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  1. @SpannerMonkey(smce) Is the Euryale CWIS available in the Boomsticks pack?? i dont seem to see it ingame after downloading it from spacedock.
  2. Carrier Looks Great. However will you be working on a catapult or something like that??
  3. IMO its ok with me. i hope others have the same thought too. after all, you could have used all the days you spent on the mod doing other stuff IRL. However if im correct, There seems to be a clause in the TOS that might prohibit you from putting up a donation link on the forums or something like that. I Believe its this clause in the guidelines: Links that promote projects and/or products that are meant for the personal profit of either party, this specifically includes linking through ad.fly;
  4. Hi @harpwner I see that you have successfully made a turret with missiles and guns(LAV AD) I hope its a good time to make a request for this very special weapon system. Its the Kashatan CWIS. its equipped with a radar and FLIR Camera to acquire and lock targets. As for armaments, It has 2x30 MM Gatling Cannon(the Gau-8 Avenger cannon). 8 Missiles(9M311K Short Range Radar Guided Missile). Hopefully you are interested in making it and i hpe to see it in your amazing pack soon.
  5. Hey man. with all due respect. he needs time to model it, make the configs , texture and test it before he releases it. what he is doing is all part of his generosity and he is NOT obliged to make it for you. Its not like you paid Spanner Monkey for the turrets. So chill and wait. he will inform you when its done .
  6. @SpannerMonkey(smce) Thanks for maintaining PEW. Its a really great addon for BDA and my crafts feel a bit lost without the missiles though the size of the missiles are much larger than i wished it was...
  7. @SpannerMonkey(smce) Hey Spanner, I just need to clarify with you some stuff. Is the harpoon missile capable of radar and GPS guidance. as its only capable of GPS in game....
  8. Caped essm sounds good. Can i have a favour from you. Can you make a NSM(Naval strike missile) it will has the same box launcher like the MK 29. But the cap opens then the missile fires.
  9. Will this and LBP and boomstick work with 1.05??. I can't get bda to work with 1.1 pre release. So 1.05 is my only hope to have some fun with BDA
  10. Really beautiful part pack @SpannerMonkey(smce) However, will you be making carriar parts with working lifts and docking ports(pardon me for using the wrong term) any time soon?? Something like infiniteDice boat parts for the carrier. And is there any plans to make hulls that are compatible with malfunc VLS parts.
  11. Looks great. However, there are some rough edges... might wanna fix that.
  12. Yup It was. The mk48 worked perfectly though. I just changed the Phalanx to Goalkeepers for the time being. Just to protect from the scums( Refering to myself) who attack a carriar with 15 Jet with a single plane flying at 30m above the water