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  1. Something is wrong with Uranus and Saturn atmosphere
  2. I used just EVE mod, RVE is quite simular as I understand. You can add some clouds with notepad too There are such black dots in atmospheres of Venus, Titan and Earth from the long distances. I don't understand why. anibody know? - Venus is OK from low orbit. ...?
  3. I tried to make clouds for gas giants, but from long distances (for ex. from Mimas) they looks strange because dark patches start to move into atmospheres
  4. Problem here is landing without crashing One more problem - when I tried to land on Venus, I land near that fracture in the terrain and when Jeb tried to explore it, he ocassionaly died.
  5. Several errors 1) Pluto has horrible terrain - 2) Sea has strange view, under the craft it's bright and transparent, away from the craft it's dark - 3) Uranus and Saturn still have white atmospheres - and 4) Haze in Titan's atmosphere is blue, not orange
  6. I try to make EVE clouds for RSS, but Earth make clowds invisible and visible in the same times, it looks like oscillations in the sky. From the space it's OK. And gas giants for the first time are OK too, but when I try to look on them from the long distance, I can see dozens dark patches, moving on the planets. By the way, Saturn looks strange, it's atmosphere is white.
  7. There is no Titan height map in RSSKopernicus, Titan now looks like Miller Planet
  8. Why Triton looks so strange? It's really has such smooth territories? Deimos has polar peak