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  1. Fair enough. But I would like some axial tilt on the other original planets, if not Kerbin. I suppose I could just add a mod to give Kerbin Axial tilt.
  2. Honestly I think they should add to the Kerbol system because at the start where a lot of players will probably be, it gives players more things to explore and test before going interstellar. But keep the original planets. So something like OPM is on the wish list for me. Anyway OPM was based on ideas originally developed for the game. On Axial tilt, the original planets should have it. Specifically Kerbin since it teaches you how axial tilt effects launches in real life. They don't need to do the whole 23.5 degrees they could do some thing around 10 instead. To me it just add a nice level of immersion and realism to the game that KSP1 lacked.
  3. Well looking at all the different currently interview videos I've seen I think the system is going to be extensive. Specific things I've heard: On a scale of 0 to 5. 0 being simplest resource (Ore to anything) to 5 being all out, where is KSP 2's resource system? Answer: closer to 5. Maybe between 3 and 4, but the scale is highly subjective. There are cesium doped metallic hydrogen magnetic nozzle engines Metallic hydrogen is not mined it is synthesized from other resources That resource gathering and colonies making things out of those resources is a big part of colonies (not stated how big) The game is still all about creating, flying and crashing things. This to me sounds amazing! Possible more than I thought. In my opinion the system I came up with is about a 3. Hope we find out more in the coming months. Because for me keeping the Hype train going is great (possibly not for my uni work).
  4. Your probably right and i'm way over ambitious. I might make it into a mod. But that being said I want the stock system to be as flexible as possible so systems like this can be easily implemented. examples: I want the ability to define what resources parts are made of. The ability to create resource converters that work natively in the background automatically. The ability to disable stock ISRU. Becuse currently in KSP1 these can be done with mods but mostly with dll files that add entirely different systems that aren't compatible with one another easily. eg there are several different part switching and construction mods each with the own UI and have slightly different capabilites. Anyway don't be discourage from sharing opinions and ideas on this thread. That's the whole point of this thread to get community ideas. They are just ideas after all and 99% of them won't be implemented anyway. But if anyone does find out any official information on mining, ISRU and resources in KSP2 in the coming months this would be a thread to post them to.
  5. Just because I'm insane and can't stop thinking about KSP2 . Here's the system I'm proposing (names not final would like kerbal suggestions) Note: the names in brackets are what real life things there suppose to be Analogues to. Legend Colours: Orange: Mining Yellow: Industrial Red: Fuel Green: Biological Grey: Construction Shapes: Square: Process round: Resources Circle: Mining Trapezium : Actual parts/ part Categories Rocket fuels: HydroKarbon and Oxidizer: replaces old LFO with a metholox type fuel Hydrogen and Oxidizer: for higher performance vacuum engines. Easier to make fuel for. Monopropellant: same as the old monopropellant Noble Gases: for ion engines. It is basically a merge between xenon and argon since argon is fairly common in planets atmospheres while xenon is really rare. Solid Fuel: same as old solid Fuel Nuclear Explosives: For you Orion drive needs Hexagen: for fusion engines. Basically a cross between Deuterium, Tritium and Helium 3
  6. Yeah sorry I did know what you meant I just wanted to get the idea that i'm against things like in MKS (machinery, Specialized parts, material kits). As for cobalt is not copper you are right it's not an accurate system but it's mainly for gameplay and simplicity reasons. Otherwise you would need to plan very very carefully where to place you colonies. e.g. you would need to place a colony at a place with iron, aluminium, copper, titanium,silicon and water or have multiple bases just to build rockets. This Simplified system allows you to have 1 or 2 bases to start rocket production. The system is also to inspire people to think about ISRU science not force them to learn it just to play a game. Anyway for those people who want the die hard realism you can get/make mods if they implement a good completely modable resource system.
