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  1. So a quick question (and anyone who is now playing 0.6 version can pipe in): will I have to start a new game in order to see the 1.7.1 planetary features (like the rock/geyser anomolies?). Cheers, Gaultesian
  2. I just quickly checked: runways 09 and 027 (front and back end of the KSC runway) in the modified config you sent, and they are in the correct places and work perfectly for mechjeb autopilot landing commands. I will check the rest of the runways later this evening. Great work OhioBob! As soon as I get home tonight, I will have a test drive with the mechjeb config you sent. It should only take about 10-15 minutes worth of testing to see if it solves the issue. Thanks again for having a look under the hood in such quick time, and I will report my findings after I have tested it out. Cheers, Gaultesian
  3. Your mod is great. I actually went back to 1.70 so I could enjoy this gem of a planet mod. I have been testing it out, and I noticed that using autopilot (landing), the autopilot does not seem to find the KSC runway. It seems to think the KSC runway is over 450KM away from the actual KSC runway. I know it may be a mechjeb error, but I was wondering if this could be easily rectified in the JNSQ config file (i guess it may be the JNSQ mechjeb config, and the lat-tong of the KSC runways being off a bit). Cheers, Gaultesian
  4. Thanks MOARdv. I will download Unity and the KSP part tools (did not realize that one).
  5. First off, thank you MOARdv for such a wonderful set of tools. I am not a programmer, and I do not dabble in programming save fudging some .cfg files from time to time to give me the delta v I would prefer ;). My favourite command pod is the inline command pod fron Near Future Spacecraft. Unfortunately, it never had an rpm installed in it. I did not know where to go and ask for help, so I tried to remove the non-rpm mfd from the pilot's seat area, and replace it with a stock rpm mfd like so: PROP { name = NFT_MFD_DummyScreen_Large02 position = 0.8248427,0.7244843,-0.3049874 rotation = -0.3503239,-0.847214,-0.3690686,-0.1526104 scale = 0.9999996,0.9999999,0.9999998 } and changed it to: PROP { name = RasterPropMonitorBasicMFD position = 0.8248427,0.7244843,-0.3049874 rotation = -0.3503239,-0.847214,-0.3690686,-0.1526104 scale = 0.9999996,0.9999999,0.9999998 } Now, it did show itself in the cockpit, but alas it was on it side (buried into the front panel of the area where the original mfd resided). I know the position, rotation and scale would make all the difference, but does that mean I would have to use Unity to figure out the correct orientation? Or am I just barking up the wrong tree altogether with my assumption to change the original with the RPM mfd. I chose this MFD in particular, and only one MFD to start as simple as possible, but I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I have been playing KSP for the last few years now, and the only wish I would love to have is an mfd'ed incline command pod. Cheers, Gaultesian
  6. I have been using this mod for about 2 weeks now. Love the modular design. I would love to eventually (note the word eventually....you have quite the workload of pods to complete yet) see aset or rasterprop ivas in these boats. Cheers, Gaultesian
  7. I was supposed to put new flooring down in the spare room because my wife told me so.... Now I have the perfect reason to skip that and fly to Duna in style today! Thanks Chaka, you saved my weekend!
  8. I was looking for a decent command pod these past couple of weeks, one with an ASET/Rasterized iva. This one is really good. I mean really good. Black is not my favourite color, but the quality of the pod top knotch. Cheers, and keep up the great work!
  9. Looks great - used to use CHAKA and loved it then, and I am sure I will love it when it goes to 1.22. Great work Yanfret!
  10. I downloaded the the dev version earlier this week, and it seems to not be doing anything (no KCT present). I must be installing it incorrectly.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. Always good to see people helping the uninitiated :).
  12. Used to use MKS back prior to 1.2, just coming back into the game again, and noticed, that I cannot change the bigelow-style habitat from greenhouse to other types (like a habitat). I see you need specialized parts, but only oxygen, recyclables and machinery parts can be stocked in the habitat module. I must be doing something wrong, searching through this thread, the USI manual and various reddit pages have left me a bit confused. Any advice would be great. Cheers, Gaultesian
  13. All of my extraneous, EVA seats are safely taped back in the cockpit. Thanks Angel-125 for your timely fix!
  14. I can confirm, I have a similar issue (current spacecraft has a seat floating about 20 meters from the starboard bow). I can provide pics if necessary.
  15. Oh, OK, thanks for the re-reclarification ;). I checked my versions of Real Plume and Cryo Engines, and they are both the latest version. That probably means I may have a mod conflict somewhere, but I will have to check logs and then go through my mods to see if there is something amiss. You have me set in the right direction - I just need to find out the issue now on my side. Thanks again. OK......I did not have RealPlume-Stock folder installed for some reason. Dear lord, I think I may have to give up the internet and live in a cave somewhere.
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