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  1. The game is very unstable presented to us. In the early days, there was a lot of hype and communication with fans, questions and answers, the most famous bloggers were invited to parties. The game was supposed to come out very soon! Then there were rare videos with stories about the game, then silence and a scandalous postponement, then they began to show us the details of the game of different quality every two weeks, and now silence again. Something is happening in the depths of the company, but we see only circles on the water.
  2. I think the game will be released when it is more or less ready, and not when the calendar has the right date. I believe that we will find out the release date about six months before the release, then the main video bloggers will be allowed to play the beta version. In general, you can place bets here on the release date of the game, winners will wear the medal of Nostradamus.
  3. It's very sad that fans have to revel in their hopes and dreams as believers. Developers should have had a community chat like they did in 2019 right after the game was announced. Since we can argue whether we believe or not in the game with very little information on hand.
  4. Developers: do not post anything about the game Players: It's because the game is about to be released and it's going to be great! Also players: well, at least the game hasn't been canceled yet
  5. Well, if Early Access will cost $ 60, then this will mean that fans have become free beta testers, and the finished game will be somewhere in 2023-24.
  6. The game should have some milestones and challenges, and it would also be nice to be able to complete some kind of final mission. To see a bright cartoon, credits and then, if desired, continue the game in free flight.
  7. In 2k21 games can be released in different forms. Some developers release great looking bug-free alphas in Early Access (DSP), while others release bugged games claiming for full-price (BF2042).
  8. It is strange that on the last video the planet is drawn with lines like dunes of sand, and at 32 sec a rocky planet with craters seems to shine, which is somehow unrealistic
  9. Source is here - https://ir.take2games.com/static-files/d3e6ee76-ffe2-4976-9b7f-6ffdc25870c1 , page 13 Kerbal Space Program 2 is planned for release in fiscal year 2023. But looks like Apr 2022 and Mar 2023 is the right window, I somehow did not notice that T2 does not use the federal fiscal year from October to September, but such a strange New York fiscal year from March.
  10. Financial results of T2 for the first quarter of fiscal 2022 (from October) fell compared to the same period last year. By the way, in the financial statistics, KSP 2 is scheduled for the fiscal year 2023, that is, October 2022 - September 2023. NBA 2K22 turned out to be not as popular as it was expected, GTA 3 too. Is there any doubt that a large corporation has no idea that revenue can fall along with its reputation? GTA online cannot bring more and more money forever! And shareholders want profits to always increase. If I were Strauss Zelnick, I would send a letter to every studio that it's time to start crunching, especially in those games that have already been postponed. Indeed, in his place, I would not want another Chairman and Chief Executive Officer to be elected at the shareholders' meeting.
  11. Apparently the bosses from T2 said that they would not want KSP 2 to turn out like a remaster of GTA 3. Therefore, there will be fewer interviews with each other about which planet is better and more work on the game, which certainly makes me happy
  12. I used to be indignant that the posted content was not of very high quality. It turns out I should have been glad that at least something was shown, now it will be much less frequent. I hope at least this year they will show us the release date, 2022 is already on the doorstep
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