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  1. It should’ve been packaged along with hangar. It should be in a folder that says “000ATTools” or something similar. Put that in your gamedata folder
  2. It sounds like you’re missing ATTools, or have the wrong version of it.
  3. Had the same problem. Seems to mostly occur with some modded cockpits, like Airplane plus. Also, TCA does not play well with engines that have extreme gimbals. Turn them off in the editor. The best mod I’ve found so far for VTOLs is Eskandare Aerospace. Everything I’ve built with those cockpits has been rock solid.
  4. Were starting to get to a point where I have almost as many dependency libraries as I do mods.
  5. I'm seeing this as well. None of my workshops are functional.
  6. So, try as I might, I cannot figure out how to deploy the Particle Accelerator Centrifuge. I don't see any kind of "deploy" option on the PAW, and while I can start the reactor process, nothing I do makes it turn into a wheel. Am I missing something?
  7. I made the same change. Weird that it suddenly started out of nowhere. Buffalo hasn't updated recently, as far as I know...
  8. @Angel-125 think I found a typo in GuppyCab.cfg - you have PARTUPGRADE wbiGuppy1 twice at the end of the file. I'm guessing it was supposed to be wbiGuppy1 and wbiGuppy2? That's what's previously listed in the UPGRADES module. My game started throwing an exception tonight out of the blue because of this, not sure why it started doing it, worked fine last night, I updated KSPI and then this. For reference, here's what showed up in the log: LOG 23:37:16.884] [KSPI]: PluginHelper indexed PARTUPGRADE wbiGuppy1 with techRequired fieldScience [LOG 23:37:16.884] [KSPI]: PluginHelper indexed PARTUPGRADE wbiGuppy1 with techRequired advScienceTech [EXC 23:37:16.886] ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary. System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,PartUpgradeHandler+Upgrade].Add (System.String key, .Upgrade value) FNPlugin.PluginHelper.get_PartUpgradeByName () FNPlugin.PluginHelper.UpgradeAvailable (System.String id) FNPlugin.Wasteheat.FNRadiator.DetermineGenerationType () FNPlugin.Wasteheat.FNRadiator.GetInfo () PartLoader.CompilePartInfo (.AvailablePart newPartInfo, .Part part) PartLoader+<CompileParts>c__Iterator1.MoveNext () UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator enumerator, IntPtr returnValueAddress)
  9. @dboi88 I really like this mod. I noticed the basic hull says “asymmetrical variant”, does that mean you planned or created a symmetrical version? Any chance of more parts being introduced? One of the things that I think is really lacking is the number of large ship/starship sized mods, and this one definitely starts to fill that niche nicely, but it’s somewhat limited in its current iteration. Love to see more!
  10. Im away from my computer right now, but the *mostly* stock craft I used was pretty simple... a mk1 cockpit, 1.25m reaction wheel, liquid fuel tank, aerodynamic nose cone as a tail piece. Landing struts are just structural beams (don’t remember what they’re called, not the girders) and the engine is a KRX sparrow rotor. You’ll also need one of those early scoop-style intakes. I use the move tool in the sph to make sure the CoL is right through the CoM, and I use “corrected CoL” by LinuxGuruGamer to make sure it’s all balanced. Ill do more flight testing tomorrow and see what else I can break.
  11. So I've done some more flight testing. It's actually kind of fun. I've determined the problem is with aerodynamics in general. I was able to reproduce the problem with stock parts, and also to get the aforementioned problematic parts to behave themselves. I used MechJeb to do some testing, and I turned on the CoM/CoL/CoT in-flight indicators. What I see is the aero marker dancing all over the darn place right before the craft freaks out. What I've determined the probable cause to be is the aircraft pitching way too aggressively in the NAV mode to gain forward speed. If I start from a dead stop with the slider set to 100m/s, right around 28m/s the aero marker starts moving around and then the craft reacts to the changing aerodynamic situation and then just stops dead. This is really pronounced if your craft has any aero parts (wings, control surfaces, etc) - as you can forward speed in a nose-down attitude, eventually the aero forces will start pushing your craft downward and TCA goes right off the rails. Sometimes it'll stop and refuse to restart. Sometimes it'll happen in a change between nav waypoints, if the change is too extreme. If the craft banks or pitches too violently, it throws TCA into a kind of panic and sometimes TCA won't recover and will refuse to do anything but hover. Sometimes it gets stuck in "OH GOD CLIMB!!!" mode. I don't know what's happening under the hood, so I can only speculate. My suggested fix for this would be for you to create a pitch or an AOA limiter for the player. That way I could tell my craft to accelerate to it's top speed, but do not exceed, say, an 8 degrees nose down pitch attitude. I think that *might* fix the problem. I base this on 2 things... if I slowly accelerate my craft using the TCA slider, I can take it to 40 and then 60 and then 80 and then 100 with no problem. OR, I can just use the altitude control parts of TCA and control the craft using MJ's SmartASS SURF mode, setting the pitch down for -8 and the bank to level and get where I'm going pretty reliably (which is what I do before I unlock the TCA nav mode in the tech tree). I don't know if it's possible or how much work it would be, but I think it would be a huge help to players and make VTOLS a lot more controllable.
