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  1. But we don't know anything about performance in KSP2! Will my 3070 be enough for such clouds? What will be the fps for a ship of a thousand parts with my 7700k? After all, the engine will not change, it is still unity, where only one core can process physics. Parallax is already there, we can see and touch it for free.
  2. There is something wrong with a marketing campaign if it creates confusion among some potential buyers. The planets have been shown to us since 2019, the clouds were shown for the first time in the spring of 2021. Well, we realized that there are clouds in the game, won't the developers continue to show us clouds of a different color over other planets once a month? There are six months left before the release, the game has been developed since 2017, that is, the game should be 80-90% ready. Why doesn't the wheel tester make a short video of the rover and show it to us? It seems we have never been shown rovers or anything with wheels. Why wouldn't someone who tests robotic parts show some actuator in action? Maybe someone will fly up to the sun and show a beautiful prominence? Or maybe someone will show how kerbals will now work in laboratories and we will be able to control them? How long will it take to shoot such a video? I think 10 minutes, maybe 20. But for some reason, here on our forum, many people believe that somewhere in the distance there is Russell's teapot extraordinary things or satellites in Jool's orbit that are not shown to us. Here are the new models of engines from the first part of the game, but the planets with clouds, and the rest we have to imagine for ourselves. And if you face the facts, the picture is not too rosy and looks more like the word "remaster with mods" than "2".
  3. It's kind of a matter of faith. The developers did not want to show them to us, wait half a minute and the issue is closed
  4. Is this gameplay or a render from the editor? After all, if you fly over Jool, then its satellites should be clearly visible after a half-turn around the planet
  5. Will there be any other gaming conferences before spring 2023? Or did T2 decide not to advertise the upcoming game?
  6. Imagine how fun it would be if, at a high level of development in KSP2, enemy red tomatoes' starships flew into our system...
  7. Apparently the trees are either part of the space center, or the beginning was filmed on another build. Clouds from space are not so interesting. Perhaps they stayed on another build too.
  8. And where are the clouds, trees and good fps?
  9. So what about price localization? Exchange rates are not very stable this year
  10. This is plagiarism, I posted this news a few days earlier!
  11. Here it is! KSP 2 Dev Diary #15
  12. There are 35 parts for wings in the game, I think they can be converted into 5-7 procedural parts. 11 solar panels that can be turned into 3. Probably, the number of tanks can still be reduced by 3 times and there will be 200+ parts from the original game. But of course I would love to look at new details, for example, a large command module, I would look at the IVA mode. There are probably a million reasons why we shouldn't be shown this.
  13. Twice as many as in KSP1! Although not sure if this is enough for parts for bases and megaships
  14. Now the mammoth is almost no different from the mainsail
  15. Is this video shot in the game or in the editor? The engine lying on its side cannot be in this state, it must turn down the exhaust pipe
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