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  1. I've scanned both Thalia and Eta for biome and height, the window is open to send over some Kerbals! The mission is more than one year and the plan is for enough food (some grown) and habitation space to keep 6 Kerbals happy and land them all on every single biome in Eta and Thalia. Also for them to return home. Experienced the kraken I guess? NaN and 0s all around, 00000000m height, no vessel- all hands lost. Hundreds of pieces of debris... I fixed it. Also an issue I remember experiencing with stock, time warp with nuclear engines resulting in an increase in dV requirements instead
  2. Finally got a relay/scanner satellite into orbit around Tellumo. When I launched this I hadn't unlocked any heat shields in Engineering Tech Tree so I have my rover in a fairing. It definitely exploded, I should unlock some heat shields before attempting to send a Kerbal down to the surface!
  3. Remove KIS 1.5 and install 1.4.4, 1.5 is built for version 1.3 of KSP.
  4. This sounds like a known issue having to do with New Horizons not being updated for changes in Kopernicus. When this happens create a new save and load it, possibly more than once until the space center loads normally. It is likely you will continue to experience this bug and have to keep fixing it. There are UI icons to access all the buildings, you only really need to see the space center to upgrade buildings for Career.
  5. It looks like you have KIS 1.5, probably recommended from CKAN. I had this issue earlier and it took me a while to figure out what was going on, KIS 1.5 is built for version 1.3 of KSP and will crash older versions. I assume you are on 1.2.2 for RO. Get a version of KIS for 1.2 and add it manually.
  6. I posted about this in January, the part is MKS_LightGlobe and it is in both advElectrics and Unplaced in the EngTechTree.cfg. If you remove part = MKS_LightGlobe from the Unplaced segment it shows in advanced electrics and the floating unassigned node will be gone.
  7. I sent 4 Kerbals to land on Niven in a 1.25m lander. Parachutes didn't work out like I thought they would and I did test my lander on the launch pad and knew the gravity was lower, but my drill didn't reach the ground from my craft in the low gravity due to the full extension of the landing legs. Used Antenna Sleep to safely stow my antennas through the plasma and then they didn't pop out until more than a minute later than I set them to! The relay satellite from OctoSat detects my craft connected to it when I control the satellite but my craft doesn't route through it so it isn't helpful. Oh
  8. The way I see it, in the VAB "I" am the master designer and builder. Out in the field Bill is my conduit for construction. Bill being a Kerbal with 20% intelligence (the kind way of saying 80% dumb). I like the community here and love to follow stuff as it progresses in this thread. I try to stop by every so often and read everything but sometimes there are several new pages... Keep up the good work!
  9. KIS/KAS and Surface Experiment Pack. Making Engineers great again (or useful for the first time). I might have been a little too organized with the layout of the experiments compared to the rest of the construction...
  10. This type of violent shaking makes me think of the physics when 2 things are trying to occupy the same space. Does it only happen when you are EVA? Then maybe something is causing there to be 2 kerbals instead of one?
  11. Haven't done it myself yet but I think you want to replace "rocket" with "plane".
  12. After some experimentation I've been able to get a kerbal out to plant a flag on Icarus if I'm at the top of a hill, though they start heating up quick and if you aren't ready to board before they go *poof* they will be toast. There are however safe places on Icarus. Some nice and tall mountains I initially wanted to see if I could plant a flag from a service bay but my engine made the vessel too high, didn't take the time to try with radial engines flush on the surface with the bay. EDIT: Relatively safe. I went AFK there and when I came back Jeb and a bunch of internals in the bay wer
  13. Thanks for the tip Galileo, but nothing changed. I went to my stock KSP install and immediately noticed the same effect in reverse at launch and as expected when landing. Maybe it happens to everyone and they just don't notice?
  14. I don't think this is related to GPP but I was able to pick any video I have at random and find instances of what I was talking about. I hadn't ever looked into it before but what I was talking about is starting to look like a gap in transitioning between blob shadows and better shadows. Blob shadow, sheared such that as I lower down the shadow doesn't continue past that hard stop, then the shadows is gone for 1-3 seconds, then when it shows again its in the shape of my craft.
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