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  1. did u download 0.32 or 0.32b? might want to make sure u are using the right download. its not ONE VERSION FOR ALL! the default version on spacedock links to the 1.3.0 compatible one
  2. Things that NASA never said at a press conference.

    the earth IS NOT flat. KSP proves it!
  3. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    nope @Vanamonde :-*
  4. The Number Game Continued

    -79 (+)
  5. Ban the user above you!

    banned for playing too much forum games
  6. Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    perfect. the mister on table 8 was eager to knwo what happened after what happened on page 87 that he found. Waiter, theres a ring in my soup!
  7. Thanks for explaining - might want to add this to the OP for ppl to choose which they like more?
  8. just wondering - in which way does it differ to "ActionGroups Extended" (yes, i read the OP) and, especially, its way to save the settings? Did i miss that part? Sry if so
  9. IT IS IN STOCK FOR <removed>! did anyone even read my Post or does everyone just comment on the last post instead of even checking my pics / trying to investigate on their own? just comment "something"?
  10. i did set it off - postet a MM patch to do it in another Thread, @Vanamonde was TOOO KIND to just move to Add-On discussions - cause i mentioned to have add-ons installed -.- And yes, the "Dart"-Engine... has a way bigger offset - but that seems to be intentional
  11. possible - i am not complaining in any way - just wanted to pint it out- since it didnt seem like "designed" this way like the dart engine is
  12. What features in a DLC would you happily pay for?

    I think Execandy is what i would pay for. Having all the features of EVE, Scatterer, Windowshine and DistantObjectEnhancements in stock with highres textures for all bodies. Included Ingame without the use of the modapi and performance-optimised and upgrade-stable would be worth ~10€ for me.
  13. the terrier does not behave like the swivel! Following your reasoning all engines would behave the same. Aout the fueltanks: their nodes is also off a littlebit, yes. And the reason for that is your argument that the engines shall look attached. but for that reason, its not logical that the terrier (as only engine) has a Topnode that is off the model borders