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  1. I just downloaded from spacedock, but the zip file contains Kerbin Space Station contract pack! I think you must have zipped the wrong directory....
  2. Well that depend on your perspective. Compared with Scatterer this is very minor - scatterer gives black sky, and no ocean, and probably more! Hence, mods could be much more broken, defective... I think this is a minor visual bug, that only show up in certain situations, so the game is still improved a lot by EVE, even with these bugs. --> That is why I see this as minor.
  3. just use it as is.... The problems are very minor....
  4. @jrbudda I just noticed that Stock KSP cannot calculate burntime correctly when using my mod "GTIndustries", while Kerbal Engineer Redux does that no problem. Thank you for that --- KER for the win!
  5. THANKS!!!! How in the world I missed that I will never know! You are the best! Based on what blowfish pointed out I don't think this was the issue - furthermore this does actually do what I expect based on the MM cache. breakdown @PART[*]: HAS[ @MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[>0]] <--- only when the part has ModuleCommand which has minimumcrew that is non zero ,!MODULE[ELWorkshop] <--- and the part does not have ELWorkshop ] -- i.e. intentional --- But thanks for your response. All help is always appreciated
  6. I have a MM patch which yields a warning, but I cannot figure out what the source is in the patch. KSExpSeatMap { SeatTasks { name = ELWorkshop default = Workshop } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[>0]],!MODULE[ELWorkshop]] { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 4 IgnoreCrewCapacity = false } } @PART[mk2LanderCabin,Large_Crewed_Lab]:HAS[!MODULE[ELSurveyStation]] { MODULE { name = ELSurveyStation } } @PART[crewCabin] { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 4 } } @PART[MK1CrewCabin] { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 4 } } @PART[mk4CrewCabin] { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 4 } } @PART[mk3CrewCabin]: { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 4 } } @PART[Large_Crewed_Lab] { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 7 } } Can anyone see the issue in the MM patch above? Thanks!
  7. I for one am happy with MM, which is better than what you find in most games out there where modding is easily accessible. Can it be improved - probably - but I must say it gives a lot of info already. ------------ I'm unhappy with this post merge --------- Try something like @STATIC[*]:HAS[#pointername[KS_TaxiLarge]] { @Instances { @Orientation = 90.959137,100.041763,-0.000703487894 } } When Has point to a value different than name, you use # for has or ~ for has not, also see the documentation on that. Then you need to edit the Instances node. In the code above I only edit the first "instance" of instances, use ",*" after for all.
  8. It will always do that until updated, because it does a simple version comparison. It does not mean it cannot work, which it seems to do as far as I can see.... So just ignore the message for now - just means you cannot report it as a bug if it does not work.
  9. Maybe, something as simple as putting a single MM log into the KSP log pointing to these two files would enable you to remove the copy of the logs - that way people like me does not need to know beforehand / or remember it for that matter. We as players / modders would find this info, and go to the referenced files when needed. Furthermore, you could consider keeping the errors in the KSP.log so as to making them visible, while keeping everything else in these separate files. I like them, because they make it very clear that this is what MM is doing.
  10. Thanks... Don't think those have always been, have they? Don't remember them from 2 years ago when I was playing last.... But thanks, they are great.
  11. I get 1 warning from module manager when loading the game - while the rest 10000 changes loads just fine. How can I identify the cfg file, which has the problem? There are so many lines in the log, so finding the correct note when not knowing what is would say is kind of hard.
  12. I just want to let you now of an NRE I just got. I'm not sure if anything is broken by this. I have included the surrounding messages. It seems to be related to receiving science?! EDIT: It seems to happen when the "new" ground experiments transmit science to KSC in the background, which is a different behaviour than normal science which would come from current vessel or when recovering. Maybe there is something in this specific instance that is not handled in Tarsier at this moment.
  13. Ok, I just got the latest one again. Noticed that I had to go to the section for older versions, since the main link get's the old 1.13.0 version - now I have the 1.13.3 version for 1.8.1. However, it seems it is maybe not loading correctly? I just noticed in the mod section of the log, it is not listed - which could explain why modulemanager fail when it tries to add it to the mod list....??? I wonder what could do this... It is compiled against the right version right? (guessing it is a stupid question...) Regarding the Structural, this always worked in the past though... Are you sure is should here? EDIT: Just tested against a clean install. Only my MM and Interstellar... Same result, so it should not be a mod incompatibility thing. EDIT 2: I found it. I had not installed the "999_Scale_Redist.dll" file..... My bad! Thanks for your help!