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  1. I honestly can't decide if this is the most boring thing I have ever read or the most entertaining
  2. That's what you get for using one of these This might help you, though it does lower the thrust to a more reasonable level for ion thrusters. You could probably just find the patch for that in the mod and edit it back to the stock thrust if you want (don't delete it obviously, because it adds a module to the engine that it needs to work with the plugin) The thing with ion engines is that though they look like they would be far more efficient from the ISP figures, the low thrust means that the assumption with manoeuvres being an infinitesimal point in time breaks down even more, and you have to take totally different trajectories, as well as the fact that conventional chemical engines, having loads of thrust, can exhaust more propellant deeper in a gravity well and take more of an advantage of the oberth effect, so basically unless you really, really need to use an ion drive, it probably isn't going to do what you want
  3. Might be coming from a totally different direction here but couldn't you solve the whole 'configs for mods' problem by just having this be a sort of modular / procedural engines mod with one part that has a range of interchangeable nozzles / chambers / fuel mixtures / etc.? Of course, if you wanted to have the model change for different nozzles and things you'd probably need another plugin, but the general idea seems a lot simpler, at least to me, than writing hundreds of configs for different engines to add a few extra options to them
  4. Well I don't know if these qualify as quirks but they're definitely annoying When you try and mount a ladder and your kerbal gets flung off at several thousand times the speed of light When SAS manages to waste all of your RCS fuel trying to hold an orientation before you even manage to start translation The fact that the SAS will happily sit there wildly overcorrecting for several minutes before getting to a point where it will wobble indefinitely around the marker When you have two much torque for your mass and the SAS just jiggles its way around in circles completely ignoring what you told it to do When the SAS prograde/retrograde etc. hold things stop working until you reload the craft When you have so many mods that you dread updates because they won't add anywhere near as much as the mods they'll break When you have so many mods that loading takes upwards of 10 minutes and you can't live without any of them The constant framerate drops around large craft that cause EVAing kerbals to accelerate to ridiculous speeds under their own manoeuvring packs and use all of their fuel That actually pretty rare bug where the centre of mass slowly moves further and further behind a craft and you're left piloting a ship that's 1km out of shot with physics behaving in absolutely bizarre ways
  5. Go here and click 'download zip' on the right hand side. That version doesn't have configs for Nissee and Thatmo yet so after you've installed that, go into 64k/OPM/64k_OPM.cfg and paste this before the last '}' @Body[Nissee] { @cacheFile = 64k/OPM/Cache/Nissee.bin @Orbit { @semiMajorAxis *= 6.4 } @Properties { @radius *= 3.2 } } @Body[Thatmo] { @cacheFile = 64k/OPM/Cache/Thatmo.bin @Orbit { @semiMajorAxis *= 6.4 } @Properties { @radius *= 6.4 } @Atmosphere { @altitude *= 1.32 !pressureCurve{} pressureCurve { key = 0 1.01325 -4.26149E-04 -4.26149E-04 key = 1320 0.587101 -3.468265E-04 -3.468265E-04 key = 2640 0.319597 -2.12266E-04 -2.12266E-04 key = 3960 0.162569 -1.18894E-04 -1.18894E-04 key = 5280 0.081809 -6.06615E-05 -6.06615E-05 key = 6600 0.041246 -3.0372E-05 -3.0372E-05 key = 7920 0.021065 -1.51985E-05 -1.51985E-05 key = 9240 0.010849 -7.664E-06 -7.664E-06 key = 10560 0.005737 -3.872E-06 -3.872E-06 key = 11880 0.003105 -1.996E-06 -1.996E-06 key = 13200 0.001745 -1.0565E-06 -1.0565E-06 key = 14520 0.000992 -5.805E-07 -5.805E-07 key = 15840 0.000584 -3.3E-07 -3.3E-07 key = 17160 0.000332 -1.995E-07 -1.995E-07 key = 18480 0.000185 -1.165E-07 -1.165E-07 key = 19800 0.000099 -6.65E-08 -6.65E-08 key = 21120 0.000052 -3.65E-08 -3.65E-08 key = 22440 0.000026 -1.95E-08 -1.95E-08 key = 23760 0.000013 -1.1E-08 -1.1E-08 key = 25080 0.000004 -6.5E-09 -6.5E-09 key = 26400 0 -4.E-09 -4.E-09 } } } It's a bit hacky but it's marginally better than nothing. The atmosphere on thatmo might be a bit strange with regards to temperature (it'll be colder at higher altitudes), and you'll have to watch out for this although you can solve the scaled space problem (if it comes up) by going to 64k/OPM/Cache/ and deleting Nissee.bin and Thatmo.bin
  6. Even now, I find it gets yet more extreme than that Having gimballing engines and a control point on opposite ends of a body consisting of upwards of 20 wobbly joints between very heavy objects, e.g. 3.75m parts, is a recipe for disaster when you've got an SAS all too happy to oscillate itself into a positive feedback cycle and turn your carefully constructed rocket into a cloud of debris The only solution to that is to get KJR or stitch the rockets together with 4-8 struts per join and hope for the best It's a pretty much game breaking problem with larger rescales like 64k or with RSS, because all of your rockets necessarily have to be like 5 times taller. I forgot to get KJR on my 64k install not too long ago and when I tried to launch a reasonably basic heavy lifter design to get about 70t into orbit, the payload ended up backwards around my engines with the whole rocket bent into a U shape between them
  7. Uhh Okay then. You do realise the only purpose of the oxygen in the config file of a planet is whether or not jet engines can be used, right?
  8. Does anyone actually enjoy launching overcooked spaghetti into space? Plus, having to maintain 30-50% of your part count as struts utterly destroys your framerate on large builds
  9. That the atmosphere will contain some oxygen is a reasonable assumption, but that it will contain enough oxygen to sustain a combustion reaction isn't quite so certain Mars, for example, contains an extraordinary amount of oxygen (by mass, I think it might be the most abundant element in the crust, like earth, but don't quote me on that), but the problem is that oxygen is far too happy to bond to things to stay free in the atmosphere without a constant, large scale process liberating it from other atoms, like photosynthesis on earth or the radiolysis of water by jupiter in the case of europa Here's the composition of martian soil just to look at how much oxygen is tied up in the crust
  10. I've generally heard 80 degrees for the inclination of the boulder though Or at least the wiki seems to think so
  11. The semimajor axis is measured from the dead centre of the body since the relevant equations rely on point-masses. Subtract duna's radius and you should be golden I'm more concerned about that inclination, is that just a typo? I haven't had the chance to watch the video yet