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  1. Snazzy New Parts Guys. I'm Definitively Going To Be Using Them For... Things. Don't Know What Things, But Things None The Less.
  2. --[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b4d_36AkcE]-- My reaction to his ungodly, Lovecraftian horror from the darkest depth of Stanley Kubricks wet dreams... Any Moderators viewing this, Please for the sake of Kerbal dignity wipe this mod of the face of Kerbin... ;-;
  3. I think you means "Curt's" take on them. Beale, has some Irl Stuff to take care of, So he's going to be gone for a while. Honestly, though I want to see ISS parts as well. But, we already have stock, and not to mention The Stockalike Station Parts Expanded Mod to hold us over...
  4. It was a good mod while it lasted. Looks like it will fall into obscurity like the rest of so many great mods. The KSP Modding world will certainly miss Beale. Also if he is reading this, Good luck with the bread baby. (Kind of wonder is someone is going to try to keep this mod alive, though I kind of doubt it)
  5. I speak for everyone here when I say, Kerbals are the most adorable thing to ever be created by Man. But, I think they are in need of a much serious revamp. Their textures, the way they move, Their lack of In-game Chatter, and Not to mention their creepy unblinking stare... Any chance that someone can make Kerbals look more serious and bold, rather then their unusually humorous, cartoony appearance...
  6. That new vostok dou... Seriously Beale keep up the great work. This mod keeps getting better and better.
  7. Seems like Astronomer's Visual Packs or KSPRC isn't updated for the 1.0.2 edition of KSP. Which means I lost those two gorgeous sun flare textures. I know there is a way to edit the Shardassets files and manually install the texture yourself, but I could never get it working. So... Does anyone have a fabulous looking sunflare they are willing to share with little ol me?
  8. http://kerbalstuff.com/mod/349/Near%20Future%20Electrical Here You Go!
  9. Ooooo! Really Digging that New Blue Streak Rocket (Or At least I think it's the Blue Streak, I'm honestly not too sure, :/ )
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