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  1. Sorry for the delay, thanks everyone for the replies. Basically I just hyperedited in a copy of the same vessel which worked perfectly in the end, as nothing else worked. To answer some question, no, there were no autostruts or anything. The only difference was somehow the root part being a decoupler (which I have no idea how it happened as when I go to VAB and try to make a decoupler the root part the game won't even let me).
  2. So basically I've sent a spaceplane to eve, which worked fine when i hyper edited it there to test. But after bringing it on an actual mission, it now suddenly has way more drag. I used Aero debug to obtain these numbers: During test: Drag at 130m/s at 400m above sea level is about 300kN. In actual mission: Drag at same conditions is 480kN. The 2 vessels are exactly the same, with the exception being a different root part as a decoupler was used on the actual mission (the remainderof which appears to be the root part). Even after removing this decoupler, the drag is the same, and doesn't allow the plane to go fast enough to fly. So can havinga different root part cause this? Or is it some other bug?
  3. Does someone know If there's a way to make the co2 scrubbers and water purifier work in the background? Because currently when I'm not actively flying the vessel the supplies keep on draining even though when i switch to it the recyclers are producing more than is being used.
  4. It is modded but this hasn't happened before and haven't changed any mods since it started happening, but feel free to move to modded installs if necessary. Log file:https://gofile.io/?c=0dPM0C
  5. So in my career save some buildings at the KSC have an unupgraded visual model being displayed, but they are upgraded to the correct level I last had them (e.g fully upgraded tracking station, as I have done, functions correctly but displays tier 2 model). Edit: OK, checking again it is only the tracking station that is doing this, all other buildings are as they should be. Log file:https://gofile.io/?c=0dPM0C KSP 1.7.3 on windows x64
  6. Have tried that just now, still get "Missing precooler ratio=1" though. Also the precooler itself already has an intake included, and even when this is the only intake on the craft, I get the same line. Edit: If it helps I am also running B9 aerospace, although not using engines from that pack currently. This is all in KSP 1.7.3 Edit2: Solved, it was just the way the precoolers where being attached.
  7. I'm having a bit of an issue with the stock jets and precooler. Basically all the stock jets, including whiplash and panther begin to overheat at like 1000m/s at about 10km altitude. The problem is that this behaviour doesn't seem to change at all when I add precoolers. Am I adding them in the wrong place? Currently there's one just in front of each engine. Also right clicking on the engine in flight the pop-up window has a line that says: "Missing precooler ratio=1", which is the same value I get when no precooler is installed at all.
  8. Sorry if it's already explained somewhere, but where should I copy this into to make it work?
  9. @Purplefin Neptuna No problem, yeah I guess the freeze time might depend on the number of planets you have? I've only got OPM
  10. @Purplefin Neptuna Yep, similar issue here, although not really lag. When in flight, I press M to load map and the game completely freezes for like 3-4 seconds before loading the map, after which it works perfectly normally though. It's a much more minor issue than the surface lag on planets in the previous version but still slightly annoying.
  11. Pretty much what has been said, if you want some specific Dv numbers I can tell you this: In general I tend to have about 1.2-1.5 km/s of Dv on the 1st stage (including any side boosters), which is a powerful atmospheric optimized engine and this should be enough (with appropriate TWR as explained by @Pecan), to get you to about 40-45 km apoapsis with a speed of 600-800m/s, then you fire the second stage, a vaccum optimized one with about another 1500m/s dv and that should get you safely in LKO. Edit: Obviously don't start turning just when you fire the second stage, you should start way before that. That speed figure I gave for the first stage should be a significant horizontal component, not purely vertical
  12. Thanks for the replies and checking stuff. Definitely would be interesting to try, but the anything without a propeller sounds impossible. Using some mod with nuclear jets would make this much more approachable, might give that a try sometime
  13. Yeah propellers make sense, they would seem to be the only way to do it stock.
  14. Not sure if this is the right place for this, but has anyone tried (and is it at all possible) to get to orbit from "sea level" (or as close as you can get without exploding) on Jool? Searching online I found someone who did it 4 years ago but that was with the old atmospheric models and engines who's thrust wasn't affected by atmosphere. Do any stock engines produce meaningful thrust at 15 atm?
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