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  1. And for anyone else wondering about Kerbal Konstructs mapDecals: I found what was causing them to not remove scatters: if (!data.allowScatter) { noiseMult = 0; } if (hasBlockMap) { noiseMult = 1 - this.blockMap.GetPixelFloat(data.u, data.v); //White on the map = blocked, and nothing will spawn there } Adding the blockmap was overriding the scatter removal. This has now been fixed, and I will be uploading a release very shortly with the fix
  2. The collision setting only affects scatters. I removed them from the terrain itself because it was unreliable and buggy. Stock wheels are inconsistent and don't define the "wheel hub" point consistently, meaning the planes responsible for creating the fake wheel collisions would sometimes be outside the wheel
  3. I'm assuming your terrain shader quality is set to Ultra? In version 1.3 I reduced the scale of the textures on the surfaces because with Kerbals or small crafts, the quality was really low because the textures were larger scale. So, now they're tiled more frequently which also means smaller surface features. The scatters do that job now
  4. Are you forcing OpenGL? I'll need your KSP.log file to investigate this further. This looks like it's running in OpenGL mode
  5. I'm still writing up the wiki. I got slightly delayed which is why it's not finished just yet. I'll have more information on there soon. For now, you can use the stock textures configs as a template along with the Ctrl + P GUI to mess about and see what does what in the meantime
  6. Interesting. I will investigate No, this is more for people who want to create their own configs
  7. If it happens on Minmus it'll happen on Vall too. They are the only planets that use the ice shader which uses the background texture
  8. I have just released a small update (2.0.4) which supports the use of cbNameLater in planet configs. This means that RSS and KSRSS can have Parallax configs for Earth now
  9. Is this all fixed now? Not happening still? I've never seen this happening so just want to double check If it works on other planets and just fails on Minmus it's probably not Parallax related. I've heard it might be related to temporal anti aliasing (TAA) by either Scatterer or TUFX?
  10. Parallax 2.0.3 This is a live release. Please submit issues via GitHub's issues page https://github.com/Gameslinx/Tessellation/issues Changelog: Features Added Module Manager support for patching ParallaxScatter configs. ParallaxGlobal can also be patched, but only the settings that relate to the scatter system. Below is an example of a working Module Manager patch which makes the grass on Kerbin huge: @ParallaxScatters:HAS[#body[Kerbin]]:FOR[MyPatch] { @Scatter:HAS[#name[KerbinGrass]] { %Distribution { %_MinScale = 1,1,1 %_MaxScale = 1,1,1 } } } Fixes: Fixed NRE spam around bodies which have no terrain. Thanks @linuxgurugamer minimumSubdivision refers to the level of detail in which planet quads are subdivided to. Around the craft, the value is the same as the PQS maxLevel of the planet. For Kerbin, this is 10. As distance increases from the craft, quads are not subdivided quite as high and it steps down from the maxLevel until it reaches the minLevel at the back of the planet. So, minimumSubdivision imposes a hard limit on what quads the scatters are added to. For example, if you have a scatter with a range of 100m you will want a minimumSubdivision of whatever the planet's maxLevel is, because there is no use trying to add scatters to a quad with a lower subdivision level. It will never be reached, and it wastes memory. If you have a scatter with a range of 100,000, you will want a much lower minimumSubdivision so that they show up. It's worth noting that even if you have minimumSubdivision set to 1, the range limit will still stop scatters from being added past that range. This just guarantees that scatters will not be added to any quads under this limit.
