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  1. My first on that list would be WRC, honestly. Oh, and similarly Red Bull Air Races when they were still a thing.
  2. I've recently started to listen back at W.A.S.P. for the first time in a while. Years ago I overflew The Crimson Idol and stopped after track 5 or 6... I should have waited until the end as the final track is simply in my head since this morning.
  3. Aaaaannnnd... it's delayed. https://www.arianespace.com/press-release/flight-vv16-vega-ssms-poc-flight-launch-delay-due-to-weather-conditions/ On a side note, five of the CSG's employees have recently been tested positive to SARS-Cov-2. Maybe it will delay Ariane flight 253 still scheduled for the end of July / early August.
  4. I didn't go to any movie theater for the last three years. Main reasons are: 1. Theaters around here are only projecting braindead (sorry for Jackson's namesake movie) block busters. Even if I can enjoy some of them, I find it annoying to not even have a slight choice to enjoy some not-millions-dollars-budgeted movies. 2. Pop-corn crunchy noise, those who sip the bottom of their cup loud, and cellphones ringing/vibrating/bright screen. 3. The cost. Unless you are eligible to a special plan, cinema remains a luxury. Don't get me wrong. Having studied cinema for almost five years, I wouldn't had do it without loving it. What truly is missing to me around the place I'm living right now are some smaller movie theaters where you could enjoy movies from all around the world, and without people being annoying.
  5. Launch presenters are mostly uninteresting to listen at. Seriously, I realize it's extremely unpopular, but heck... how much I would like to have launch broadcasts available with a no-comments option. Just the sight of the launcher and sound from its engines. Personally, I found Roscomos lives in Russian the most easy to look and listen at. Once the lift-off occurred, they will not yell, "Lift-off! Lift-off! Lift-off! We have a lift-off! XXX carrying YYY for ZZZ! Lift-off! Lift-off!.. Oh and if you haven't followed, we have a lift-off!". Same for "nominal / norminal" given every 15-30 sec. Orbital ATK still holds the world highest and worst record of nominally-nominal comments ever: 93 "nominals" in 632 seconds, that's almost one every six seconds. Just in case you are not sure Antares is going nominal. Idem for ISRO and JAXA launch presenters saying, "Plus one second, plus two seconds, plus three seconds..." forever after lift-off. Some says the one from Mars Orbiter Mission is still counting today and is about to reach "plus 208 500 000 seconds". Back in the day SpaceX was the only providing a no-comments broadcast option. Sadly, they stopped doing it around 2017.
  6. Damn you, James, for sticking your voice inside my head.
  7. For Pinkylibs', The Final Cut is mostly considered the "worst", while Pinkycons' blame A Momentary Lack of Reason instead. Personally, I enjoy both (with a slight preference for AMLoR), but would agree with the idea that TFC was somewhat Roger's "first solo album", and AMLoR was David's "fourth solo album" (even if it marked Richard's comeback). Do you mean this "On the Turning Away" ? (Bad joke as your post linked to Grease)
  8. Probably the most widely disliked album from the "band" (in quotemarks as it's more a Gilmour-Moore project), but that part from One Slip to Round and Around always drives me.
  9. On a serious note, I wish they would do the same for Zenit.
  10. Didn't really have the choice. Introduction to English started in primary school (I was 5 at the time), but I didn't give any interest to it for years. To make it worse, Spanish also was mandatory to start learning five years later. At the end, all of us were to learn three languages along our primary, middle, and high school scholarship. Years passed, and in 2003 my parents gave me FS9 on my birthday. It was the original version, so needless to say I was completely lost with ATC and AI which were only communicating in English and using USCS units. This made me understand the importance of this language, which I gradually fell in love with. I managed to get the best result from my high school's English finals, but it came at the cost of not studying and practicing Spanish, which I never appreciated. Ironic point 1: At that time, I would have given myself four out of five concerning my practice of the English language. Today, after a year spent in Canada, and five in the United States, I will give myself 2.5/5 at best. Dunning and Kruger hitting me hard. Ironic point 2: Studying literature, cinema, and philosophy for four years rather "helped" me. It turns out I'm ending first in my composition classes here in Florida, while I was far from being int the firsts back in the Old world. Ironic point 3: I'm losing my native language because finding no one to practice around. As a result, I end up doing what would turns the average cinema lover mad... Watching versions translated into my first language. Something I hated doing before.
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