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  1. Gosh I'm giving out all my rep's! No but in all seriousness this is why I love KSP and, more specifically, its community. Because people are so 'free' with their code/information that everyone can better the game one way or another! Cheers to you Tralfagar, and the entire KSP community in general! //Ron
  2. You, sir, are my hero. This was my favourite mod all the way through 0.90 and 1.0.x, and I give you my rep's for being an awesome kerbonaut.
  3. Ah, okay taniwha. Also my isp does that too, always liquides me off when my IP changes >:l
  4. is down, can someone please post the zip file? I want to mess around with this, but the website is down :c
  5. Holy poop my throat hurts from my fangirlscreaming. I taste blood. WORTH IT!
  6. He doesn't have ksp for steam, he just has steam.
  7. Unrelated note - Nosirrbro, go online on steam.
  8. Go online on steam.

  9. ffs just post a non-updated version of 1.1 to the store. Please. For god's sakes I'm begging you.
  10. Idea! Instead of ONLY PUBLISHING IT ON STEAM, why not just post a single version of 1.1 (that isn't updated constantly) to the store and make a disclaimer?
  11. I landed on the mun in career mode! ...Yes, that is major for me. (I'll see if I can get the pictures to UPLOAD ALREADY... ugh.) EDIT: I've also been messing around with remote tech... Can't wait for 1.1 so that I can actually use my 8 GBs of RAM and my 6-core Vishera for KSP... :/
  12. +1. Would require quite a bit of work as far as I can tell, but then again probably not as much work that went into mods like KSP: Interstellar or Kerbal Attachment System. I would love to see modular engines - I think it would be a great idea, especially for those times when the situation calls for a very specific engine. //Ron
  13. While our farts contain a little bit of methane, Scott Manley's flatulence is composed of only one substance... Kethane. Scott Manley has a kid named Orion. 'Nuff said. Scott Manley met aliens before. He domesticated them by saying "Hullo!". There is a secret orbital maneuver in kerbal space program that no one will dare speak of. It can be achieved by remembering to fly safe... (anyone see what I did there? :3)
  14. Guys, really, stop fighting over throttle defaults. If you don't like it, then use the patch Phineas Freak posted. I mean, can't we be discussing more intelligent topics? Cheers, //Ron
  15. Nobody knows why Venus has such a thick atmosphere. Some lunatics say that it was due to physics - The actual reason is due to Scott Manley breathing on it, causing particles to be attracted to Venus.