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  1. Basically as the title reads. I spawned multiple vessels with vessel mover, flew out of, then back into load range of said grounded vessel and doing so caused the vessel I was flying plus one ground vessel to set the trim settings to maximum downward pitch/right roll/right yaw. (pressing alt-x still resets the trim, partial workaround, but my ground vessel still takes damage) Also maybe worth a mention, I had reloaded/saved multiples times prior to this bug. At one point I ejected a Kerbal, landed with vessel mover, moved the Kerbal with vessel mover back to board my vessel, saved and rel
  2. This is a long standing BG bug, and yes it still exists in 1.10.1 I too have had this issue, anyhow there is no official fix or workaround so far as I know, however I do have a potential solution for you. I recently installed the "Breaking Ground Mini Mods" and it is either a coincidence or this mod has somehow addressed this bug. Whether intentional or not (not mentioned in the official mod thread as a fix), after installing this mod my tracks remain when they once disappeared. I hope this helps and you can replicate my results to confirmed my suspicion, as I too would like a permanent f
  3. Hey Angle-125, I'm not certain if this is deliberate or not. You do not mention the following on the original post nor in the thread, but your BG mini mods appears to resolve a long standing bug with the KAL-1000 units. In the stock game (w/DLC) the KAL-1000 often loses tracks, between the VAB/SPH and in-flight scene, as well as upon revert, save loading, and loading other KAL-1000 equipped craft. I installed your mod as I was hoping to use the "snapshot" functionality to resign KAL tracks as needed, when they inconveniently disappear. However upon testing, I no long appear to be losing
  4. I've ran into an issue regarding the firing of BDA missiles and Breaking Grounds parts. Firing missiles causes the green aerodynamic force indicators to drift away from the neutral center of the three rotor blades, this can have a detrimental affect on flight characteristics and more seriously impacts design, as I'm now limited to using node attachment if I wish to use missiles. I was using surface attachments to enable some slight flexibility in the joint, allowing for blade flapping which helps to stabilize unwanted vibrations and reduce unmanaged torque from the assembly moving the craft. H
  5. I'm kinda hoping this isn't just a dramatic cinematic piece for the trailer, but in-fact a hint at some sort of kerb-tastic catastrophic story-line within career mode. Perhaps Jeb accidentally de-orbiting Ike, giving cause for the kerbals to flee the kerbol system for interstellar space in search of a new home. I actually would really like some sort of accompanying story-line to play through through-out the career mode to give more meaning to the things I'm doing.
  6. So, I thought it might be a good idea to begin a thread for any and all questions/topics concerning the sequel to Kerbal Space Program. Please reply. with your thoughts on the number one burning question's you feel require an answer and help to compile a list. I for one would like to know when we're next going to get an update on development details;..... are there going to be regular dev diaries like the days of old, or can we expect radio silence until release? Comment Bellow
  7. This is a really important point. Several points to contend with here, but I think we probably do need some intense discussion around DRM and RED SHIELD; if not a comment directly from the dev's on these two issues. Answers to these question and more will likely determine whether or not I purchase KSP2
  8. I wouldn't exactly call this "confirmed" this is a move in the right direction, but it's an implicit statement, not an explicit statement of "no micro-transactions what-so-ever"
  9. If they did this in KSP they'll have burnt me as a customer for ever.
  10. This back and forth happening here over what constitutes a consumer friendly "micro-transaction" system isn't helpful at all. 'Appeasers' always say, what if... it's not so bad, or don't worry about it, it'll be optional anyway, or famously it's only cosmetic. To this I say I don't believe there is such a thing as a friendly or not so bad "micro-transaction" system and I think KSP fans need to take a hard-line against micro-transaction. KSP has a very distinctive look and feel, anything that might alter that cosmetically or otherwise, optional or not will change the game permanently, fro
  11. The mystery roll is likely being cause by asymmetry of lift. As the craft moves forward, on coming "air" hits the advancing blades faster than the retreating blades producing more lift on one side of the aircraft. This is an affect experienced by real helicopters, and it is usually compensated for by flapping and feathering the rotor blades using a automatic fly by wire system. For some reason it seams like the KSP devs haven't accounted for this in the design of the rotor system (perhaps in an update), but they have set them up correctly for pitch, roll and yaw. In your case the asymmet
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