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  1. Are you going to continue the SEAK story? I and a lot of other people were enjoying that.

  2. Prologue (Continued): "I Made Some Handy Charts" Editors note: I know that this is a bit of an exposition dump. I promise that actual gameplay is coming up in the next installment!
  3. Since the problem seems to be with custom decals, I loaded all my custom decals into the Flags folder and then deleted the second FStextureSwitch2 module in the part config files (the one that deals with custom decals). This seems to have solved the problem as it will now save my flag selection upon loading into a game scene. This definitely is not an ideal solution but it's an ok workaround until it gets fixed.
  4. Hello all, I am glad to be back after a long hiatus of busy schedules and broken games. I'm glad to see many familiar avatars still patrolling the boards after two years! My previous series, Interplanetary Welcoming Express, was cut short. Now, armed with shiny new mods and a 64-bit launcher, my Kerbals are once again ready to venture out into space. I hope you enjoy reading this half as much as I'll enjoy making it. Cheers. Welcome! This thread will chronicle the adventures of my Kerbals as they seek the answer to their greatest mystery - are they alone in the universe? I'm pla
  5. Holy cow, that flagship looks incredible! Congrats on the Tellumo landing. Will be following this for sure.
  6. What's the nature of the glitch? Crashing on loading or somesuch? Have you tried uninstalling the mod (just deleting its content) to see if you can get the game back up and running as it was before.
  7. Oh no! Enjoying this story so far, I'd hate to see it terminated by a mod issue. Are you using CKAN for any of your mods or installing them all by hand?
  8. My mind is still blown that stuff like this can exist in KSP without the physics engine ripping itself apart from the inside. This is awesome.
  9. Beautiful! I love those retro-futuristic rocket designs.
  10. Ok this feels like a n00b question, but what are the recommended texture sizes for the different decals? I'm making my own and I'm not sure how to lay them out. Sounds like 256x256 or 512x512 would be good sizes for the square decals, but what about the oblong ones? 128x512 for example for the 1x4 decal? P.S. I lOVE the mod!
  11. By the Kraken, those are some of the most beautific screenshots I have ever seen! It's like we're playing different games. This is great!
  12. I'm really enjoying this series, Starman. I've been out of the loop for a little while on KSP and the Gael system is new to me too. I think I will learn about it through your adventure as you explore it blind!
  13. Welcome, @leroket! Very best of luck with that sun landing be sure to post some screenshots if you manage it!
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