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  1. I just want to say thank you for sharing these designs. I'm really interested in mission architectures, and I'm particularly interested in your Design Reference Architectures, the trade-offs you make for them, and their intended use cases. I look forward to experiencing them with updated balance in KSP 1.4.2. Thanks again!
  2. Is the Making History DLC required to play missions created by users that just use stock parts? If not, where can I go to learn how to add missions created by other users to my game?
  3. Is this still accurate? I'm looking to use KSPTOT to do trajectory analysis for an interscholastic competition and want to make sure that I'm converting in-game time to IRL time properly (additionally, I'm concerned that the way KSP handles time may have changed in the past 3 years).
  4. How can I downgrade my install to 1.2.2 so I can use Realism Overhaul?
  5. Is there a fork/variant of this I can use for Realism Overhaul or with real-world planet, distance, and epoch values? I'm in need of software with remarkably similar functionality to this for a university project (without a software budget), GMAT is being non-cooperative, and the Orbiter forums don't look like they have anything at this level.
  6. @Cheif Operations Director I recommend this tool to help you with all your flyby problems. If you compare the dV to get on that flyby trajectory with the dV to go directly to Laythe (which I am almost certain you can do with this mod), you'll have your answer.
  7. @Kurld Here's the link to the Vanguard mod:
  8. I'm not normal, I'm prograde But really, play the game however it's fun for you.
  9. -Most innovative use of a parachute (separate categories for deployed and non-deployed 'chutes) -Landing on Duna in new ways -Submarine week (scheduled to coincide with Shark week): longest submarine journey in a stock environment with stock parts -Kerbal BBQ Program (I have no clue what this is, but I feel like somebody else here can make a challenge to fit the name)
  10. Here's my entry- it's a lifting body design to enable some control over the landing site, with parachutes for terminal descent, so a runway isn't necessary. I based it off of the X-38, though it also bears some similarities to some concepts that were considered for returning Gemini spacecraft to Earth.
  11. Here's my entry And here's a stupid question- How do I resize the special challenge badge? every time I try to add it to my signature, it's Yuge, and I want it to be a normal size. How do I make this happen?
  12. Vector, an American space start-up that builds its own launch vehicles, is testing their first orbital rocket in less than a week. Vector-R is a two-stage launch vehicle (which seems to be very popular these days) and is designed to have a relatively short time period between the launch order by the customer and liftoff. Read more about it at Here's an approximation of their design that can make it well past LEO in the Kerbal universe!
  13. The best way to launch it probably depends on its design. If you're looking for a cargo hauler like the venerable STS a shuttle setup with strap-on boosters and a big fuel tank (possibly with engines of its own) is probably the way to go. When you build one of these, you may (I am not certain about the challenge rules) be eligible to participate in the Shuttle Challenge! If you want to get a small crew transport to orbit, you may well be able to launch from a carrier aircraft, but keep in mind you're designing two separate aircraft in that instance. If you want to demonstrate your aircraft design skills/really want a challenge, you should build an SSTO, which takes off and lands on a runway and goes directly to orbit (there's some general advice for how to do this in terms of how fast you should be going at what altitude elsewhere on the forum). When you build one of these things and fly it successfully, be sure to document your trip and give yourself the K Prize! Good luck!