but I can't get it to reenter the atmosphere. No matter what I try, my wings keep burning off, and its only worse that I did this in a career save. So, does anyone know of any up-to-date SSTO tutorials?
  14. You both were correct, I did have outdated korpernicus and OPM, and updating them has removed excess asteroids on my saves. Thanks for the advice!
  15. I have been facing some issues where my tracking stations (in all my saves, in fact) are finding far too many asteroids. And when I say that, I mean at LEAST 200-500 objects, and has gotten up to 4-didgits at times, and finds them at around 1 every 5 to 15 seconds. It also drops my game to around 5-10 fps when they get up in numbers, making the game nearly unplayable I would like to know if anyone else have suffered form this, and/or if they know how to fix it. P.S. I haven't been able to track down any specific mod(s) that are causing this, and I also DO NOT have CustomAsteroids installed by the way.
  16. Nope, I tried it, and the error is still popping up.
  17. I'm noticing a compatibility issues with this mod. 1.0.5 doesn't like me using wide-feild cameras for carrer mode, and gave me the error message to go here Any ideas?
  18. Of all of Scott's faces you could on a Kerbal, you pick the most disturbing one possible!!
  19. Sarnus, like it's real-life counterpart Saturn, has plenty of moons for landing. Awesome to see you finally put my station in too! - - - Updated - - - Now to find out how to equip the badge!
  20. Could you make albums of the stars and their corresponding planet packs?
  21. Thanks for finding them, Obsessed. they look amazing so far! I find it hilarious with them all going at once!
  22. After realizing my first mod request was flat-out stupid (see "Realistic-er Kerbol System" thread), here is another, more reasonable one. I would like to see someone make a mod that allows planets to cast shadows on each other. As the title says, this would make Solar/Munar Eclipses an actual visual thing (more than blocking your solar panels), along with doing so in other planetary systems. Hope this is a bit better of a request.