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  1. Record title:Fastest time to the Mun & Biggest Munbase Record Statistic: 7 Hrs, 59 Min, and 49 Seconds/ 1 Lander Game version when record achieved: 0.15.2 Screenshots: Mods used:MechJeb
  2. At the moment the game doesn\'t support docking or fuel transfers. As for generating fuel there are a few solar panel/ion engine mods out there that will regenerate your fuel.
  3. It\'s not a spider lander! c-c-c-c-combo breaker! A rather desolate image I\'ve named 'Fail'
  4. It is your lander. It\'s the first lander I\'ve used with fuel to spare!
  5. I keep burning through about a quarter of my Munar descent stage getting into orbit. What altitude would you suggest I should orbit at?
  6. I\'m getting a corrupted file as well. Any chance of a mirror?
  7. The image has been moved. Any chance of another one?
  8. You get the box of high explosives but in the process of collecting them you get arrested by the government on suspicion of terrorism. It\'s pretty suspicious to have that many explosives. I wish for a giant fighting robot.
  9. European (and the entire rest of the world) Football.
  10. an excellent idea is Space football. But for now I suppose we\'re going to have to be content with shooting penalties.
  11. And now all is clear to me. I hadn\'t upgraded at the time of my post. :3
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