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  1. I just checked out on my game and the engine itself appear to be working well. I happened to have a mission to launch some space stations, and these tend to count for them.
  2. I looked back at your image and I just am really stumped.. There is nothing out of sorts... I push mine way harder. are you using version and respectively?
  3. Do you have any other reactors on the ship producing waste heat? Timberwinds shut down if they get too hot. Are you using atmosphere as a propellant and they are not getting enough of it? do you have mechjeb and using that fancy engine vector control it has? do you have a mod/are you that is disabling their radiators? Timberwinds are my favorite engine by far so I will check my craft to make sure this is not some obvious bug somehow.
  4. I got exactly that from your video. While It did give me concerns for the product as a whole, it gave me far more because if a company is willing to do this, what else would they be willing to do if it suited them?
  5. Nate: I have to admit I was extremely concerned when I heard what had happened, that usually is a very bad sign from a consumer perspective. I always give games a chance but I want you to know, you are saying the same things bethesda did before the launch of fallout 76. I also want you to know I actually kinda liked bethesda's game but there was a huge amount of broken promises with that. I am not saying KSP 2 will be the same, but you will understand why the community at large is worried. We want KSP2 to be great and we are only vocal because we have seen things like this before. He
  6. Sweet. ( it was actually @tomf who said those exact words but thank you )
  7. I do like charged particles. A bit more weirdness.. The tri alpha colliding beam reactor does not seem to want to power electric propulsion like my vasamir drive or arc jet RCS all the time but seems to power things like ISRU just fine. Not sure what that is about. And I am having an issue making uranium nitride ISRU, it says I do not have ammonia. Might be because it is liquid? I dunno... *edit: Yeah it is because it is liquid. It works with gaseous state. However Liquid fluorine works fine for making Uranium Tetrafluoride.
  8. I see. * tries a charged particle converter on each side to see if he can capture all the energy because I have rockets to do my bidding and need the energy more. (Nope the second generator shuts down =( ) Ah well.. thanks for the reply. I will just have to double my reactor size.
  9. I can live with that, but the reactor says it is making 2.967 GW of charged particles, and 583MW of thermal 3.553 GW of power overall, it really seems strange that the generator is not producing 2.521 GW of power instead of 1.419 GW as shown in the screenshot maybe in the reactors description it could say that roughly 40% of the charged particles will disappear unusably?
  10. My dusty particle reactor and a charged particle converter (at 85%) seem to be getting half the power they should be. Eg. 3GW of charged particles goes in 1.4GW of power comes out. Is this intended? https://ibb.co/jycY46g
  11. Do you mean slowdown or stutter and hang for like a half second... if you mean stuttering, it is an issue with the garbage collection in mono and there is not much that be done... I also have severe problems with it but I do not know how to fix it... Memgraph has a way to slightly help but the real issue is something in KSP writes GIGABYTES to the heap memory every second.
  12. I want to point out with pressurized air, a couple ram intakes, some tanks, a group of compressors and timberwinds I have made a vessel which carries 6K delta-V of liquid fuel, some ox/lf for RCS, a Molten salt nuclear reactor, 4 drills,some ore tanks, and a scaled up ISRU for fueling into 500K circular Orbit on nothing but air... With about 150m/sec of compressed air Delta-V left after circularization for around 500,000 kerbal credits. Mass is a little far on the extents, but it allows me to decouple the air gathering and use the docking ports. (I usually lose 2 of the 4 air bra
  13. Uranium Nitride produces in the ISRU way too fast. It just produced 160,000 in a single frame. It also used up all of my UF4 and I have no idea how much more it could have produced but apparently wasted the extra UF4 since it was all in the same frame.
  14. Well speaking of bugs... for some reason I cannot get my darn molten salt reactors to manually restart... So I would not put it past it to have a bug... Is it possible that you might not have enough energy to sustain the fusion reaction?
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