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  1. Are there docs for settings to get the Shuttle into a planned orbit with PVG? I can get it into orbit, but it doesn't resemble anything I set for it.
  2. Does this mean one can launch, get to a realistic orbit, rendezvous with <thing>, deorbit, reenter, and land back at KSC? Are there procedures for this? =) I know most Shuttles for Kerbal tend to be very touchy regarding CG and bleeding off speed during reentry, and by touchy, I mean, enter-an-uncontrollable-spin-until-50-feet-before-going-splat!-because-there-wasn't-enough-time-to-regain-control touchy.
  3. I'm a former employee for MicroProse. (Quality assurance, circa 1995-01) So it's possible I might remember how to write up a bug. It's been a while. And I'm not sure I'd be much help re: RSS/RO. Fact is I'm not that intelligent. But feedback, I can do. Might need to start a new thread for the resurrection of the mod--DECQ's approval pending, of course.
  4. How did you get this beast to work in RSS/RO? And what version? Did you manage to land back at KSC? I was pretty sure RSS/RO was famous for its Space Shuttles. Famous for breaking them, that is.
  5. Thanks for the hasty response! Okay, so the next question is: has anyone made a Mk3 IVA that's MAS compatible?
  6. Is there a easy path to getting Kermantech's Mk3 IVA (A RasterPropMon IVA) compatible with this?
  7. The robotic arm locking is covered earlier in this thread. You have to lock the seven joints, then autostrut the last piece. (I do them all just because I am who I am) The trick is knowing that three of those seven are tiny rotation joints.
  8. I've found that if you add the spare control point and make the -15 degree angle offset upside down then you only have to link its control from here to a custom action group. Activate this at 2:30, after the SRBs separate, and you'll get the pitch correction plus roll maneuver with one keypress. Orbital maneuvers "upside down" aren't atypical for the shuttle anyway, and after deorbit burn, you simply switch the control back to the cockpit. It's more convenient for me to add the part instead of using the cockpit adjustable control point--although I like that you thought of it when you designed it. Re: PVG. You'll want to use that. It works great with this shuttle--and I'm not sure how, because I've only had issues with it using anything other than RSS/RO. No matter. Set apoapsis for <desired height> and periapsis for <something just below "space">. (Typically this is 70km in a default setting, 140 for RSS) In this way the external tank eventually deorbits, and you only have to make a minimal burn at apoapsis to complete orbit. This is how the real one worked.
  9. Maybe I'm using an older version, but Sigma Dimensions "caused" a few Module Manager errors that led Sigma88 and I on a goose chase that traces back to errors in ...\GameData\KSRSS\KSRSSKopernicus. Earth.cfg mars.cfg has a comma instead of a period in the atmosphere section, and another comma/period mixup in Ceres.cfg with the rotation period. You're welcome. =) *edited for accuracy per Sigma88's comment below.
  10. Here's the thing: without FAR, the shuttle's cross-range on reentry is almost nil. Trajectories or MechJeb Landing Predictions need to basically be dead on the money because nothing you do in atmo is going to affect where you land that much after deorbit burn. You also get the nose-down attitude issues at lower altitudes, where it's difficult to pull up to land, and your speed bleeds off insanely--I can lose speed with my nose pointed down 20 degrees. WITH FAR, you can skim in and out of the higher atmosphere to prolong your reentry and S-turn to correct for inclination shifts (these actually work in conjunction with one another.) You don't have the "soupy" kerbal atmosphere, so speed control becomes an issue because you have to slow down when you're getting near the runway. The only issue with FAR is the transitions from super sonic to subsonic around 20000-10000 meters. For some reason all yaw seems to give way, and the ship just flat-spins until the atmo gets dense enough for the control surfaces to work. Now I'm not saying it's your design. Chances are it's actually how the atmosphere is set up in my world. I'm using this, but 2.5x. But I'd love to get all the things working well. I'm just not sure where to look. I'm using this mod, FAR, Kopernicus, KSRSS, Sigma, and Rescale.
  11. I'm not familiar with Module Manager--I managed to add the command cockpit into the main config. All well and good there. But let's say I'd like to have a 180 degree roll added to when I want to change my pitch reference. Is that doable with this mod as well?
  12. I'm using FAR and a Rescale for KSRSS. And it's odd, since the balance was off when I loaded just the orbiter in to the SPH, but upon doing it again, seems fine. So my install is most likely borked. Is there a pretty version of SSRSS that I can bump up to 2.5x for 1.7.3? I hate Kerbal. =P