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  1. Yay, awesome update! Love your models and textures
  2. Hi, this a very nice mod which I really enjoy and I have not found any issues with it yet. I only wonder if there is any chance of updating this mod with a tweakscale patch?
  3. Hi, any possibility of including a Su-27 single-seat styled cockpit? As far as I know there is no single seat Flanker cockpit made for KSP so far and I think that it have the potential of being extremely popular
  4. Ah in that case I won't bug you anymore. I hope that things will ease down soon, good luck!
  5. Hi dude, any progress on the 1x2 glass pane? Also another quick suggestion, what about making a frameless 1x1? Just so people can make their own panes the shape and size they want?
  6. That is fair enough. Remember that there will be more than enough people around this forum willing to help you when it comes to modding! Also thanks for the reply, nice to see that you are still around!
  7. Hi dude, are you planning to continue working on this mod someday?
  8. Read the original post before complaining about issues.
  9. I install them the same way as all other mods, I extract contents from GameData to my own KSP GD folder, if you keep encountering issues I recommend that you contact the current maintainer of the respective mods. Oh also you might have encountered a mod conflict.
  10. No problem It is an F-16, its cockpit is from Airplane Plus made by blackheart612. Extremely well made mod with a wide variety of parts, highly recommended
  11. No problem 26 seems to be the latest one. I am pretty sure that it will work in 1.2.2 even though it was made for 1.3. If it does not work, try the other ones. It is quite some time since I made that craft and I do not remember which version I used, can't check either as I have updated mods and such since then. Good luck! Again thank you dude! I really appreciate comments like this, makes my day better and motivates me to keep building
  12. Haha thank you! It is fantastic to see people actually like the stuff I build!
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