  11. In the new few days, hopefully If it does work, Parallax will run. Parallax requires OpenGL 4.3 or later - the version linked is 4.6. Kopernicus is either not installed, or installed incorrectly: "Cannot resolve assembly: Kopernicus" Thank you. I'm aware of this, but still trying to find the best way to implement the fix This is interesting. My code sets the value in the noise map to 0 if the vertex being built on the planet has 'allowScatter' set to false. Make sure the MapDecal's order is below int.MaxValue - 1. If the order is higher, it's applied after the scatters. There is a chance that removeScatter on KK's side does not work, but I doubt this is the case White will entirely block all persistent scatters from being generated in an area. You can also use various shades to effectively make scatters appear more sparsely, since the value in the blockmap multiplies with the noise value. BTW, if you want to see what is being blocked out by both the block map or the MapDecals, you can use the scatter GUI (Ctrl + P) to display the distribution noise on top of the terrain so you can visualize what is happening. Yes, a sub project of mine named 'Parallax Scaled' which I put on hold to develop the scatter system for Parallax 2.0 is supposed to achieve this. It's goal is to change the orbit (scaled space) textures of the planets to match their surfaces better. Yes and yes Yes I will need your KSP.log file to help you out. It's located in the Kerbal Space Program folder. Do not paste it directly into the forum - upload it to a site such as Dropbox or Mega then send a link to the download page here. In most cases your vehicles or crafts will reposition themselves on top of the scatters. Although, this isn't guaranteed. You can move them out of the way with colliders disabled, then enable the colliders once they are in a safe place.
  12. Yep, thanks for pointing this out. The null check is actually needed because in some cases when you switch to the tracking station, this code will fire a few times before the monobehaviour is deactivated. It's really annoying, and it's a KSP bug. I didn't account for the fact that the Sun, surprisingly, does not have terrain lol. Cheers This is never null. When it is no longer needed it is immediately cleaned up (QuadData.RangeCheck() -> ScatterCompute.Cleanup()), then removed from the list (QuadData.RangeCheck()). If it is ever null, something has gone very wrong. Thanks for taking a look at this Everything is working correctly here. Dumb question, but have you gone and launched a craft? The scatters do not show until you're in the flight scene
  13. This is inefficient and introduces a lot of distance checks to every lat/lon coordinate. This functionality already exists in the mod, and it can be achieved in two ways. Method #1 is for Kerbal Konstruct bases to use a MapDecal with 'removeScatter' set to true. Nothing except grass/foliage will generate on it. Method #2 is to use the blockMap.png, where colouring an area in white will have the same effect as above
  14. Parallax does not add clouds or atmosphere effects. Those are handled by EVE and Scatterer, but usually brought together by a visual pack. Most people use Astronomer's Visual Pack for these effects
  15. Apologies, I did miss them. I can't open your links, though. Can you upload them to a file sharing site such as Dropbox and send the link to them? It looks like you're linking to your local gmail/drive which I can't access
  16. To add to the above, the config exporter does not export absolutely everything just yet. I didn't update it after making some config changes after all of the scatters had been completed for release. There are a few values missing. I will be writing a wiki and updating the exporter soon
  17. The range multiplier increases the radius of how far scatters render. So doubling it amounts to 4x as many scatters being rendered. If you wanted the same amount of objects to be rendered as 1x density, 1x range but with density set to 100x, you will need a range of 0.1x to balance it out. Tl;dr, set your density to 100x and your range to 0.1x. I must warn you though, your memory usage will still be very high and could mean your performance is still bad as you run the risk of using up a lot of VRAM. Most people I've talked to don't go past 50x density
  18. All this can be achieved in the ParallaxGlobal.cfg rather than the Ctrl+P menu. You can adjust both the density and range of the scatters there, as well as LOD ranges. As you increase the density and range, you may want to lower the LOD range. The Ctrl+P menu is for editing individual scatters on a config level
  19. It should do. Parallax will warn you if you've not installed a part of it correctly No Can you send me your KSP.log file which is located in your Kerbal Space Program folder? Also, if possible, can you attach a screenshot of the files inside the Parallax_StockTextures folder in GameData? Cheers
  20. Hi, you won't see much of a difference until you launch a vessel on the runway. If you're not seeing any foliage, make sure you installed the Stock_ScatterTextures correctly. There's a handy video in the OP that shows you how to install Parallax correctly. As for your computer, you are lacking a dedicated graphics card which means you are running Intel UHD 730 graphics. While Parallax will work, I can't guarantee amazing performance. I recommend you instead run terrain shader quality set to High to disable tessellation but retain the cool surface foliage. Let me know how that goes
  21. Whoever made the launch sites needs to add a MapDecal with 'removeScatters' set to true
  22. Yes. It can be anywhere in GameData, but if you keep in in the Exports folder it can be overwritten by future changes. The -EXPORTED text is only there to stop it from being loaded alongside the original config
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