  7. That was the idea. Early in the game you don't have to worry about all the resources and stuff just bring it with you. But in steps if you what to do more complicated things like off world fuel production and ship building you need more and different resources and production. The idea is to get the essence of real life ISRU but to not have to many resources and intermediates. That's why things are placed into general resources like Metals which are analogous to iron, aluminium, copper. It emphasizes that metals, plastics, ceramics, silicon and rare materials are essential for off world civilizations without going into hundreds and possible thousands of different chemicals and materials. Just to give you an idea: Plastics: polyethylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polylactide, poly polypropylene,.... Metals: Iron, aluminium, copper, titanium, chromium, nickel, cobalt,.... Ceramics:Concrete,Bricks, insulation, Heat shields, glasses,.... Silicon: well it is sort of just silicon but it is immensely important in electronics Rare Materials: Rare earths elements (yttrium,neodymium,ytterbium,...),Nobel metals(gold,silver,platinum,palladium),.... These are immensely important in most advance technologies like displays, lasers, computers, magnets, solar panels, optic fibers, Chemical catalysts,etc The problem with a space engineers like system is you have your base elements which are fine but then you need to assemble them into parts like plates, grids, tubes, etc which is realistic but adds another layer of complexity that i think players shouldn't have to worry about. That's another thing I want to address I want to make the system have as little micro managing as possible. Players should occupy themselves with the big things like exploring, planning new missions and colonies not shipping materials from one base to another. I have stated in another topic about life support
  8. Here's my personal opinion: KSP 1 system of just "ore" is to simple. I don't find it enjoyable, its quite vague scientifically and doesn't inspire investigation into the technologies and resources of real life Space Exploration and ISRU. So I want a vastly expand system that would cover things like fuel making, rocket and colony building and possible controversially life support. Here I propose a rough template of the resources (names not finished) and ISRU i want. It is inspired by Classic Stock Resources, Pathfinder, MKS and Near Future Tech. It is based around the idea of simplified real resources that are possibly kerbalized. This may be overly complicated and possibly needs simplification. But this is a first draft and i would like other peoples opinion. And hopefully after the community has somewhat made the system they want that star theory may take ideas from it. (so everybody is happy ) Mineable Resources: Basic resources (super common just what the ground is made of): Regolith: for bodies with little to no atmosphere. Contains Small quantity of the ore materials like metallic ore, oxides. Also contains tiny amounts of Hexagen Soil: for bodies with atmosphere. Contains Small quantity of the ore materials like metallic ore, oxides, nitronite. Ices: For cold bodies and poles it is sort of a mixture of different kinds of ices like water, carbon dioxide, ammonia. Ore Resources(These are more localized and some might not appear on some bodies) Metallic ore: Common metals like iron, aluminium, titanium. It's for making metals for construction. Radioactive ore: for nuclear fission fuels for reactors(and Orion drives!) Oxides: for ceramics Nitronite: nitrogen containing minerals for a variety of things from Fertilizer to monopropellant and solid fuel. Minerals: contains small amounts of rare materials and can make silicon. Rare Materials: this is things like rare earths, gold, silver and platinum. Atmosphere and Exosphere Resources: Carbon dioxide: can be turned into fuel (Methane) Nitrogen Noble gases: these are things like Xenon and Argon for ion engines Hydrogen: a fuel Hexagen: a helium like stuff for fusion fuels (e.g. Deuterium, He3) Oceanic Resources Water:on kerbin and lathye like bodies. can be split into Hydrogen and Oxidizer (Liquid Oxygen) Methane: on titian like bodies. literally free fuel just bring Oxidizer! Explodium: what ever eves oceans are made of currently have no idea what to do with Processed Resources: Construction Resources to build parts out of: Metals: pretty general building material Plastics/Polymers: another pretty general building material more for habitation parts Rare Materials: for Electronic and special parts Silicon: for Electronic parts Ceramics: for heat shields and more permanent habs (Think concrete) I will probable post more info but that's it for now.
  9. With KSP 2 new focus on Colonization and future tech do you think mining and ISRU is going to get a complete overhaul? If so what do you want and expect of the new system? What new Resources would you like? What type of ISRU you want realistic, simplified, Kerbalized or a mix?
