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  1. just paste into CrewCab.cfg instead of the initial value. All parameters were the initial resources.It has been tested
  2. fix Buffalo Crew Cab support for TAC-LS. 108 days without resources to survive only in Buffalo Crew Cab (then I just got tired of looking like they're keeper turned gray). In config file for BuffaloCab i saw parametres for TAC-LS how they activate ? http://imgur.com/DFPVISu
  3. yeee 0.9.6. i have a question In the description to buffalo crew cabin written that it supported by TAC Life Support but in the fact i can change only electrical charge in cabine how it can be fix ? in general, I have not watched official IVA , I found a couple bags on vab/sph mode , like the absence of buttons inflate (chuckwagon), buttons inflate not working all inflatable modules where it is present, except old faithful inflatable module. This small bugs can only be seen vab/sph mode in game inflatable modules work properly. Keep up good work!
  4. last version of module manager 2.6.13 or 2.6.16 ? because i download SpaceY Heavy Lifters Parts Pack and there was module manager 2.6.16.Thanks
  5. print screen of Github http://imgur.com/a/X8a0Z
  6. no i haven't inside information. just feeling. but looking at the status of мilestone on his github he has a lot of job to release 1.1 @allista was at the forum last time 18 december 2015 about mod status welcome to his github
  7. I think update will be with 1.1 realse
  8. Hi. I have a problem with Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.2.94.In the shipyard is not displayed button for construction craft and giu too.craft productivity at 0. ksp 1.0.5.Thanks
  9. Thanks.About point 5.Alt + P work, but as it turned out only outside VAB/SPH mode.
  10. download and install last Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) and Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) by KospY & Winn78 mods because Pathfinder requires them. latest release of Pathfinder 0.9.5 If the game does not load mod use KSP Mod manager
  11. 1.version of Pathfinder 0.9.5 or 1.0.4 ? just when I came here last time it was written "0.9.5 Pathfinder - Geoscience for better resource" extraction.in in realese page - 0.9.4 2. please increase the distance between the places for the installation of modules for Hacienda.Because when I connected the two modules to the Hacienda they leaned on each other.In the end, these two modules are hung in space. (planet Minmus ) (in picture) 3.how about that MC Х000 Buckboard family, It can be placed on the ground, and they did not detonate like container from KIS ? 4.for future uptades.What about to make an inflatable garage for buffalo MMSEV with trailer hitch (on garage side) ? In most cases I use MMSEV like lorry for deliver resources (etc) to the base and each time comes EVA may get tired. 5.combination ALT+P didn't work.I can't access the setup mode.how i can change Pathfinder Settings ,should be added via the setup button from toolbar mode 6.incompatible with USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) (when attach each other).when i attach Inflatable workshop from USI. to Hacienda , last fly away and explore.
  12. hi! after i load my save game and chosen my rover on other planet and i saw that KF long track more than other.I use scale 1.8 for everyone track.If i use scale 2 nothing happens but rover begins to move both ісе.Pictures http://imgur.com/a/hnbEe And yet in motion one of track always shows a negative RPM. http://imgur.com/RkFjSv4 KSP 1.0.5 KF 1.9g TweakScale v2.2.5(Nov-9)