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  1. I can confirm that you need an ore tank. At least that's what I experienced on my mining operation.
  2. "Asteroids contain a finite amount of ore [...] There is no need to use any scanners to find out the ore concentration for asteroids, its enough to be close to it or own it." - Kerbal Wiki And that's all I've got for you... Don't know what's wrong. Maybe you already mined all that asteroid had?
  3. Exactly. I tried MechJeb once a year ago, used the auto-pilot and lost interest since everything became way too easy and the temptation is too strong... Now I play without any 'invasive' mods. All I need is passive one-way information.
  4. Dropbox, google drive, similar.. or any of the thousands of uploading sites
  5. I'd be interested in your .craft file. Look for it here: ...\Kerbal Space Program\Ships\VAB
  6. Lil' follow-up for those interested.. everything went well. Probe is now in polar Minmus orbit and performs surveys for the mining ship coming in tomorrow: Thanks again for calming my butt
  7. There's a very similar thread on this topic here
  8. Following buttons in the top left corner do the magic... ... or you just press the numbers like SanderB suggested. For fine tuning you can press C or this button:
  9. In flight I'm using it to display all kinds of important information - I created my own HUD elements from scratch for KER to show what I need to know like this (JPEG) In VAB I'm using it to determine DeltaV and TWR only. It's a great tool, you should definitely check it out intensively Sounds like you didn't get into editing those HUD elements! Trust me, it's worth the effort
  10. Is there a Kerbal countdown or some Kerbals running around panic-stricken? If not, you still have some time - get all your space planes into orbit or similar safe distance. Don't forget to take Wernher with you!
  11. Forget about the docking mode. Recently I really tried to make some use of it but it turns out it's useless indeed. For docking I just stay in staging mode and use RCS + the usual keys for rotation and translation. On top of that I installed Docking Port Alignment Indicator. Not to make things easier, but to make 'em more awesome!
  12. At first I was like 'well, dem wings are heavy' but the CoM stays after removing the wings? That I didn't experience before myself. Might be one of your mods?
  13. IMO the dots are visible enough. The wanted inclination is also an indicator. OP, please find a better topic name next time. Most of the topics in this sub forum are a why-question
  14. Edtracker would be 3-axis-tracking via gyroscope/accelerometer and therefore not nearly as powerful as TrackIR. The additional IR tracking of TrackIR provides more accuracy, too. They're definitely not comparable. But.. if you don't have the money, Edtracker and similar low budget open source projects surely are a better choice than none at all.
  15. I have one. I became king of the sky in ArmA3 over night didn't use it with KSP yet. I imagine it can come in handy in some situations, I'll give it a try later