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  1. Are you using the Smart RCS feature as well? It's great for station-keeping, but will cancel out any translation attempts because it's designed to hold position. It used to glitch out every now and then. Anyway, you want to make sure SmartRCS is disabled before docking attempts. At a first glance this is all I can figure would be wrong.
  2. I suppose my evidence for the SOCK not playing well with FAR is anecdotal. The last time I tried using RSS/RO configs for the SOCK, reentry was every bit as controllable as it was without them. (And by 'controllable,' I mean the opposite of that) So I did what any other sane person would do: Give up and use the shuttle mod that I know works. If anyone has any procedures for the SOCK to get it to ground predictably and reliably while using RSS/RO, I'm all ears. What's happened to me so far is Deorbit, Hold pitch to 40ish degrees, Bank to correct, tumble out of control, tumble out of control, tumble out of control, tumble out of control, tumble out of control, tumble out of control, tumble out of control, tumble out of control, regain control at about 1000m, but by then it's too late because you're already hundreds of miles short of where you were trying to be, so you ditch in the ocean.
  3. I mean, there's this. It's for RSS/RO, which includes FAR. I don't think it'll work in a stock sized environment, though.
  4. Are you sure you're using the right engines and right fuels? BDB, if I recall correctly, is designed for a 2.5x stock scale. Service Module fuel is important. You don't want it full. Remember: you're not going to the moon, so you don't need all that reaction mass. Here's a post link that might help.
  5. I've, even recently, had *very* bad luck with SOCK and FAR. To the point where I think they still don't play well together, even though I updated to the most recent version of both.
  6. Thank you for including the dv maps! Would it be possible to add the 'border' altitude of atmo/space for Earth, Titan, Mars, & Venus? This this correct, though? https://i.imgur.com/Raebt9J.png
  7. As an aside, is there some way to make the included-with-the-mod VAB become the "default" one, instead of having to use the stock Kerbal Space Center at all?
  8. Not sure how I missed this question. It's been a long time since I've fixed it myself, but I believe you only want *one* LaunchSites.cfg, and I believe the one you want to use (the one the game looks at) is in KSRSS/Patches. I'm guessing you've already figured this out by now, but I'll still respond for posterity. Sorry for the delay!
  9. PRETTY!!! Have you seen the KermanTech shuttle IVA for the Cormorant version? There are some useful-beyond-pretty gauges it has--one a GPS tracker over a globe instrument--which can show your position or a target's position relative to the map, and a computer display mode that shows the paths of the past,current, and next orbit, which is incredibly useful for plotting deorbit burns.
  10. I'm not sure about the assembly issues you're having. If you're not using MechJeb to help, you can always try that. Here's a video I made a million years ago. The same settings should apply, even though it's a different shuttle.
  11. Along with p. 15, MechJeb (to hold attitude & cancel relative velocity with the Smart RCS function), and fine RCS mode, you might want this mod: It's an oldie, but a goodie. When you get into 'rough' aligned position with your docking target (i.e., roughly in line with your nose facing the target docking port, I tend to set the Shuttle docking port as the "Control From Here" object, then slowly and meticulously use the mod below to line me up with the docking port. Once that's established, I can (for the most part) dock using small translation RCS movements--but remember, your axes have shifted when you're controlling from the docking port. "Up" is now "forward," etc.
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