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  1. I have't learned PID controllers and Vectors yet. I've taken calc 1-3 so I understand the math just not the koS code. I was going to look into those next but for now all I'm doing is getting a craft vertical to 500m and then falling back down and landing but I want the throttle to turn off when it altitude starts increasing and turn back on when it starts decreasing again.
  2. Hey guys so I'm trying to write a simple hover script. My main problem is that I need a way to turn off the thrust if the ship starts increasing in altitude and then turn back on when it starts to decrease again. I have my steering locked to velocity:surface*-1 so whenever it starts to increase in altitude it starts flipping around but if I could turn off the throttle till it starts falling again then it would fix the problem. if ship:surface:velocity:vector < 1 lock thrott to 1. if ship:surface:velocity:vector > 1 lock thrott to 0 Basically something like that
  3. Awesome, thank you! I have another question. I'm trying to set an ascent profile based on time and pitch. Basically I want it to change the pitch by 0.2 degrees every 0.2 seconds. The script runs with no problems but the pitch is locked at 90 and never updates. Any ideas why? Clearscreen. wait 2. Print "Ascent Script Loaded!". wait 2. Clearscreen. Print "Launching!". wait 1.5. Clearscreen. stage. WHEN MAXTHRUST = 0 THEN { PRINT "Staging". WAIT 0.5. STAGE. WAIT 0.5. PRESER
  4. Okay so today I wrote some other scripts and it works fine. Yes the fps drop only happens when running a script, the IPS is set to default. This is the script that keeps lowering the fps. I'm guessing my problem lies in the pitch change script. Probably something to do with it continuously looping that's bogging down my computer. Clearscreen. wait 2. Print "Ascent Script Loaded!". wait 2. Clearscreen. Print "Launching!". wait 1.5. Clearscreen. lock throttle to 1. stage. WHEN MAXTHRUST = 0 THEN {
  5. I'm having a major issue where my frames gradually drop from 100 fps to 5 fps in about 15 seconds. I'm running a simple as you can get script with no mods on the latest version of KOS and KSP. Any ideas? It was not happening a few days ago and I haven't changed anything.
  6. Anyway I can modify the tolerance of the falcon landing legs? It says the impact tolerance is 14.0 m/s but mine seem to be breaking at around 6 m/s
  7. I'm trying to run your logger or at least parts of it and things like position and pitch aren't working.
  8. Wow thank you!!! I've been trying to write a script that can at least log pitch and position. I can't adjust my ascent profile unless I know whats going on.
  9. I can only get my log to keep running if its outside my ascent loop but it either runs the entire time of flight and never gets to my ascent profile script or it only runs once if I put it after the script. Is it possible to have a script run within my script like run the log script within my ascent script so it can go on to the rest of the code? That didn't work for me every time my ascent loop runs it cuts the cuts the log loop off. Can I run two scripts at once? Basically run a log script inside my ascent script? That way the log loop wont get skipped over the ascent loop.
  10. I put that command at the end 4 times and it logged it 4 times but all at the same time so all the numbers are the same. How do I create an interval for the log to run on?
  11. Ya I found it, idk if you saw my edit but it only logged it once. How would I get it to log throughout the entire flight? Also can I set intervals for the log such as time or altitude? Ya I found it, it only logs it once though, How do I get to log throughout the entire flight?
  12. I'm new to KOS and programming in general so I don't really understand these commands. I'm guessing LOG ALTITUDE + "," + SHIP:VELOCITY:SURFACE:MAG TO "0:/log/ascent.csv". is going to log my data to some file. Where would that file be located? Edit: I actually found a file named "ascent" in a folder called "log" I entered that line of code at the end of my script and it logged the numbers but it did it only once. How do I get it to log throughout the flight? Also can I get it to log at certain intervals of time or altitude?
  13. Can anyone tell me how to log some flight data? I'm creating an ascent profile script and I need to log some data to tell how efficient I am. For instance knowing like my pitch and altitude throughout the flight or even velocity. Just so I can graph it. Thanks in advance.
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