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  1. A new solar system is an example of what I would be willing to buy in an Expansion/DLC. The problem they have is most of the stuff we'd want has already been covered by mods. There are solar system mods that add multiple star systems but they have always been somewhat limited and or buggy (at least the one's I've tried).
  2. I wouldn't pay for parts. Ever. If I bought an expansion/dlc it would have to include new game content other than parts. That isn't to say I don't want new parts, I do. I just feel being nickled and dimed for the next few years with "Parts Expansion" packs every few months is wrong. A DLC should offer real content, minor parts upgrades should be free. Micro-transactions are evil.
  3. Any suggestions on a mod that is compatible to have different launch sites? I would like one that is more similar to the KSP launch location but on the Earth.
  4. Is this the Ultra textures? I am having the same issue of the clouds not showing up but I use the medium res version of SVE.
  5. Tried installing and I haven't been able to get it to work. Even tried on a completely clean version with no other mods. I have to assume I'm installing it wrong. I placed the folder I unzipped in the Gamedata folder. I'm still new to all of this mod stuff so I'm sure it's on me. Any help would be appreciated.
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