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  1. This is truthfully hard for me to answer, and this is why: As much as I think it is imperative that NASA has its own dedicated launch vehicle system, the Shuttle wasn't totally the answer. I do miss regular space flights being launched from the Cape, but the problem is, the Shuttle was not the best vehicle they could have used. First of all, it was fairly unreliable, causing 14 deaths (all due to completely "fixable" issues.) There was a lot of negligence that went into these disasters and it was never a very stable vehicle imho from the beginning. I think NASA should move forward with a more technologically balanced spacecraft with a much safer plan, but right now I fear they're just lagging and lagging and lagging with it. So yes, I do miss the shuttle because I miss NASA astronauts making spaceflights from their homeland. But I don't miss the shuttle because it was dangerous, unreliable, hefty, limited and followed a needlessly complex flight profile and also used up WAYY more money than was planned. It's a shame too. I just hope that whatever NASA has in store for their next manned launch system is far more successful.
  2. Not for a long while it\'s not. Stop posting about multiplayer in every single thread. It\'s annoying and you\'re not going to get multiplayer. So move on.
  3. Or you could just just subtract the dry mass by the full mass and you will get fuel mass? You should be able to do all ALL rocket equations without doing a test fire.
  4. Currently Writing up a guide with Kosmo-Not on how to make interplanetary trajectory plans. It will probably be ready in a few days. It\'s actually easier than you\'d think to get to another planet, provided you have the math.
  5. It shouldn\'t be that way. We shouldn\'t end up doing all of the math to make sure the rocket has the fuel and power to get some where and then find out that the parts are poorly made and explode in random cases. This happened to me several times on a Mun Rocket during launch. The outboard boosters would jettison at the estimated time and then -- because the decouplers are weak -- crash into the TLI Stage, ruining it.
  6. I rather thing it\'s just every part... The radial decouplers are also so weak, that mounted parts basically fall slowly off and crash into the below stages...
  7. Because drop box does .crafts really weird for me. When someone downloads them, all they get is a note pad with .craft info and I don\'t think anyone wants to compile their own .craft just to launch into orbit.
  8. Sounds like a guide I wrote up with a friend will help you here. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=17634.0 Wrote it just last night. lol. Now you can build your rockets to make sure they\'ll work.
  9. I watched an entire 15 minute video of stuff I know like the back of my hand. That\'s how you know you did a good job. So, good job!
  10. Build checklist. =P Write up a list of all the important parts on your command stage and when you build a vehicle, check them off one by one. That will take practically no work compared to all the other stuff you\'ll be writing down while you build. Because of the things in this guide, I have only four rockets built in my stock KSP folder at the moment. But all of them work and they worked on the first try.
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