  12. They are definitely a blast. My youngest does that - steals phones and calls grandma to report on me. Interesting how, even across oceans and continents and ten thousand miles, they're all still little monsters. Ha!
  13. I get it; I have 2. One is 11 but thinks she's 17 and the other is the literal embodiment of a walking hurricane.
  14. Hey... did you ever get a chance to look into this?
  15. A bugless release is a near impossibility for any software product. There are entire YouTube channels devoted to finding and exploiting bugs and glitches in AAA titles by top tier studios. I'm not saying we haven't seen some slipshod shenanigans in the past, I'm just saying don't set the bar too high on your expectations, there.
  16. I have made an interesting observation reading through this thread, and musing on some similar ones. KSP: We made a new toy for you to play with!! Half of the forum: This is the best thing EVER! I can't wait to play with these and use them for all the things they aren't meant to do! Streamers are going to break the space-time continuum with these! YAY! Other half of the forum: I don't get it. Why are you giving us more toys? I hate fun. This is the stupidest idea ever, you should do this other thing that makes more sense. I scoff at your offering. In short, I've surmised that half of Kerbal users have the mentality of dogs: "OH BOY! I LOVE THIS! THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!" The other half have the mentality of cats: "I am cynically indifferent to your efforts and will only under very grudging circumstances show any affinity to you, and then I will probably bite you for it." Kerbal dogs and cats. There you have it.
  17. It does. I’ve encountered this troubleshooting KSP mods and mods from other games. I don’t know if it’s buffered info that gets written as the process is killed or what, but it definitely happens.
  18. Sometimes, after you do a “force quit”, more stuff will get written to the log. I’m sure you know this, but just in case, I thought I’d mention it. If you’re looking at the log while the game is frozen, you’ll see everything that happened up to the point that things went off the rails, but not the cause (because it’s in the process of malfunctioning). Sometimes the “force quit” maneuver will break the logjam and more info gets reported prior to the game terminating.
  19. @allista So here’s where it gets weird. I made a helicopter out of stock parts and the sparrow rotor from KRX. The damn this was rock solid. So I started playing around and it’s only certain command modules that make TCA go wonky. So far I’ve had malfunctions from the Buffalo cockpit from Angel-125’s mods, and the cockpits from Airplane Plus. Stock cockpits work as advertised, as do MK2 Expansion cockpits. I looked at the cfg’s but nothing jumps out at me as being different. Ill keep testing... I’m waiting to reboot and then I’ll try Quiztech and B9 cockpits. Edit/Update: I've run through all the cockpits I have in my game. Stock, B9, QuizTech, OPT and a few others... the only ones that malfunction are Buffalo and Airplane Plus. Buffalo I think is understandable, WBI has it's own VTOL controller that probably tangles with TCA somehow. I don't get what's causing the Airplane Plus cockpits to go wonky though. But there it is... Airplane Plus cockpits break TCA, from what I can test. It's always the same, too... It'll lift, but it won't cruise and in nav mode, anytime the forward velocity gets to 28m/s, the craft becomes unstable and starts making erratic movements. And before you ask, yes, I know Airplane Plus's rotor engines don't work with TCA because they're built on FireSpitter and don't have a proper engine module. I'm using the sparrow from KRH for my test engine.
  20. Okay.. let me make one out of (mostly) stock parts and I'll get it to you.
  21. Negative. Pretty much all I have are parts packs, plus TCA, Kramax, haystack and final frontier. Running on a MacBook currently so I stay away from the visual mods.
  22. Hey, @allista Got some strange behavior with TCA. I've gotten to the point in 1.7.3 where I can start doing VTOL stuff (slow I know, but I started over). I have most of the modules installed, and activated. In navigation or cruise mode, my aircraft are detecting phantom terrain and obstructions and acting bizarrely. The aircraft would stop as though in "stop" mode, and a few of them have done stationary pitch and roll loops. I tested it by taking one out over the ocean at 250AGL and started trying to cruise at 50m/s. The altitude in the TCA set field kept turning red, and I would alternatively get "ground collision possible" and "obstruction on route" warnings in the annunciator. Since I was flying 250m above the water, headed out to open water, both things were impossible. Every now and then the annunciator would say "ascending" and we'd head to the roof - one time it climbed to 10,000m and wouldn't come down. My engines were averaging about 40% in level flight, so it wasn't a load capacity problem, and I'm well-balanced in the editor. I'm not sure what's going on. Not using any mods that alter terrain like Kopernicus or KK. Any idea why this might be happening? I dug though the log, but other than the usual loading and adding TCA to parts, I'm not seeing mentions of TCA or anything that indicates an error or an exception being thrown. I'm at a loss...
  23. Is this usable in 1.7.3? Do the USI parts work?
  24. I am pleased to report that whatever coding sorcery you worked has succeeded. Drills and the Lasso scoops appear to be working once more. Thanks, @Angel-125! Now I can get back to hunting those sweet aurum loads to fund my space program!