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  1. Thanks for the answers. I did a bit of testing encouraged by them and I successfully managed to build a ship with MKS / OKS (other ressources) and to launch it. The only issue I had was with Portrait Stats. You don´t see Jeb´s beautiful face if you release the newly built vessel (I transfered him beforehand). You have to switch back and forth one time to see him. @Tonka Crash not sure abeout your issue, but it might be some incompatibility with another mod maybe? As for KAS I use 1.3 too.
  2. I just did some basic testing and this seems to work with KSP 1.7. No errors yet and freezing / thawing ist working. Thanks for all your efforts @JPLRepo Well, you get a message, that it´s made for KSP 1.6, but other than that it runs fine as far as my tests go.
  3. Does this awesome mod work in KSP 1.7? I couldn´t find any exact information about that.
  4. Hi there, I get some NRE logspam after taking the contract to research power tools on mun. I have contract configurator installed too, not sure if it has anything to do with it. This is the error message I get: [ERR 22:45:16.333] [ContractParameter] - Call to OnUpdate failed System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ContractsPlus.Contracts.WBITargetBodyParam.OnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Contracts.ContractParameter.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 As soon as I cancel the contrac
  5. You can attach them but you need to rotate them to the most appropriate position first with WASDQE. (e. g. it doesn´t work when the ports are horizontal and the attachment node is vertical) Also keep in mind that you have to place each one manually, symmetry mode doesn´t work for them. Edit: You can also right click in the VAB/SPH on parts in the part list to the left to get suplemental information on them. That e.g. tells you the difference between the WBI docking ports. Sorry, my statement was unprecise. What I actually meant is that there is no explanation about how the materia
  6. Thanks for checking Krakatoa. Do you use the USI-LS mod? I would gladly do it but I have no clue how and I don´t wan´t to poke the Kraken. Not yet, Maybe one day.
  7. I have a weird behaviour. I cannot reconfigure the station logistics hub to take replacement parts, at least it doesn´t store any. However the mark one hab in hab mode says that it needs replacement parts though. With the titan storage tanks I wasn´t able to get any replacement parts stored either. I think the replacement parts are a USI-LS ressource since in my Testcopy of KSP with only MOLE installed it isn´t in listed ont the station logisics hub. I also read in the USI-LS changelog that replacement parts are deprecated. "Removed all references to ReplacementParts as those are not bein
  8. I still find it intuitive although I am not familiar with Station Science. Talking of LDEF I have some feedback from my experience around an LKO science station. I have some contracts ongoing and had the respective LDEF modules aboard with a MOLE generating lab time. Contract requirements are all fullfilled but the last one to bring the experiment back to Kerbin. I tried to send it, tried to land it, the contract doesn´t check as done. I read of someone who had a similar behaviour back in march. I wonder whether science contracts still don´t work as intended. As a workaround I though
  9. Angel! That´s unfortunate and I might have to change my designs and launch bigger ships but it is good to know. The science gaining is lots of fun though as soon as you get a hang of it. You have to actually spend time on researching experiments and there is an ice cream experiment, you have to love that one .
  10. As for testing purposes I have some station parts connected by two MKI docking ports. I tried to weld both docking ports in any order with similar results (station disassembly). Exactly that is what happens to me too. The station is disassembled not only where the docking ports are located but on other part connections too. Welding would be very nice if it worked since it enables you to lauch a station with several launches and assemble and extend it on site once you unlock more advanced tech nodes or want to add something to a station. I grabbed a fresh install of KSP and on
  11. You will need lab time for that one, so a MOLE might come in handy. Lab time is produced by a running MOLE set on MOLE operation mode and at least one scientist around. I guess the speed of lab time production depends on the ammount of scientists as well as the number of their stars but I´m pretty new to this awesome mod too so don´t quote me on that.You might also want to check what other requirements you need to meet for a specific experiment. Sometimes you need to be in orbit or you can just perform it landed. Sometimes you need special ressources such as plants. You can find that informati
  12. I had to remove the portrait stats config, othewise it works as inteded. Thanks for these nice suits.
  13. Hi there. Does anyone know what the "bulk hire selector" on the hiring screen in the astronaut complex does? I´m a bit puzzled Edit: Never mind, I just tested it and found out what it does. Now I have ten quartermasters.
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