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  1. there are a few locations missing on kerbin: there are still locations for splashed at mountains and highlands and there is unique biome at the old ksc location. while on this subject, are there any plans to support the newer experiments from the dmagic science mod? thanks for continuing this mod
  2. maybe with dmagic science mods/other mods that add science to be done?
  3. i do, is this a known issue? would be nice to have kerbalism to work with [x] science as 2.1.2 works fine
  4. i installed 2.2.0 and after which I wasnt able to load into any building at the ksp. checking the log, it was the spammed with the following: [EXC 09:32:30.660] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KERBALISM.Highlighter.Update () KERBALISM.Kerbalism.Update () [EXC 09:32:30.675] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KERBALISM.Kerbalism.OnGUI () [EXC 09:32:30.675] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KERBALISM.Kerbalism.OnGUI () [EXC 09:32:30.677] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KERBALISM.Cache.Update () KERBALISM.Kerbalism.FixedUpdate () let me know what else you need to help fix this thanks casper
  5. hi there, i have encoutered a bug when trying to symmetrically place a part with a kerbalism resource. I have tested this with several parts such as the "pressurised tanks" with each being able 2x placement but any higher causes a spam of the log with the following error: [EXC 09:13:37.750] ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range. Parameter name: index System.Collections.Generic.List`1[PartResource].get_Item (Int32 index) DictionaryValueList`2[System.Int32,PartResource].At (Int32 index) PartResourceList.get_Item (Int32 index) Part.OnCopy (.Part original, Boolean asSymCounterpart) EditorLogic.createSymmetry (Int32 mode, .Attachment attach) EditorLogic.<SetupFSM>m__D () KerbalFSM.UpdateFSM () EditorLogic.Update () found this issue in my career mode then removed all mods apart from below to test in sandbox on ksp 1.6.1 with kerbalism 2.1.2 module manager 4.02 community resource pack hope this helps to resolve this thanks cross ref :
  6. @DMagic good to hear its a known issue @blitz41 this is the config i used to disable it, saved in a separate cfg file so i can delete later when the bug is patched @CONTRACT_TYPE[SCAN_*]:AFTER[SCANsat]{ -REQUIREMENT[SCANsatCoverage*]{} }
  7. @blitz41, think this is related to the issue i was talking about, am I correct in assuming that you have not gone to mun or minmus in your save file?
  8. thanks for the suggestion, i tried it several times but didn't work. after bringing up the contract configurator debug menu (alt+f10) and disabling the coverage requirement then the contracts show up as expected. in my limited opinion it seems like contract configurator is reading the coverage for the wrong scan type - i have tested this by altering the contract config files to limit to specific type
  9. i have encountered a bug to do with the contracts to scan a body. I got the low resolution for kerbin and mun. I have scanned these for the low resolutions to 100% but now the biome/highres/resources contracts won't show due to the unmet condition of the "coverage below 70%". I have checked this reasoning with minmus, I haven't done any scanning of minmus and can all 4 contacts show. Thanks
  10. understandable, but failures in every new launch?
  11. yeh i was also playing without quickload/reverts until the multiple game bugs started to ruin the experience so now only load if a bug occurs... a possible difference is the launch count - pretty sure ive launched over 100 in this save now
  12. how rare are incidents meant be after launch? what is the logic of a "new" part is? i seem to be getting a failure with every launch. with the latest one getting two+ failures consistently with seconds of each other (before even leaving the atmosphere) and even with a quickload to launchpad. both the mtbp and lifetime were set on 4. i thought this was meant to be rarest? thanks
  13. issue was fixed..there were two copies of the dlls; after deleting the earlier version all worked as expected casper
  14. @nightingale fyi from my post on the RTcontract pack thread: on a separate note, I have noticed the icons for cc in the mission control are out of alignment.. after look for the logs to try work out why the RT contracts are not showing i noticed that there were two CC_remoteTech and ContractConfigurator dlls (one with extra .) not sure how this happened as I use CKAN..however the duplicate messed up the alignment of the icons deleting the extra icons also allowed the RT contracts to reappear