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  1. If they did a search in this very topic, they'd see me link my video of this shuttle getting in to orbit using MechJeb like at least three times. So the answer to the question is: "Yes." The long answer is, "It always has been." and I can say "Do a search of the topic for "launch" and "Mechjeb" and look through my posts. =)
  2. Did you search this thread before asking that? I have a video clearly showing this craft ascending using nothing but MechJeb.
  3. Can't help you there. I'm quite happy with the Canadarm. It mounts in the bay just fine, and although there's some wonkiness with the IR elbow numbers, you can still move it just fine. Docking and undocking with the right part (one of the attachment ports doesn't work, but another one works fine) Hell, even the cameras work if you use something like Kermantech's IVA. (Which if you don't, you should!)
  4. I toyed with it. It's easy enough to add the control point to the code, but I couldn't figure out how to do the offset in the .cfg.
  5. One could probably simply patch that code in the part's .cfg, I think.
  6. Oh. Nope. I don't do orbital ops in KSP by hand if I can possibly avoid it. I barely like flying in the atmo manually the controls are so bloody awful. And MJ doesn't have problems with angled engines: if you angle the control point to match it. ...which was sort of my entire point. If I wanted to control the ship manually, I'd not bother with it at all.
  7. I'd love to know how you managed this, because I sure cannot as the above videos prove.
  8. This is as good a demonstration as I can give...(And I apologize for the sound not being in sync. I have no idea what's up with that) Without: (and this is the orignial .craft file) With:
  9. And you tweak your OMS before each flight to account for the differing center of mass due to payload? I don't. I'd love to see some in-game footage to demonstrate how stable your shuttle maneuvers are. Maybe I'm missing something. It's happened before.
  10. In real life, that is absolutely true. In KSP, they really aren't. At least not as far as MechJeb or sane control is concerned. With the angled pod, a d/v change will keep your nose pointed mostly in the same spot as you finish your maneuver. Without it, you wind up 'chasing the needle.' I've tried it with and without a rear, angled pod, and I assure you 'with' is better.
  11. Also make sure you double-check all your RCS and control surface configurations. I'm 99% sure that the body flap is "off" by default, as is nose-pitch RCS, and there's something wonky with the AFT RCS as well. In addition: I put a control pod in the aft and angle it at the same as the OMS engines. I'll then use an action group to activate the OMS engines, gimbals, and change control to the aft pod. This tends to even out orbital maneuvers. You can also add reaction wheels to the back and front if you wish. I also seem to recall something wonky with the landing gear in the downloaded .craft. Fact is I've gotten used to rebuilding the CA shuttle from the component parts with nothing but real shuttle images. (Useful for getting the placement and dihedral of the wings and placement of the landing gear) All in all, it's a GREAT shuttle. Made better with the Ultimate Shuttle IVA (if you're using 1.4.x +) or Kermantech's IVA if you're at 1.3.x.
  12. Yes. I figured it out. It was: 1) My fault. 2) Stupid. Thanks for your help, though. =) Did you know that you shouldn't change the dir tree when you add part mods? Or if you do, you need to reflect that in the part.cfg? Yeah. Derp.
  13. Hrm. I must not have the right files then. =( **Edit: Nope, I have the right files, it's simply not loading. Have no idea why. It doesn't appear in the Communications section of the parts list.
  14. Will that work in 1.3.1? I loaded that mod and although the part is there in the files, it's decidedly unloaded in-game.
  15. slaintemaith

    [1.4.x] Ultimate Shuttle IVA - 1.0!! Woop Woop!

    Yep. Certainly seems to be. =( Thanks for the response, though!