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  1. Now that KSP has finally reach the end of endless updating, it is time to ensure compatibility with the lastest version of KSP. However, I haven't upgraded yet, as I am in the middle of a playthrough and updating mods is a mayor task. So my question is, is the latest version of my mod (this thread) compatible with latest ksp (1.12.1), or do I need to update it as it is? Regards
  2. Interesting. It seems that DeployableEngines manipulated the engines, resulting in all the modes being activated. It seems that deployable engines manipulates the engines after my mod have initialized and disabled the engines that are not active. It seems from the source code that deployable engines handles stock multimode enignes, but the ones from this mod. From https://github.com/ChrisAdderley/DeployableEngines/blob/master/Source/DeployableEngines/ModuleMultiStateEngine.cs#L40 multiController = this.GetComponent<MultiModeEngine>(); I first guess would be to get Deployable Engines to recognise the "GTI_MultiModeEngineFX". They are very similar, so I would expect it to be easy enough, when it already handles stock multi mode.
  3. go back into the posts and you can find an unofficial update by jbudda that work as intended :o)
  4. Last does not take an argument. It is just ":LAST". I think that is simply the problem :o) Try looking at this
  5. You write "EVE currently unsupported (it is not yet available for KSP 1.9+)" in the OP. Does that mean there is a known incompatibility? Or just that because EVE is not updated any issues must be unsupported?
  6. Or minor because the game is still completely playable, and still much improved by this mod, yet it has some minor glitches...
  7. What makes you think it is KSP that is right? How did you do the math?
  8. I upgraded from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1, but suddenly several of my mods seemed broken, like CapCom and Contracts window. Both worked fine in 1.9.0. I expected this upgrade to be at least as simple as from 1.8.1. So my question is --> Is this something you have experienced in upgrading from 1.9.0? I'm thinking if this is not something everybody else is experienceing, then I probably did something wrong. So I like to know if that is the case.
  9. I just downloaded from spacedock, but the zip file contains Kerbin Space Station contract pack! I think you must have zipped the wrong directory....
  10. Well that depend on your perspective. Compared with Scatterer this is very minor - scatterer gives black sky, and no ocean, and probably more! Hence, mods could be much more broken, defective... I think this is a minor visual bug, that only show up in certain situations, so the game is still improved a lot by EVE, even with these bugs. --> That is why I see this as minor.
  11. just use it as is.... The problems are very minor....
  12. @jrbudda I just noticed that Stock KSP cannot calculate burntime correctly when using my mod "GTIndustries", while Kerbal Engineer Redux does that no problem. Thank you for that --- KER for the win!
  13. THANKS!!!! How in the world I missed that I will never know! You are the best! Based on what blowfish pointed out I don't think this was the issue - furthermore this does actually do what I expect based on the MM cache. breakdown @PART[*]: HAS[ @MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[>0]] <--- only when the part has ModuleCommand which has minimumcrew that is non zero ,!MODULE[ELWorkshop] <--- and the part does not have ELWorkshop ] -- i.e. intentional --- But thanks for your response. All help is always appreciated
  14. I have a MM patch which yields a warning, but I cannot figure out what the source is in the patch. KSExpSeatMap { SeatTasks { name = ELWorkshop default = Workshop } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[>0]],!MODULE[ELWorkshop]] { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 4 IgnoreCrewCapacity = false } } @PART[mk2LanderCabin,Large_Crewed_Lab]:HAS[!MODULE[ELSurveyStation]] { MODULE { name = ELSurveyStation } } @PART[crewCabin] { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 4 } } @PART[MK1CrewCabin] { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 4 } } @PART[mk4CrewCabin] { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 4 } } @PART[mk3CrewCabin]: { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 4 } } @PART[Large_Crewed_Lab] { MODULE { name = ELWorkshop ProductivityFactor = 7 } } Can anyone see the issue in the MM patch above? Thanks!
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