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  1. I think it's aboout being able to integrate it into the rest of the ship in a flexible way
  2. even before that prioritization patch, them conflicting would look like an engine having both plumes at once
  3. with the latest versions of RealPlume and Waterfall, the configs are set up to not conflict. I think the Waterfall plumes are prioritized so if an engine has both, only the Waterfall patch will be applied.
  4. what was the config you need something like this in the config for the part or as a modulemanager patch for the part: (this is from the Skipper) MODULE { name = ModuleWaterfallFX // This is a custom name moduleID = skipperFX // This links the effects to a given ModuleEngines engineID = basicEngine // List out all controllers we want available // This controller scales with atmosphere depth CONTROLLER { name = atmosphereDepth linkedTo = atmosphere_density } // This controller scales with effective throttle CONTROLLER {
  5. What about proceedural (or, really, highly adjustable) landing gear. The adjustable landing gear mod fixes a whole lot of issues with landing gear on planes, having to clip them into stuff weirdly to keep them aligned because they have fixed length and can't be angled outward.
  6. had a similar issue with my rapier plume, The way mode-switching engines were implementyed was changed a bit ago, perhaps the atomic engine's waterfall patch is outdated edit: if this is true, both plumes will show up in one of the modes, and in the plume GUI, both plumes will respond to the throttle when the engine is in one mode, and neither will if the engine is in the other mode
  7. Here is my flag, for Odyssey Aerospace.
  8. yes, and you don't necessarily have to put all the engines that use that template in the same file. For the most part, each engine gets its own config patch file.
  9. Those values correspond to the ones seen in the waterfall module in the config file of the engine. You should see something like TEMPLATE { // This is the name of the template to use templateName = waterfall-hydrolox-lower-2 // This field allows you to override the parentTransform name in the EFFECTS contained in the template overrideParentTransform = thrustTransform position = 0,0,0 rotation = 0, 0, 0 scale = 0.73, 0.73, 0.8 } (this is from the WaterfallRestock Skipper) ah, there's your problem, that's not t
  10. KSP 1.11.2, Restock... uhhh... the version file says I think
  11. As far as I know there are three different experiments/animations
  12. Not quite sure when this happened, but the floodlight and perhaps the spotlight are back to their stock model, and all the floodlights on all my ships got turned around 180 degrees.
  13. like so? CONTROLLER { engineID = AirBreathing name = throttle linkedTo = throttle }
  14. if this is done in the way I think it is, it should be less performance intensive than our current particle-based plumes
  15. Trying out the new update, and for some reason my Rapier config now links both open and closed cycle plumes to the open cycle mode. Both of them react to the open cycle throttle, and neither one reacts to closed cycle. They were working before I updated though. As you can see, the Rapier is in airbreathing mode, yet the closed cycle plume is reacting to the throttle.
  16. possible bug: the RV-1X and RV-1X-A RCS thrusters appear to be different sizes
  17. so are the new lighting effects something we have to specify in the config patches for the engines?
  18. I believe the first deletes the entire Effects section (to get rid of the stock plume) and the second deletes the EngineLightEffect module if the part has it
  19. Trying to make a Waterfall patch for the Restock RAPIER but for some reason the audio for the open cycle doesn't want to play. I copied it directly from the Restock patch for the rapier. When I remove my patch the audio works again. Edit: never mind, I figured it out
  20. Once a decent array of templates are made, making a patch shouldn't be too hard
  21. Shock diamonds That's a fairly large quantity of Skippers Had to include this *chef kiss booster sep I just really like the Restock Skipper model
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