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  1. I have set up a profile that uses all three units as a single virtual controller with limited results. The throttle axis does work now, but neither the mini-stick nor any of the hat switches on the throttle will bind to anything. I tested them in the Control manager and almost everything works there. The POV switch does not seem to work when I test it under the mapped virtual controller, but it does work in direct mode, so mechanically, it seems to be fine. All other switches work in both direct and mapped mode. KSP just doesn't seem to recognize them. The switches on the stick itself bind properly.
  2. This is my next step. I have never used the Control Manager before so I watched a few YouTube vids before work and I plan to try this when I get off work tonight.
  3. That is unfortunate, one would think that controller support would be a high priority in a game that is, in many ways, a flight sim. Hopefully they will focus on things like this now that the major update has been released. I've been using one of the hat switches on the throttle to control the throttle axis in game. It's not much better than using the keyboard, but I guess it's something. Hopefully they will fix the problem at some point.
  4. I was hoping the update to 1.1 would fix this but no luck. Stick itself works fine, pedals act as though they are off calibration and throttle is completely non-responsive. The buttons on the throttle work but the throttle itself does not. I use this setup with other games so I know the hardware works. I was using a Thrustmaster HOTAS X in KSP before and it worked fine and I am using the same bindings I had for it so the bindings should be correct. I am using Vanilla KSP 1.1, though the problem existed in the previous version as well. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  5. Thank you for the suggestions, I will give those a try if it problem comes back. The craft I was having the initial problem with was a probe as well, though I found the problem persisted with manned craft also. I was launching a ship with a probe core attached to a command pod for a rescue contract. Spent several hours in the game yesterday night and this morning before work and everything seems to be functioning normally. Hoping Kerbal Engineer gets updated before I get into the really complicated builds on this playthrough. Doing all the calculations manually on these simpler craft isn't too bad, but the more complex ones...
  6. I hadn't progressed very far so I did a fresh install and things seem to be working normally. I will update if the problem comes back. Thanks for trying to help. :)
  7. Nothing under input lock stack. I don't know what synergy is. It seems to have something to do with being in the flight environment. It doesn't happen until I launch a ship and keeps happening when I go back into the space center. Going into one of the buildings and backing out seems to fix it, but it happens again when I launch another ship.
  8. Don't see anything in the debug log. Game just doesn't seem to register them. Tried solution in the faq, did not help, but thank you for trying.
  9. Hi all, My specs: OS: Win7 64-bit KSP 1.0.5 32-bit Mods list: Chatterer Stage recovery SCANsat My problem: At some point during a play through the game stops registering right mouse clicks. I can change the camera angle with right-drag, but I cannot upgrade buildings or create maneuver nodes (I have a fully upgraded tracking station). The only way I have found to fix the problem is to restart the game. I looked around these forums but did not see any recent threads on this. There are a few in the Steam forums as recent as October but none that have a solution.
  10. It's gonna be interesting after 10 or 12 hours straight ... "I can't fit this Deathclaw in the command module and Jeb's Power Armor doesn't fit Gaaahhhh!!! - - - Updated - - - Damn, you really did predict it! So far your predictions are more accurate than that of the entire Mayan Culture. Well done!
  11. I know, I'll set up dual monitors and play KSP with one hand and Fallout 4 with the other!
  12. Ok, I think I know part of whats going on. If I am perfectly still, SAS seems to work fine. If there is any movement when I activate SAS, the ship/nav ball begins to vibrate/oscillate. Whatever direction the ship is oscillating toward at the moment I turn SAS off, it just keeps moving in that direction [the drift I spoke of] since there are no outside forces to interfere. I need to figure out what is causing the oscillation when SAS is active. I did a complete, clean install with no mods and tested with the joystick plugged in and without, and there is no difference in the behavior. Can anyone recommend a good place to upload the log files to? I don't see way to attach files to these posts directly.
  13. Turning the reaction wheels off does stop it from happening. If I bring the craft to a dead stop and reinitialize SAS, I see a small bump in the control input indicators in the bottom left of the screen. I have also noticed that if I pull the stick to the left and release it, the indicator just returns to neutral, but if I pull the stick to the right and release it, the indicator pops over the neutral line to the other side for a split second before returning to neutral. It feels like the game is overcompensating for some reason. I have been playing other games without any indication of a problem and the inputs in my joystick calibration software look normal. I guess when I get home I can do a clean install and see what happens. As to the questions about the craft having no engines and being in orbit ect. When I first realized I was having an issue I started a fresh sandbox game and I am testing things by putting a command pod into orbit without any intention of bringing it back. (just reverting the flight) That way I can have as few components as possible on the craft to try and isolate the cause.
  14. I tried the Mk2 pod and got the same result. Here is a list of the mods I'm currently running. Toolbar Chatterer Kerbal engineer Protractor SCANsat All but toolbar are updated to run with the latest version, and though it says it is not compatible, from what I've read that's normal and as far as I can tell, it works fine.