  10. Cool! But this doesn't support multiplayer which creates the hardest part about relativity: difference in simultaneity. This video explains it well
  11. So here's my strong opinion: Life support and mining in some sense is a must for colonies but there must be difficulty settings. We have already seen this in the communication network system in KSP. Players can turn it on/off and change some of the consequences and values around it. This way everybody is happy! (Also with increased moddabilty people can replace the stock life support system with there own if the choose) Here's my thoughts and ideas on how life support could work (soft and fluffy opinion): I would like the essentials: Food Water Oxygen These can have simplified or kerbaled names like snacks, juice and air. For colonies I think there should be as little micromanaging as possible. Ways of achieving this are once a colony has sufficient production (i.e enough farms, water extractors, oxygen generators) that you should not have to worry about the colony again. The population can't exceed the colonies production. If you want the colony to expand you have to add more modules to increase production of each resource then the population will grow into what is available. But I think while setting up a colony you should have to worry about life support. So there is initial difficulty setting it up but then it sustainable so you can worry about setting up a new colony instead of worrying about the already set up one. Well all the equipment will still be there just need to clean out the dead kerbals, so no major loss. But seriously there should be a colony planner it should tell you how many kerbals it can support with the equipment you have and should warn you when you haven't brought enough before you leave the VAB. So Lets go through a hypothetical scenario: I want to make a colony on the Mun so I build a craft that can set up water extraction for a colony. I send 3 kerbals a pilot, scientist and engineer. They have 100 days of food, water and air (the planner told me this). So on their way to the mun they are not sustainable so I should keep an eye on them or I set up a warning that will tell me when they have 15 days of life support left that should give me plenty of time to send a rescue mission. Once on the Mun they set up the water extractor and start splitting the water for H2 and O2 this setup can supply 10 kerbals with water and air (this was told on the modules in the VAB and it tells me that now to). So know I don't have to worry about water or air for them but i do need to worry about food so I set up a warning to tell me when the have 20 days of food left giving me plenty of time to send a food supply. Now I decide I want to stop worrying about the Mun colony so I send a mission to install farms. The planner shows me that it will produce 12 kerbals worth of food, 1 kerbals worth of oxygen (because that photosynthesis thing) and will use 2 kerbals worth of water. once installed the colony is self sufficient it has 12 kerbals worth of food production, 11 days of oxygen production (1+ 10) and 8 Kerbals of water production (10-2). So now I can leave it and if I allow the kerbals to do there baby making, they will only make 5 babies since the colony can only support 8 because of the water. So now I have successfully set up a Mun colony that produces H2 Fuel that I can use to refuel Future missions. Construction is a whole other topic that i won't go into here.
  12. I think the "best" you could hope for is there is an absolute speed limit and that it takes increasingly more and more energy to accelerate to the speed of light giving the effect that you can't go faster than the speed of light. But there will be an absolute reference frame from which this speed is measured. I know that is completely against relativity but i don't see how they could do it. Like how would you do time dilation or lengthy contraction or difference in simultaneity? I've never seen a game implement relativity and i don't know how it would be possible. But as stated many times in this topic in 99.9% of cases relativity won't be relevant. The general rule of thumb is you don't see any significant deviation from Newtonian mechanics until about 0.3c. So really in the end you can only hope for there being a speed limit that you can't exceed just for hardcore players or Dannys out there.
  13. I Decided to use Rational Resources to deploy resources. Note this is a different PlayMode called UPR so it has different resources distributions to Rational Resources' CRP mode. Also patched RR parts to fit in properly to UPR.
  14. Yeah using the convertible storage. It's all on the UPR Github. I was surprised it worked at all. It clearly wasn't intended. I spent a while looking at part switcher mods that could but I found WBI to be the only one that worked (easily). I'm not surprised there are spelling mistakes. There's probably a ton.
  15. Hi. I already know about Rational Resources. It sort of inspired and helped me make what i have done so far. Does Rational Resources allow for different templates depending on options/ gamemode specifically does it integrate with WBI play mode? I sort of decided to do my own ISRU from things i could find. I've definitely looked at other mods ISRU. As for Argon i must have made a mistake it should be ArgonGas. I didn't know about CryoTanks adding Methalox, but from what i can tell hydrolox isn't in CryoTanks. LqdHydrogen and Oxidizer is but i'm not considering Oxidizer as LOX in my ISRU chains I consider oxidizer as Hydrogen peroxide. The engines are in a sort of interesting state. UPR doesn't add any parts mainly because i'm terrible a modeling and texturing. But i have managed to use WBI storage templates to create different configurations to stock engines eg a liquidfuel, lqdHydrogen and lqdMethane poodle. The interesting thing about it is allows the flexibility to change the engine fuel type with a engineer and equipment insitu. It works perfectly except having a few small visual bugs that can easily solved by reloading the vessel. As for UPR itself it is mainly a WBI playmode since of the ease, flexibility, and power Angel-125 has put into WBI mods. Also a goal is to make things universal and understandable so since B9 partSwitch as far as i can tell isn't as powerful and descriptive as the WBI changer so i used that instead. I didn't consider Tweakscale since i don't really play with it much.