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  1. I know this program can be questionable about first and second stage disposal, but... Isn't it great to collect and park your recently found fairing?
  2. My curiosity is triggered. Will they also give the opportunity to chose another name for the rover? Just asking, as I found that Perseverance doesn't really match the spirit behind those missions.
  3. VV16 now potentially delayed until August. Source is independent, and it still has not been confirmed by Arianespace nor Avio.
  4. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-eu-space-idUSKBN23Z0JC
  5. Note, I'm not really buying that "high-altitude wind" reason, as most data available are showing less than 30 km/h from surface to 13.5 km (FL450) and the cloud base is given at 9.9-10 km.
  6. Back at it; 45 minutes before the broadcast starts.
  7. If only... But all that outdated stuff doesn't seem to be that old. 20-30 years at most, but just as bad to look at as the furnishing in Arsenic and Old Lace.
  8. I've never posted any status before, but I just realized it has been more than five years since I discovered the best forum ever.

    1. EchoLima


      It really is the best forum. Seven years since I first posted here (I made a suggestion about comets!)

    2. XB-70A


      You remind me I registered here to praise CaptRobau's Outer Planet Mod for embellishing KSP experience.

    3. NSEP


      I just realized i have created this account 4 years ago, wow, still feels like last year to me.

  9. All the dishes my housemate was given two years ago. Even my great grand-parents weren't having such a bad and outdated taste. Edit: Oh, and the furniture that was also given to him. We're just missing a rocking chair and we'd feel like we're back in late 1800's.
  10. That number of satellite makes me want to hear the DDO saying the same stuff than ULA hosts with their infamous "Go XXX!" Just imagine, "Go X1!, Go X2!, Go X3!... [five minutes later] Go X53!, and Go Vega!". --- Arrg... This post opened a new page. Sorry @tater, I'm sharing your link here in case others missed it. ----- Edit 2 ---- Weather is RED for tonight launch; Arianespace just cancelled it.
  11. It's FloriDuh. I heard you earn your license in Kinder Joy candies around here. Seriously though, the driver was around his 60's and said he thought I was going out to the station (my turn signals were off at this time). I can however believe it, because during the few years of driving to my credit (10 years only), I have already been surprised at two occasions when entering a road. In both cases I swear that I checked for the incoming traffic, that I estimated to have enough distance to be able to enter and accelerate to the speed limit in a decent time to not annoy other drivers, but ended up with someone tailgating me. I don't think those drivers were coming that fast, but rather that my brain (too used to repetitive checks) had "failed" to take these vehicles into account. Pretty worrisome... In about three years of dashcam owning, I already got about 98 gb of clips on my hard drive Most of the time they are minor infractions, but always with a slight touch of WTH?! I, too, bought a not-so-good model at first. It was a Garmin 45; decent but still not that "efficient" to its task. I'm now driving with a DR900S-2CH for two years and I'm pretty satisfy of it. However, it was and still is utterly expensive for what it is. I looked at some review and sample, and it seems the A129 Pro Duo 4K is now a decent competitor and for half the price.
  12. My negative thing of the day: Second time I've been hit in less than 15 months, but they have a common point... In both case, it happen while I was going to the National Seashore for an F9 launch from the 39A. Guess I will stop going there
  13. XB-70A


    I just threw away one of my batteries, but when it fell it started to scream, AAA!
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