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  1. well, ksp uses > 20gb ram on my machine, but not at this time of the startup. Context switching is not the cause - it happens on each boot. the 10ms gap showed me, that it might NOT be happenig in one loop, but 2 independent one - but just a guess as well. But if its only me experiencing this, dont bother about it! I thought i was just the only one the stumpled over it
  2. MODULE { name = USIAnimation deployAnimationName = Deploy secondaryAnimationName = Rotate inflatable = true CrewCapacity = 24 inflatable = true }
  3. have to set priorities in live actually, in my log was a significant time gap between the two errors: [ERR 17:06:44.878] ADDON BINDER: Cannot resolve assembly: TestFlightCore, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null [ERR 17:06:44.887] ADDON BINDER: Cannot resolve assembly: TestFlightCore, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null might indicate its kinda loop or sth processed here, not JUST this code processed once that generates two errors!? --- Edit: since we are already talking - is it a good timing to suggest some default TS patches for "StockalikeStationParts"?
  4. Sorry, didnt plan to file a bug-report. Just wanted to ask if this is intentional / could be avoided. Actually the error happens for me while loadingphase. I had set up a debug-install for finding the cause of stuttering in my addon-heavy game. So i started with tweakscale - and already had this issue, which cause me asking you about it. I thought there might be a way to check for testflight before referencing it... KSP.log https://pastebin.com/SxUdF49Q edit: my assumption was, that it is cause by this section in the code: Line 126: or Line 475: i didnt dug into this to get behind the code - so i might be totally wrong here but since you are not using "testflightcore" somewhere else and referencing to a class here, not just a method....
  5. compatible - but imo no sense - decide which gives you a better view, but using both is waste of ressources Edit: in fact i use both - but just because i dunno how to replicate my reshadeFX into ks3p
  6. leads anyway to an error in KSP log: [ERR 01:32:32.344] ADDON BINDER: Cannot resolve assembly: TestFlightCore, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null [ERR 01:32:32.353] ADDON BINDER: Cannot resolve assembly: TestFlightCore, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null not essential - but its an error cause it cant be loaded :-/ Do you think there might be a clean way to program around it / catch this error since it is expected?
  7. hi, so you accidently call Testflightcore in Scale.cs without checking if it is installed?
  8. would you mind to clarify your OP comment on: [NOT RECOMENDABLE WITH KSP 1.4.x] ?
  9. you can set it to "flight mode" in ingame config
  10. hi, im messing around with my old game trying to get it to run with some updated mods. now with Kopernicus, i see transparent c-bodies in flightmode. (DX9) Any ideas on how to fix this? (vanishes on removing kopernicus :-/) Screen: Mods: Edit: ok, trial & error stated that it was due to using "Spectra"-config
  11. actually - no :D wanted to set it up beforehand. If this is what it does - well.. Startup takes ~3 minutes, so i didnt try it.
  12. sorry for not going into detail - thought it was obvious: it is missing in your zip - though i found it in the original one
  13. ok - i checked the whole thread - couldnt find an answer: is there a way to remap an AG to a letter like "T". i mean "custom01" is typical the number 1 - but can u remap it? i saw the statement, that i cant use AGX groups as default - but that doesnt mean i cant reconfig "custom00" to "T" - can i? Nevermind - found in GameSetting
  14. did i miss something? what about the config-file mentioned in the OP?
  15. well, he said the colors would suffer when u just delete it ... so i hoped for another solution
  16. hey, thanks for your howto in the OP, but i found it is outdated, since u need Unity 5.5.0 to install PP-Stack now. U might want to update the DL-link for people not having to do multiple downloads https://unity3d.com/de/unity/qa/patch-releases and yeah - im still looking for a brighter config - anyone?
  17. Hey Avera, could you think of anything that just makes my Kerbin look like your "scatter-less" pictures, but jool, duna & co look like the normal ones? Scatterer is working, judging on the ocean shaders. Im on 1.4.3 with scatterer 0.331b. Also was wondering why you disable godrays & stuff in your config? Edit - well, found that this godrys enabled mess things up with the scatterer atmo settings... took me 3h -.-
  18. hey @shaw, the OP still says RangeMachine's branch has working reflections. is this still true? If so, how comes u cant adopt it?
  19. did u download 0.32 or 0.32b? might want to make sure u are using the right download. its not ONE VERSION FOR ALL! the default version on spacedock links to the 1.3.0 compatible one