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  1. First thing to try... Open Steam and Right Click on Kerbal Space Program. Select Properties from the menu. Select the Local Files tab from the dialog that appeared in the previous step. Now click on Verify Integrity of Game Files. This will check what has been installed and make sure everything installed correctly. You can do this for all games registered on Steam. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling the game from the same menu then re-installing. Did you install this while at school. if so, you may have run into some blocking software the school is running.
  2. From the looks of it, you have just undocked from what appears to be a station. Make sure that the craft you are in control off is the active craft. Regards Brad
  3. A lot of us Aussies would prefer the VB keys rather than the XXXX keys... However, I will just have to remember to bring the butter along on the flights when the crumpet key is finally found. Re-Entry should toast them really well... Regards Icemanau
  4. I have yet to hear of an autopilot that has the ability to reset things in the physical world or be able to think creatively in an emergency... You know, things like those pesky circuit breakers that control the power going to the autopilot or switches that are required to be manually operated for safety reasons. The autopilot was designed to do one thing and one thing only, that one thing is to fly the plane/spacecraft along a predetermined path to the destination at the designated speed. It can't think that "Oh the engine is one fire, I have to land at the nearest airport" or "that storm is looking rather severe, I will have to change course to go around it". That is why we still have pilots in this day and age, to deal with the unexpected and emergency situations. It also allows the pilot to relax and do other things while in the air rather than concentrating on flying the aircraft 100% of the time they are in the air. After all, you just can't pull over to take a leak or get a snack while in the air. They also can't deal Take Offs and Landings, they are still the performed by the pilot due to the number of decisions to be made during each task. A pilot can feel an unusual vibration that an autopilot doesn't and can abort the take off or landing, or can see something on the runway further ahead than the best sensors can pick up with any sort of clarity at the speeds they are going at. If they ever build an airliner without provision for manual flight control via a pilot, I guarantee that I will never fly on it and will do my best to convince family and friends not to either. As for the Autonomous cars, they still require a person sitting in the drivers seat with their hands on the wheel at all times. In an emergency, the driver is still expected to take control and deal with said emergency. The emergency could be any number of things that crop up in day to day driving, like a kid or animal running out in front of the car, a flat tyre or the bridge/road collapsing in front of the car. Same with the autopilots on ships, they still require a helmsman ON DUTY at all times while the ship is under way. Again, it is to deal with the unexpected and emergencies. As for changing a wheel on any of the Mars rovers, do you know how to remove/install bearings, remove a motor from it's housing and pull any drive gear from it's shaft? That's the sort of construction used on the wheels of the Mars rovers. Not a simple set of nuts which will allow the wheel to be easily pulled off. They are generally fitted directly to the individual motor shafts and require some serious hardware to remove in a decent amount of time. Most of the wheel failure on the Mars rovers are due to dust getting into the sealed bearings and damaging the bearings to the point that they jam. Not a 10 minute job with a lug wrench to fix. Then again, there wouldn't be much call to change a tyre on a rover as very few of them have pneumatic tyres. Most probes are designed to be as rugged as possible which negates the 'Ease of repair' philosophy used in the commercial transport industry especially for items like wheels with pneumatic tyres. Regards
  5. Go to the graphics settings and turn of the water effects as they chew a fair bit of RAM. Drop your textures down to about half size as well. Both of these and the openGL switch dropped my RAM usage from 3.4G down to 2.4G before I loaded another dozen or so mods. Regards Brad
  6. Is it a sandbox game or a career game? If it's a sandbox game they should be there but if it's a career game, you may need to research the technologies before you get the parts... Regards Brad
  7. Tweakscale may be the problem. Remove it and make sure you have the latest version to replace it. See this thread for more details... Regards Brad
  8. There may be a setting in your BIOS to turn the throttling off. Check the documentation you got with your PC or Motherboard. Regards Brad
  9. I had a similar problem when I went from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5. Check your graphics settings and turn off the water effects. This will reduce the memory taken by the game during loading. I also dropped my texture level to medium rather than High. Both of these gave me an extra Gig rather than barely allowing 1 flight. Regards Brad
  10. I used the -force-opengl option and tried the DirectX one. I still only got the one flight before I had the game fall over due to lack of memory. My solution was to check to graphics settings for the game. I turned OFF the option to show any water effects (especially underwater ones) and lowered the resolution to medium and suddenly I had a Gig of free RAM when first starting the game instead of only a couple of hundred Megs. Went from about 3650000k down to about 2630000k according to the process tab in Windows Task Manager That's with 3854 patches loaded over 103 different mods. Regards Brad
  11. I don't know about bringing the old game in... For the problem with selecting your craft, try the Targetron mod by hashashin. It places a list (which can be minimised) on screen while flying. You can use this to select the craft you want to target or fly. Regards Brad
  12. First of all, go to this site and download CKAN. It will make installing and updating modules so much easier. Read the user guide and follow it's instructions. I installed the file in my main KSP directory and created a link on the desktop to run it. Now go to the GameData folder in your KSP directory and MOVE almost every directory AND file to a spare directory elsewhere. Make sure to leave the SQUAD directory and it's contents in the KSP GameData directory. Now Start CKAN and after you point it to the KSP files, it will automatically get a list of available mods for you. It will only ask for the game files the first time you run it. Click on the Filter button (Magnifying Glass) and select Compatible from the list. Scroll down the list until you find MechJeb 2 and click on the box in front of it to select it. I also recommend 'MechJeb and Engineer for all!' as well as 'Menu Stabilizer' which help with things in flight. Next, click on the Apply Changes button and CKAN will take care of downloading and installing everything without causing you any frustration. Make sure to select any other mods that you had installed to get them installed under CKAN as well. I normally run CKAN once before I begin playing just to make sure that all my mods are up to date. Regards Brad
  13. There is quite likely a bit of difference between the two. The 55" is less than a year old and the 27" is about 4 or 5 years old. Besides the age of the, I sit far closer to the 27" and pick up on the pixels better than sitting 2 meters back (when I'm gaming) from the 55". The 55" is also capable of a 200MHz refresh rate while the 27" is lucky to hit 100MHz. I will have to try and change the resolution in the settings.cfg file and see what it looks like then. Regards Brad
  14. Are there any plans to upgrade the video resolution for those who are lucky enough to have a 4K display? When KSP first went live, the highest resolution displays available were 1920x1080 unless you had enough cash to get a fancy 3860x2160 professional monitor. Nowadays 4K monitors and graphics cards are getting cheaper and cheaper, not to mention the 4K TV's that all support connection to a PC/Laptop/Mac. I run a 27" 1080 monitor and also connect to a 55" 4K TV and even at 1080p the 55" has a better picture for playing KSP (and other games). It really allows you to get up close to the action when flying a space plane or rocket. Regards Brad