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  1. I am guessing you know how to dock and rendezvous in stock? What is the issue? The only difference in RSS is reaction wheels can not hold your orientation and the distances are much larger and thus more sensitive. RCS placement is pretty important. You dont want your translations causing rotation and rotations causing translations. Caps lock will help with this but you still need a decent RCS layout. For rendezvous: 1. Set your orbit circular above or below your target depending if you need to catch up (below) or it needs to catch up (above) 2. Put a node anywhere on th
  2. @nepphhhInteresting I can recover to the SPH from anywhere. From there I can launch to the runway and recover to the VAB. Although this rocket it is small enough that I can launch it from the Runway anyways.
  3. I Have launched about 150 sounding rockets so far in my current 1.7.3 play through. So I had to re-read what you said 4 times before it really stuck and I realized we are saying the same thing. Below is what I had but I am not sure how to fix it while making it still enjoyable/playable "I hate to say it but rocket scientist love to optimize. I think there are several factors at play here. First build rate needs to decay. You can only throw so much money at the problem before you get diminishing returns. To cancel this out rockets are an exponential problem thus contracts n
  4. Thanks that worked great. I also update RO and RP-1 while I was doing that in case anyone runs into the same issue
  5. So I recently installed 1.7.3. I think I may have mucked up my Kerbalism install. I took out a plane and temp and pressure flying low at earth require 180 days/357 days to complete per biome. Is this right? It feels like these are the on orbit values. Even at 4x physical time warp and a bomber with enough fuel to fly 32 hours (1, 8 hour work day at 4x) I am looking at 1-2 years to get all the biome data for earth. I also have 2 buttons for most experiments which further leads me to believe I messed something up. I installed Kerbalism (core), from master branch, and then copied every
  6. Ya I am not sure I like how the early career is structured. I have played a couple of play through and I think the best start has 100-150 points in the VAB with a level 4-5 pad before investing anything in science. With 20 points in the VAB I was making 7k every 15 days on sounding rockets or about 170k a year. I ran into pad weight limits so I started investing in science which was a mistake. I should have kept investing in the VAB and pad until I am making 340t rocket in a day. This should be enough to fling stuff at the moon with basic tech. And it is a sufficient build rate that I can
  7. Ug I spent 4 hours building an optimized 19.997t rocket. 3 stages, 325kn LR79 class for 1m49s gave it a nice 1.4 twr off the pad to minimize gravity losses 68.6 kn LR105 class for 4m30s made a decent sustainer but I wish it could have gotten down to 50-55 kn as the current stage has too high twr and doesn't burn for the full 5m30s 20 kn W-class vacuum has way too high twr but it has the best ISP and can use balloon tanks which gives it a hands down advantage until the RD105 I was in the final phase of testing before checking how much lead I was putting into orb
  8. Thanks I will keep trying. Ideally if you can get 20t to work then scaling for 40t and 60t is pretty simple with mass to be used for satellite contract's comsat payload.
  9. Has any one managed to put a low tech object into orbit with a 20t launch mass? Even with early AJ-10s and LR89/79s, balloon tanks and Tank III I cant seem to get it done. That is not even considering the fact that I have no idea how I am going to get the 450k I will need to do tooling and engine unlocks. My sounding rocket contracts are only netting 12-13k and take about 21 days to build. FYI that is about 2 years doing 35 missions assuming they are unlimited. My aerobee core weights .063t which is lighter then the spudniks at .083t although both of these seem heavier then I remember.
  10. Best tip I have heard with Gilly is you don't land on it you dock with it. Really changes your mind set
  11. In my experience you want just enough engine to get 100-120 m/s by the end of the runway and just enough wing that you don't crash into the sea with 3 degrees pitch and you will probably make it to space. Although I should try a 150 m/s version with less wing some day.
  12. @Geschosskopf 1 TWR seems really high for a plane based SSTO. Most people recommend 1 rapier per 15 tons but I think >50% requires more like 40-50 tons per rapier.
  13. To be fair they are one of the most expensive nodes in the tech tree to unlock. So I cant argue against making them a disgustingly OP engine. Could always counter balance by adding a ton or 2
  14. @Fearless Son True but do you even get over mach 2.5 at 45 degrees. Feel like that would give you a really high AP.
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