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  1. quick question on WOLF or logistics in general. I have two mods, Blueshift and KrakenScience which both add new resources namely Graviolium and KrakenJuice. What woulds be needed in terms of a MM patch or otherwise to add those resources to MKS to be able to use its logistics, especially WOLF - in essence to be able to tranport them from depot to depot?
  2. Thanks for the reply, its just that on both Eve and Dres the abundance of Gravoilum is abysmal... so i think finding a roid with it might be the only option for now.
  3. Question, the resource definition for graviolum in the Kerbin magnetosphere is as follows: Which orbit height do i need to get a ship with a advanced particle collector from USI to grab those shiny particles of graviolum. Is it 234km to 2000km? edit: apparently it only works for karbonite and karborundum. So - what part to use to collect Graviolum particles with ResourceType = 3 then?
  4. Did a quick check on 1.12.2 and everything seems to check out. Mod is still fine and MiniAVC gets pruned automatically for me. Sweet little collection of parts.
  5. For everyone who wants to use all the parts and is comfortable with a temporary fix then here it goes: CrewHatch, FuelHatch, Jaw and RockTank dont use abolute paths to their models/textures but MassDriver, Separator and MassDriver do. To make them show up and work in game change the paths in their corresponding .cfg files like so (as an example for the MassDriver RCS): from model = UmbraSpaceIndustries/ART/MassDriver/MassDriverRCS texture = Difuse, UmbraSpaceIndustries/ART/MassDriver/RCSDifuse to model = UmbraSpaceIndustries/ART/Parts/MassDriver/MassDriverRCS texture = Difuse, UmbraSpaceIndustries/ART/Parts/MassDriver/RCSDifuse
  6. You are awesome @linuxgurugamer ! Thanks a lot!
  7. yes, i had a crew container instead of a regular one - took a while to figure that one out. They look the same in the editor and i just misclicked. So far things are going swimmingly now with transport routes established between Bop and LKO as well as KSC and LKO. Its a pretty steep learning curve but slowly getting the hang of it now. Also sticking Wolf modules together to just get what one desires feels like a whole different game, almost like a puzzle. After which its a lot of figuring on how to get the gigantic monstrosities to the places you want to deploy them. Its really fun and im enjoying it so far.
  8. yes, just edited my post and included a screenshot. Maybe i need staging?
  9. What determines a vessel being "too small" to establish a transport route? I have a colossus of 85tons sitting on the launchpad but the transport computer still gives me this message?
  10. Came back to this mod after my last trials in 2016 - long time ago. Have to say its really great now, the bugs seem to have been ironed out and its just nice to get around the solar system using FTL beacons and drives. Thanks for keeping this alive @linuxgurugamer!
  11. This is a wonderful mod, thanks for keeping it alive @linuxgurugamer ! A staple mod i tend to use in every playtrough as it makes managing all your craft so much more bearable. Quick remark/question: There seems to be a lot of debug spam "aystack:" etc. in the ksp.log - any way to tune down or disable that?
  12. Success! Here is a step by step on kerbal transportation: 1: establish a depot in each biome deemed a destination 2: connect a life support and a habitation module to each depot 3: park a terminal in each biome where a depot was established and also connect it to the depot 4: have a vessel with a crew cargo container and transport computer and drive it to your starting terminal 5: record route from starting to destination terminal, check if it shows up in the "crew transfers" window 6: drive a few kerbals to the terminal you want them to depart from, have them be in EVA or inside the terminal part 7: choose a "flight" and select them ---> DONE! However, even tho both terminals are only 2km apart (for this test) they still take 6 hours to travel from source to destination terminal which is a little strange. Maybe there is a setting to be tweaked or a config to be changed about that? Other then that im pretty happy and thinking of implementing what i learned to get them Kerbs from Bop to Kerbin and back in my main save game. Great job @RoverDude !
  13. Reporting a couple of missing textures in BE2, PackRat seat and SAS modules, screenshot: Going to check out the Kerbal taxiing feature in a freshly started sabdbox game now. Hoper i can wrap my head around on how to get this working
  14. Please do tell how You got this to work. I have two terminals connected, one at KSC and one in LKO. When trying to ferry Kerbals from KSC to LKO it keeps telling me "vessel too small". What am i missing? Also using the fairly recent BleedingEdge2 rerease of MKS.
  15. The PackRat v2 included in yesterdays USI BleedingEdge release pack seems to have an untextured (all white) seat. Is there something i can do to fix it? Maybe copy a texture from the old PackRat ?
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