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  1. For me i'll waiting for a nice coop gameplay, with deep exploration and colonies to build, i'm sure it will be fun to have cooperatives tasks. And as long as ksp2 have private and public servers, i really think you always get the gameplay you want. And i'm sure the server's creator can ban a bad player behaviour.
  2. For me i would play cooperative KSP (but competitive with multiple KSC agencies can be fun). I really want to build base / station with friends, perform multiple tasks at same time. Well in fact same as single player but with friends playing the same story ^^ A permission system will probably be essential as multiple players share the same vessel (who is the pilot, what can do other player ? etc). How it could work... DMP explored some ways already (bubble warp/local time). I think about another way, but ressource heavy : store all players action as "probable" action, then "play" all theses at the time of the oldest time (the reference time is always the oldest). in that way a conflict can interrupt the actions you already done (ex: another player moved the vessel you want to dock), and you need to perform action at this time to stick to the reference time. it probably require to change a little the way you play, but i think it can work for small coop group.
  3. i can confirm this, i used AY recently and won't work as expected too
  4. i found a little "bug" with this mod: he don't use "RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD" but the MFD profided by ALCOR (ex: "ALCORMFD40x20"). i try this patch to not touch notes directly, and it work fine: // // Apply Notes button for RPM (regular MFD / Alcor / Apex) // @PROP[RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD|*MFD*x*]:NEEDS[notes|notesRPM]:Final { @MODULE[RasterPropMonitor] { %PAGE[notesRPMPage] { %name = notesRPMPage %button = button_G %PAGEHANDLER { //Class name is kOS Monitor %name = notesRPM //Processors are named sanely %method = ContentProcessor %buttonClickMethod = ButtonProcessor //This will set the size of the kOSProcessor TermWindow object %consoleWidth = 40 %consoleHeight = 20 //Button definitions are settable %noteButton = 0 %downButton = 1 %infoButton = 2 //Text tint is also modifiable %textTint = [#009900ff] %textTintUnpowered = [#ffffff3e] } } } }
  5. yay getting my ticket too ! it seem RemoteTech and ScanSat might have a lot of work to do this time
  6. I was a little lost in Converter in MKS, so i made a quick KSPedia for myself. images: http://imgur.com/a/MuTtf Dl: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1fX93SSJVElRzlCN0dGLWJUVkE/view?usp=sharing it's probably not optimized, 1st time i used Unity (thx for the guide @DMagic !)
  7. Same here, i always update manually all my mods (~60), i only use AVC to ping me when new version are out. i also check forums for what change and for non supported mods. I don't use CKAN, i'm too afraid of messing in my files. Btw, i didn't notice the new version of US as nether avc or thread post have "" version in it, we need to go on spacedock to get version, not helpful. I know it's a kinda boring to update a .version file every version, but it really save us a lot of time.
  8. they can just reduce the rate of decease not cure them totally this can be technological compliant, with low reduce rate a the beginning like other features. and add also a possible psychological support ^^
  9. i wonder, with all radiation stuff and craziness, maybe a Medical Kerbal (scientist subclass ?) will be fun to add ?
  10. i'm pretty noob at MM, but try this (i can't test it for the moment), it's a derived from "Lude's habtech cupola" cfg: @PART[KIS_basketball,KIS_beer,KIS_ghettoblaster,KIS_golfclub,KIS_guitar,KIS_taco]:FOR[Kerbalism] { MODULE { name = Entertainment description = Life is fun, even after a crash. rate = 0.25 } } it probably better to do each part individually for adjusting rate and custom description. also i think he need the ":NEED[KIS]:AFTER[KIS]" or something like this to be more accurate, pro probably correct me