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  1. Australia was leading the research into these kind of solar power plants for a short while. Australia has some of the hottest and driest places on the planet, so you'd think solar would be a pretty good bet... But there's also mega-tonnes of coal to be dug up first unfortunately.
  2. There's been numerous attempts to make flying cars/drones: Most recent one I can think of is this: Then there's the one Colin Furze built (in his "shed"): Or these guys had plenty of hype a few years ago, but never seemed to be able to get the power density in batteries etc (as far as I can remember). Not sure if they even exist anymore. You're definitely not the first person to think of it. Like many others have said, the issues are around reliability - a quad/octo-coptor will fall out of the sky in the event of a power failure, then there's the issue of single engine failures can bring the whole craft down, so you need redundancy and safety margins. Noise would be another major issue. How happy would your neigbours be with your arrival at 3am after a big night out etc, or the 5:30 am take off every day for your work commute. Or would it be central locations you take off and land at, then use ground transport for the last mile?
  3. I'm Aussie (mainly from Melbourne, but lived in Melbourne, Kalgoorlie and Sydney), but I live in the UK now. We made the mistake of "coming home" for a period. We hated it so much, we got our visa sorted out, and headed back to the UK within 12 months. Pretty much for the reasons as @Cake99 mentioned, The internet is terrible (and crazy expensive, I am paying equivalent of about $80 per month for unlimited 70mb and basic cable tv, oh and a phone I never use), it's far too hot, and to be honest Melbourne felt like a small country town after living and working in London. I can get Amazon for *everything*, or pretty much every single store has an online shop, with either click and collect at my local shop, or home delivery. Last time I went on an australian retailers website it was an absolute joke (I think it was Target), JB HiFi get it though, but they aren't as cheap as the "good old days" when they only had 2 or 3 stores.
  4. I don't mind ckan, I'm a player though, not a modder. I was a purest at the start, I would download a mod, and install it manually. But then I'm pretty lazy, so would never update a mod. I guess it depends if you're a "must have latest" or "if it aint broke don't fix it" kind of person, you can then use ckan to update before you run the game. Once you get more than 5 or so mods manual updates can be a tedious affair. There's no standard location to get the mod - ie github, spacedock, curse etc etc. There's no easy(tm) way to know when a mod is updated (although some can auto update). Looking at the folders in gamedata you can't easily tell what the mod is. On the other hand: Ckan doesn't have dev builds (so you might wait longer to get a mod after a game release) It will not update manually installed mods (I can see the reasons though) Occasionally I get weird exceptions etc when downloading/updating (although never broken my game)
  5. Kerbal Alarm Clock (useful if you play multiple missions concurrently) Kerbal Engineer Redux (delta v, twr etc read outs) Better Burn Time (gets rid of N/A, adds a suicide/time to node counter) Mechjeb for automation after you've mastered a task (eg gravity turn) Trajectories to try and get more accurate landing when trying to rescue, or base build.
  6. I just added the outer planet mod to try and force myself to venture further. It's still an early career game so a little way off manned missions to anything beyond Minmus though lol. (I'll get there before 1.2 drops I swear)
  7. I've sent probes to all the planets, and some of the moons. But the last few releases, I seem to get to a kerballed interplanetary launch right as a new version drops. Happened with .90-> 1 release. That said I've only got one kerbal to Duna, and it was a disaster. The drop tanks on the outer sides, when dropped actually caused the rest of the station to fall apart. I think I had put them attached to the cupola, and not the section below, so when it popped it caused the cupola to separate too. Then 1.1 dropped. I mainly play in career mode, and immediately restart when a new version ships. Haven't been playing as much lately, got too many hobbies at the moment (Xcom2, learning to fly and build a quadcopter, teaching myself front web end development), so my 1.1 career is barely mun capable even with starting with extra science and funds to avoid the early game grind of collecting science in all the ksc biomes.
  8. Typically after a major release Squad have some time off. From what I've picked up in other threads it's a two week break this time. Also just learned a new word
  9. I think the issue is the bottom (inverted) one only one tank actually attaches to a node. The only way I know of is to use docking ports, as they will automatically dock at launch.
  10. I think the only time I use it is part testing early on, and usually with no or very little fuel for quick cash and rep. I didn't realise at first it didn't have reaction control and the first few rockets I used with it where uncontrolled. Then I realised the problem and basically never use it now.
  11. It was a fix/change because science was getting lost when charge ran out I believe. You can right click the antenna to there's an option for sending partial or something (I'm at work so can't fire it up and check the exact name). If it runs out of charge it will halt (default), rather than potentially lose some of the data. But it means you either need large batteries, or large solar panels that can charge it quicker than the antenna uses is during sending the data back.
  12. I've only seen it once. Been playing since 0.90. I only saw it not long after 1.0.5 was released. I've pretty much always used mods, I wonder if they interfere with it appearing? Others say they see it often (or maybe they play it more than I do)
  13. I love this mod. I can nail landings on the mun so much better now especially with the impact/suicide burn timer. I've even started manually land rather than use mechjeb. Thanks so much for this mod
  14. I want to make Kerballed missions to each of the planets. So far have only only had Kerbals to Duna orbit, and probes to most others (except Dres), and they got left behind with the 1.0.5 release when I restarted a career game.
  15. [quote name='SpaseKing']Where KER to version 1.0.5 on?[/QUOTE] [url]http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/18230-1-0-4-Kerbal-Engineer-Redux-v1-0-18-0?p=2304971&viewfull=1#post2304971[/url]