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  1. Sorry first go to new file, paste in the code then save the file (python won't run if it isn't). Then hit f5 to run the program. Sorry for the confusion, hope it works.
  2. First copy the text into a python text editor (I personally use Python Shell). Then were it says 'enter gamedata directory' replace that with the location of your gamedata directory ie 'C:/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/GameData' run and it should print out a list of all model files in that save.
  3. For anyone needing a list of all their models in an install, I wrote a quick python script that walks through the gamedata directory and prints out all model files in the textures unlimited format.
  4. I think LFO is supposed to be kerosene and liquid oxygen. Hydrogen engines get much higher exaust velocities 400-460s
  5. That and it would be too faint to see, as their usually light up by their stellar remenats. And well...
  6. Maybe since there are orange dwarfs left in the universe, the skybox could have one or two faint red dots per section of the sky.
  7. Hi I know this is kind of insane, but is there a way to with multiple satellites to beam 5TW of power to a single vessel?
  8. lander module_1.png?dl=0 It may not look like much but that capsule up at the top is 4m across, and the whole thing is only 10m shorter than the saturn V and weighed over 24,000 tons. It was designed to launch into (low) orbit around Tau Ceti e in the RSS extrasolar mod, and it barely does it due to the 2 times surface gravity and orbital velocity. I've since refined the design to almost one fortieth the mass at just over 600 tons.
  9. Sounds good, any idea how many systems you'll be making before you can start refinement?
  10. I was just playing around with this and I found an issue with the sea level on wolf 1061's planets I used the Scansat mod to find the altitude if you were wondering.
  11. Yea now that I think about it my ship is way too big, i'll need to do some major redesigns. Btw while testing I found some bug that caused the "Saturn Instrument Unit" to over heat and explode despite being behind the 10 meter heat shield as if it wasn't there. Please feel free to ask me for any files you may need to sort out the issue.
  12. First it was the avionics section in the middle of the ship that blew up in 10 seconds the heat shield lasted another 7 minutes. And the image was a bunch of non-scaled 10 meter shields stacked together to cover the bottom of the ship, I didn't show the tweak scaled shield since it looks like just one big heat shield. I don't think there's anything wrong with RO, I think it's that the ship is just too heavy (24k tons) to slow down and so it punches straight through the atmosphere. But anyway here's the ModuleManager.ConfigCache file
  13. Sorry about that I was trying to be funny, the planet's is Tau Ceti e from the RSS Star Pack. It's about 6 times the mass of earth and has 2.3 times the surface gravity, that's why the reentry speed is so high. I tried using one of the other Lunar rated heat shields but the biggest one was 10m and my ship is 50m so I made this monstrosity (I also tried scaling one up to the right size with tweak scale). I put my pe down to 70km and just like I thought all the ablator burnt away (all 47000 units), but before it did that the Saturn V avionics near the middle of the ship overheated for no reason, it was well behind the heat shield and it happens within 10 seconds of entering the atmosphere.
  14. I've Already tested the same heat shield with smaller payloads and it works fine (even if it does say WIP). As for the decent it's I've tried a few different configurations, from a pe of 18km and a ap of 200km to a ap of 200km and a pe of -2Mm (any more and the delta V to slow down would be unrealistic). Reentry around this planet is 15 km/s from low orbit and the heat shield (which is 50 m across) lasts about a minute (probably less due to high lag). And like I said in the first post the planet is a secret, but it is 0.75 atmospheric pressure at sea level. And just letting you know this is not a bug report just a design issue I need help on. I'm a bit of a newbie at the KSP forms and figured this was a good place to go for help.