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  1. k .. must have had something to do with quicksaves then I guess, or resetting some flight hmmm, my fault probably. thanks for your answer bewing
  2. Hey, just a quick question had an unmanned mun mission, saved some science in mun orbit (thermometer, barometer), didn't have enough dV to deorbit. Wanted to get the data with a manned mission, rendezvoused successfully, but no science in the thermometer/barometer. Is that a feature of the unmanned probe not having any electrical charge left? cheers
  3. I always took a plane with a load of parachutes. If you can't land it "correctly" then just use the parachutes to make a vertical descent - using this method you can land ANYwhere, even on top of spiky mountains.
  4. well I have BTSM Crowd Sourced Science Kerbal Engineer Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Kopernicus NavBallDockingALignmentIndicator New Horizons guess one of those is the meanie ... will try without the mods and see what's the problem - maybe reinstall the game if that doesn't help it :/ thanks for the replies guyses
  5. Hello everyone, I recently started playing KSP again and this time with a load of mods for a new experience - but I am missing some options in KSP. When creating a new game it used to be that I could choose for example how much science or funds I got from contracts, with sliders. No more, just re-entry heat, resource abundance and the checkmark-options like "allow flight reversing". In the VAB I used to have options for rotating parts and for translating parts with little arrows - now I only have "place" and "root" ... those other things were incredibly useful - where have they gone? cheers, SoWe
  6. Hello everyone, I want to replay KSP but I don't want to do the exact same thing again. The most fun thing for me is to figure out new stuff. The last run I ended because my spaceship parts I wanted to assemble in orbit didn't fit ... even though I had used the connectors as a prefab so they were 100% the same distance blabla. Anyways, I know there are some mods out there that redesign the career mode, all new contracts, maybe even start unmanned and such. But which ones are good? Which things work well together? Has anyone played several and can give me tips which things are good? Is there maybe a site where people vote on mods with a star system or something? cheers, SoWe
  7. contracts definitely need work - a few suggestions: unique (prototype) parts for specific contracts (unique in look of course!). You only have it once, you really can fail your mission. "rescue" contracts aren't only pods, instead "real" ships with no fuel (just for the eyecandy) "recovery" contracts of parts, again unique parts either as part of an assembly or something "bring x to y" not only land it on kerbin but get it to a specific location etc pp
  8. what's it even good for, especially on pilots? just slap on fly by wire and your engineer is as good as the best pilot
  9. it's because men are viewed as expendable and women as importantwhich in turn is the reason why there are more men in movies - they're like props
  10. too bad. personally, I would not repeat such information without having more than hearsay from a clearly biased source, but that's me and of course if she is talking about the ratio of men and women in film ... she fails to mention things like the rates of *death* and significance of death in relation to the ... of the killed person. men get killed by the hundreds without any significance (unless main cast), if a woman dies it's always a big thing the new jurassic park comes to mind, watch it with a mental counter active edit: s e x is banned? for ducks sake it's a technical term in the fields of biology and medicine ...
  11. did you do the rendezvous tutorial? try recreating it's starting situation ... as said, do an orbit that is slightly bigger or slightly smaller. then just follow what you learn in the tutorial
  12. at the moment... thermal control thingies, the stationary ones, they soak up aaaaall the heat set periapsis to ~30km on kerbin,, should give you enough time to slow really heavy craft, as you can see almost no fuel left, mostly the "natural" air resistance and nothing(!) exploded or even got really critically hot
  13. but there are more options ... you can get desert water, grassland water, badlands water ... just have to be sneaky (it counts as new science data for surface samples!)